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Hampi is a calm and serene town that is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town is situated on the banks of the River Tungabhadra. It was founded in the 14th century. It is famous for its rich history and the unique architecture. Hampi was a very popular destination during the reign of the Vijayanagara empire. Here you can find many temples and palaces. Of them, the most attractive tourist destinations are the Virupaksha Temple, the King’s palace, the Vittala Temple and the Wall and the Cave Carvings. You can find innumerable gems that are taken out from the stones. Hope, you should be interested to visit this gorgeous place by now. Plan a memorable Hampi tour package with your friends at Visiit.

Karnataka Hampi Tour Packages

Place : Badami cave temples, Pattadakal

Place : Badami cave temples, Pattadakal
Hotels : Krishna Palace, Hotel Hampi Inter..

Place : Pattadakal, Lotus Mahal Hampi
Hotels : Hotel Hampi International, Kishki..

Place : Badami cave temples, Pattadakal, ..
Hotels : Hotel Hampi International, THE HE..

Place : Kamakshi Amman Temple, Ranganatha..
Hotels : Amblee Holiday Resort, Hotel Sarv..

Place : Lal Bagh, ISKCON Temple, Bangalor..
Hotels : Silverstar Hotel, Krishna Palace,..

Place : Badami cave temples, Pattadakal
Hotels : Hotel Hampi International, Krishn..

Place : Maharaja s palace, Brindavan Gard..
Hotels : La Flora Pavanputra Resort & Spa,..

Book Hampi Tour Packages at Visiit

Visiit offers great customized tour packages to Hampi. Moreover, Hampi customized holiday packages include hotel bookings, sightseeing, transportation, and meals. Hampi has many attractions to visit which are included in these packages provided by Visiit. As part of sightseeing, we also include adventurous and fun-filled activities. You can view Hampi Tour packages and book easily via online. Hampi is a culturally and historically rich city which is best explored when guided properly. Enjoy the best vacation in Hampi and make memories for a lifetime.

Virupaksha Temple
It is also commonly known as the Pampapathi temple. It is a famous temple which was built during the 7th century. This temple is the perfect place for adventure lovers. It is a gorgeous temple with numerous gopurams. Virupaksha Temple entirely reflects the South Indian style of architecture. The inner halls of the temples are beautifully decorated with stone works. The most important deity in this temple is Lord Virupaksha. It is an important Pattadakal Temple.

Vithala Temple
This huge temple houses a gigantic complex that was built during the 16th century. It highlights rich architecture and great stonework. The huge stone chariot is also located inside the temple. There are many beautiful carvings and an arch with carvings over here. There are other small temples nearby Vithala Temple. Various other structures of Gods and Goddesses are also depicted here.

Hampi Bazaar
It is located near to the Virupaksha Temple and is also termed by the bazaar of that name. It is popular for various kinds of artifacts. Many articles like the antique coins, bags, and shawls are easily found here. It is also popular for various kinds of souvenirs which you can take back home for your friends and family. Many tourists visit this bazaar to purchase the souvenirs.

Queen’s Bath
It is an extension of the Royal Enclosure. It exists since the reign of Vijayanagar Empire. Although it has become a ruin in the present day, still it holds a lot of rich history and culture which was of great importance at that time. No outsiders could enter the Queen’s Bath as it was designed in a private manner. It still remains as a top attraction till date.

Elephant Stables
It is another major attraction in Hampi. Royal elephants were kept here during the era of the Vijayanagar Empire. These stables served as an enclosure for the elephants during that time. There is eleven dome-shaped chambers. There was a decorated chamber too where in the evenings, the musicians used to play. They mainly used to play during the performances.

Explore the city of Hampi
This beautiful city with its ancient temples and lush greenery pulls a number of tourists every year. The paddy fields and the beautiful landscapes add a surreal feeling to the tourists. There are many legends and ancient myths about the place and the Gods and Goddesses here. You can spend some time in knowing about them from the locals residing here. There are many ancient ruins and famous heritage sites to explore.

Go for trekking in Hampi
This is an exciting weekend special activity. The boulders here will give you the ultimate feeling to trek on this land. The trekkers are picked up from the Sarjapur main road, from very near to the St. John’s Hospital. You can to take an exciting overnight bus ride and start trekking early the next morning. They will take you through the small jungle and the paddy farm. It is an amazing experience.

Go for an overnight stay at Hampi
You can stay overnight at Hampi Heritage and Wilderness Resort. During your stay, you can spot many sloth bears, black-naped hare, wild boars, jackals and many porcupines and leopards too. You can explore a lot of fauna too over here. It is the perfect place for bird watching and nature walks. You can even go for the temple trail from here. There are executive cottages in these resorts.

Go for a bike trip during the monsoon
If you are a bike enthusiast, this is something you must definitely try. You can rent a bike and explore the ruins of Hampi. It is a thrilling as well as a fun activity which must definitely be tried. It is started from the Tumkur Road near Bangalore. You can go around the Tungabhadra Dam and explore the lush green fields. The sunrise at the Matanga hills should not be missed at all during the bike trip.

Take a Heritage tour of Hampi Badami
Engage in a rich heritage tour in Hampi. It is a great destination to explore with all the cave temples and rock-cut architecture. The temples belong to the 6th and 7th centuries and are worth visiting. The historical sites here will leave you awestruck to want for more. You can simply immerse yourself in the history of this place with this heritage tour. Badami was also a very famous destination of the Chalukyas.

The Mango Tree Restaurant
It is a very famous dining option in Hampi. The Mango Tree restaurant gives you a rustic touch along with exceptionally delicious foods. It provides a sense of romanticism among the people visiting there. There is surprisingly a mango tree where this restaurant is located. Their mango curry and coconut lassi are a must try over here.

All Tribes Café
It is located on the east side road in Hampi. It is open from 9 am to 6 pm. It is famous for Indian, European and International Cuisine. It also serves great Asian and Israeli cuisines. It is a very popular cosmopolitan eating point where almost all the standard cuisines are served.

Laughing Buddha
It is located in Virupapur Gadde in Anjanhalli. It is open all days of the week from 8 am to 10 pm. It is popular for various cuisines like the Chinese, Israeli, Asian and Indian. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has a rustic and earthy touch to it. Laughing Buddha also has a great new age ambiance. It is located inside a bamboo hut.

Geetha River View Restaurant
This restaurant is located near Monolith Bull in Hampi, Bellary. It serves great American and Indian cuisine. It is located along the King’s Balance path. It is a great eating joint with beautiful surroundings. One can even seat in the open courtyard. Geetha River View Restaurant also serves great North Indian and South Indian cuisines.

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