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Discover the Beauty of Goa Holiday Trip with Visiit Tour Packages from Hyderabad

Be it food or History of entertainment, Hyderabad has got it all. The erstwhile capital of the nizams has now bloomed to be a technology capital of India, and a great epicenter of producing world class movies. However, that doesn't stop the people of the city from exploring new places in search of alternate options to travel and relax.

Given that Hyderabad doesn't have beaches, the Limited party options and monuments that belong only to the era of the nizams, Goa would definitely be a great option for the people of Hyderabad to look forward to, to go on a tour package. There are a lot of things that make Goa a great place to go on a tour package from Hyderabad, away from the bustle of the city.

Goa Holiday Tour Packages from Hyderabad

Place : Fort Aguada
Hotels : Rahi Coral Beach Resort

Place : Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, C..
Hotels : Magnum Resorts

Place : beach, Fort Aguada
Hotels : Magnum Resorts

Place : Calangute Beach, Fort Aguada
Hotels : Rahi Coral Beach Resort

Place : Fort Aguada
Hotels : Alor Holiday Resort

Place : Calangute Beach, Fort Aguada
Hotels : Rahi De Crossroads, Goa

Place : Maharaja s palace, Brindavan Gard..
Hotels : La Flora Pavanputra Resort & Spa,..

The Beaches:

Trip to Goa from Hyderabad would definitely not be complete without visiting the beaches in Goa. There are a lot of beaches to choose from in Goa. Some of them are quaint and pristine, and void of any human activity. And in stark contrast to the ones mentioned above, some of them are buzzing with activity, be it adventure or parties or shopping.

Let's look at a few beaches of Goa that would surely present themselves as Hyderabadi delight:

The Calangute beach:

It is quite certain that any person who is visiting Goa from Hyderabad on a package tour would have this beach on there list of places to visit in Goa. This beach is a typical example of how a Goa beach buzzing with activity will be. There are a lot of beach side restaurants that serve exotic seafood and beer. In addition to these restaurants, there are also a lot of adventure activities that happen around the Calangute Beach.

The activities include but are not limited to paragliding, Banana Boat, jet skiing, boating, and a lot of other water based adventure. This place would be a perfect spot to start your visit in Goa at sometime around the mid morning. You would be drenched in the Cool Waters of the Beach by the time the sun starts to heat up the day.

The Baga beach:

Partying and clubbing are always synonymous with Goa. The Baga Beach is one place that is quite well known for these two things that Goa stands for, and this is not something that a person on a package tour from Hyderabad would want to miss out on in Goa.

In addition to being an awesome beach, the Baga Beach also has a lot of amazing breakfast places like Britto’s. Baga Beach is also the home to the famous clubs like Tito’s and Mambo’s. On the streets flanking the beach, you will find a lot of places that present themselves as amazing options to do some economy shopping in Goa. In here is the famous bikini shop which is one of the very few places that feature a good collection of bikinis.

The Anjuna Beach:

This beach might seem like yet another beach in Goa, albeit with a lot of crabs that infest the rocky ledges around the beach. However, it is not to be forgotten that the Anjuna Beach was once a hipsters’ Paradise and there are certain remnants of it even today. Don't be surprised to see someone with a guitar just sitting on the seashore and enjoying a quiet time of peace only to be disturbed by the Waves and the sound of the guitar strums.

Other than the beach, Anjana is also famous for its Flea Market. This is one thing that sets apart Anjana from the rest of the beaches in Goa. This is a perfect place for you to buy a lot of memorabilia and also to experience a few local delicacies in pocket friendly rates.

The Other Beaches:

There are a lot of other beaches in Goa namely, the chapora, the Vagator, the Arambol, the Palolem, the Colva, the Bogmalo and the Miramar. Each beach is famous for something or the other like the forts, The Navy museums and a lot more.

The Food:

Goa is not all and always about beaches alone. A person visiting from Hyderabad on a tour package to Goa will definitely expect something in terms of food. In fact it would be a necessity for someone who comes from a place that is praised all over the world for the insanely tasty biryani.

For those who are on the Lookout for a culinary trail, Goa is definitely not a disappointment. For someone who doesn't want to miss The authenticity of their home food, there are a lot of joints that serve Hyderabadi biryani, and there are a couple of places that serve full Andhra meals as well. If you are someone who would love to get a little bit adventurous with food and try the Goan cuisine, you are definitely in for a delight. Goan cuisine is largely seafood and the kind of dishes that they turn out is incredibly tasty.

There are a few this is like the Goan fish curry, the Vindaloo, the Xacuti and a dessert called the bebinca that you should never miss when you are in Goa. The dishes like the Vindaloo and xacuti are available with multiple meats and sea foods.

The Glimpses of History:

For someone who is visiting Goa on a tour package from Hyderabad, they are definitely not on the lookout for places of history, at least not as much as they are on the lookout for parties. If you are still from the city of the Nizams, the Charminar and the Golconda Fort, And if you would like to experience a little bit of history on the Konkan side as well, there are a couple of places that you can check in Goa.

The Aguada Fort is must visit in Goa and is situated quite close to the Sinquerim beach. This fort was constructed in the year 1612 by the Portuguese who were ruling Goa at that point in time, to defend their priced Colony against the Dutch and the Marathas. This Fort had one of the most massive fresh water storage facilities in Asia at that time, and that is how it got the name Aguada meaning water in Portuguese.

There is an Aguada Fort Beach Resort that is owned by the Tatas and it sprawls 88 acres.There is definitely an element of wholesomeness in the destination that Goa is, especially for a person who is visiting Goa on a package tour from Hyderabad. Entrust it on Visiit to fix up a perfect tour package from Hyderabad to Goa.

Visiit, with the expertise of handling multiple destinations across the planet and our special team that knows Goa in and out will definitely help you customise your Goa tour package from Hyderabad in a way that you would like to enjoy the party state of India. Goa is such a diverse destination and our packages which are customisable for your needs will definitely help you experience the best of Goa!

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