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Mumbai has always been a city with a lot of bsutle and a lot of activity that makes it almost like ...  a city that never sleeps. There are a lot of people from Mumbai who are on the Lookout for quick getaways that will be ideal for a weekend to break out of their frustrating and strenuous routine, and experience some fun that is a notch elevated from what is available in Mumbai. For this, it is as if the geopolitical formation of India conspired to put this amazing destination exclusively for the people of Mumbai, called Goa. There are people in Mumbai who are constantly on the Lookout for packages to Goa from Mumbai, so they can have a memorable and a relaxed weekend.

Come to think of it, even Mumbai has a lot of party destinations, and beaches. But what is it that makes Goa very special for the people of Mumbai, for them to book a package to go and visit this place? It would be great to know the little differences separate Goa from Mumbai, essentially though both these locations share a lot of similarities.

The beaches of Goa

Yes, Mumbai has the Juhu Beach. However Juhu is essentially and urban beach teeming with a lot of people, and it has no privacy to offer. It is essentially, a beach that is very much a city in itself. If someone wants to look at a beach as a place of relaxation, and as a place of a vacation, then they have not much of an option, but to look forward to a beach at Goa.
The amazing choices of beaches in Goa is not a new thing for a person on a tour to Goa from Mumbai.
The Calangute beach
The Calangute beach is one of the most frequently attractions in Goa.If that is one beach that can combine the commercial elements with a lot of adventure, it has to be the Calangute beach. The Calangute page gives an amazing option when it comes to access ability, as it is considered to be one of the most Central beaches when it comes to the buzz of activity in Goa. The Calangute beach features a lot of attractions that are enough to satisfy the thirst of the adventure junkie in you. The meaning of the attractions that are available in the Calangute beach is fairly long. There are banana boats, jetskis, paragliding, speed boats and a lot of other weird attractions.

Add all these adventure points to a lot of shacks that are spread along the sands, and you have some nice drinks and its to go along with this amazing adventures. Overall, the Calangute beach presents itself as a complete package of attraction that stands for everything that Goa is!
The Baga beach
No trip to Goa from Mumbai would be complete without a visit to the Baga beach. This page is considered to be the party capital of Goa. For people who are coming to Goa from Mumbai, party is one of the most important aspects, and the Baga beach precisely suits these kind of visitors. The parking beach is also home to a lot of popular restaurants like Britto’s, and a lot of party attractions like Titos and cocos. Did we also mention that this place is an ideal shopping destination as well? This is a great place for you to buy beachwear and bikini.

The Baga beach is also foodies Paradise. Close to this beach are a lot of sharks and not far away from them are a lot of high end restaurants that feature exotic steaks, and a lot of rare drinks. If you would like to combine some class, some party, some shopping and everything that Goa is come up then the Baga beach is the place for you to go. This is bound to be in the list of places to visit if someone is on a tour to Goa from Mumbai.
The Anjuna beach
The Anjuna beach is the essence of Goa. The Anjuna beach was a hipsters Paradise in the 60s, and the traces of it are evident even today. Though the Anjuna beach looks like yet another beach in Goa, if you explore a few interiors you will find that there is this amazing attraction of a restaurant called Curlie’s. Ask any food aficionado, and they will spare by the awesomeness of this restaurant, not only for the kids but also for the amazing views of the beach that it gives. This restaurant is a perfect place for you to have a lazy and relaxed brunch before you head out to experience The Adventures in the Calangute beach.

The Anjuna beach and the places that are near to it also host the famous Anjuna Flea Market where you can buy a lot of things and collectibles that are very Goa in their signature.
The Vagator beach
If you are that kind of a person who does not enjoy crowds and parties, then Goa also has a beach for you. This beach, which is tucked away from all the walls of Goa is called the Vagator beach. This beach is quite an experience when you go in the morning when there are not many people around. Just imagine how awesome it would be to have an entire beach for yourself! This apart, this beach also has interesting and intrinsic pieces of art. A single search on Vagator beach will give you the results of what you are looking for.

This beach is also close to the fort that was made famous in the Hindi film Dil Chahta Hai. This Fort, call the Chapora Fort is quite an attraction not to miss especially for the photographs that will make a worthwhile memory of your visit to Goa from Mumbai.

Though there are a lot of attractions in Goa like churches, temples, forts, museums, and a lot of casinos and Cruises, the beaches stand out as Numero Uno attractions that make Goa a much sought after destination for people who are on the Lookout for a perfect weekend vacation from Mumbai by Visiit.

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