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This quaint little city of Uttarakhand lies at the banks of river Ganges where it descends from the... e high hills and hits the Indian plains. Haridwar or Haridwar translates to “ Gateway of Lord Shiva” where the pilgrims start their journey to Mount Kailash, Jyotirlinga or Gaumukh. The har Ki pauri which is the steps of Lord Shiva considered the most sacred site in Haridwar. This centuries old place remains as a holy place for Hindu Pilgrims filled with mystic chants, bhajans and Pujas. Pilgrims takes dips in the holy river Ganges to seek forgiveness for their sins and it is considered as the most holiest city when compared with others. In the months of May to October thousands of devotees called kanwaaris reach the city to take part in the Hindu rituals. The evening is the most beautiful in Haridwar with flickering Aartis to the holy Ganges and bhajans are sung while the devotees let the offerings to float upon the river with their wishes.  Read more

Haridwar Tour Packages

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Place : Mansa Devi Temple
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Best Haridwar Tour Packages at Visiit

The VISIIT Holidays offers great experience by providing various packages according to the tourists to drench yourself in Spiritual Bliss. Haridwar can be explored by the tourists from the beckoning eyes of the tourists. So, it's time to replenish us in Spirituality for a while to get relaxed and calm. Come and explore the best out of Haridwar.

Must see points of attractions in Haridwar

A pilgrim’s journey is never complete without visiting “The land of legends and myths”. Every Hindu devotee visits this holy land at least once in his lifetime to attain peace and wash away his sins in Ganges river and witness the soul cleansing Ganga Aarti. The Saptarishi Ashram , Mansa Devi temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Har Ki Pauri and Bara Bazaar should not be missed when visiting Haridwar. Indulge in Ganga Aarti to take up the absolute experience.

Chandi Devi temple
The Chandi Devi Temple or Siddha Peeth which was built in 1929 near Neel Parvat of the Shivalik Hills. It is flocked with devotees all around the year since 8th century. We can have the best experience when we hike to the top of the temple that is surrounded by the sheer beauty of green gardens and spiritual aura around us can be felt giving us goosebumps once in a while. The whole temple comes from subtle to sublime beauty during the festivals of Chandi Chaudas, Navratri and Kumbh Mela with breathtaking celebrations and huge massive participation of the devotees. It is a must visit during any of the festivals to experience the best out of the temple.

Mansa Devi Temple
It is a temple that is dedicated to the goddess Mansa Devi , a form of Shakti that is believed to have emerged out of Lord Shiva’s mind. It is one of the five tirthas or pilgrimages located in Haridwar. It is also called as Bilwa Tirth since it is located on top of Bilwa Parvat of the Shivalik Hills. The word Mansa means “Wishes”. The goddess Shakti residing here fulfills the wishes of the devotees and hence known as Mansa Devi. The Maya Devi temple and Chandi Devi Temples can be visited together in the Shivalik hills that represents the three tirthas. It is also significant in the mythical stories as Mansa Devi temple is one of the places where the elixir or the medicine fell over when carried in the air by garuda. The ropeways leading the devotees to the temple is another exemplary feature for the tourists.

Bara Bazar
The Bara Bazar is another hip place for the devotees to shop all the essentials needed for a Puja or a ritual that is to be made for the Ganga Aarti. Starting from the floating lamps and offerings, wooden sticks, incense sticks, camphors, Puja wares, Kumkum, idols of gods in various sizes, you name it. We could find it right here in this very bazaar. Excluding these, we also have a lots of handicrafts made in wood is available for the tourists to shop.

Sapt Rishi Ashram
The Sapt Rishi Ashram that is located in Haridwar that is dedicated for the seven great sages who are the Kashyapa, Vashishta, Atri, Vishwamitra, Jamadagi, Bharadwaja and Gautam. It is an ideal place to do meditation since it has a calm and serene atmosphere. It is also believed to be the place where Lord Ganges split herself into seven currents from this very location.

As the evening wore on in Haridwar, we can witness magical golden lights flickering near the lake from a far distance. The sages, sadhus and devotees start to gather near the Har Ki Pauri and performs sanskrit chants and slokas that brings in a strong positive vibrations in the ghat with temple bells ringing rhythmically at a distance and saints carry the huge aartis on the side of ganges whose lights are reflected in the still water. After the Ganga Aarti is performed the devotees step near the ghat and float their offerings with candles or lamps on the river.

The next great thing that is not to be missed out is the Kumbh Mela. It is an important pilgrimage event in Haridwar. It is a perfect escapade from the buzzling city and enjoy the real beauty of the Adiyogi and lord Vishnu where we can replete ourselves with peace, history, culture and divinity. The curious foreigners exert in this event to feel the importance of Hinduism.

Haridwar can be enjoyed all through the year since it holds festivals and rituals round the clock. But for a devotee, Kanwar Mela in July and Diwali in October are the best time to visit Haridwar. Summers are dry and humid when the famous Saavan festival is celebrated. As it receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season it's difficult to visit the temples while the winters are severe cold that is difficult for the devotees to take a dip into the Ganges.

Haridwar can be reached through the nearest airport which is the Jolly Grant from Dehradun. Once the flight lands, we can hail a cab or bus to Haridwar and it is well connected through the roads from all major cities while the train routes are also well developed to connect all the major cities to Haridwar from where there are taxis to take us to any place we request for. The VISIIT Holidays makes sure that the guests enjoy their trip and does not miss out any kind of major event in Haridwar.

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