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The national capital region is one of the most Wholesome tourist destinations, not only in India bu... ut in the entire world. However, if there is one aspect in which Delhi Falls flat in terms of its diversity in attractions, it has to be beaches.

Now that it is profound that the people of Delhi do not have an immediate access to the beach, they are always on the Lookout to have a beach experience that is definitely not ordinary. And what more of an option to they need than the Pristine waters of the Arabian Sea with a touch of colonial Portuguese flavor and a lot of party and drinks?

Goa is definitely on the list of places that people of Delhi look forward to have package tours. Goa is a hit among the youth of Delhi, from the ages 18 until 60. Goa has a lot of attractions and aspects that make the people of Delhi feel at home, and also feel like tourist.

First, let us look at the aspects of Goa that make the people of Delhi feel at home

The parties
This is one point where every person from South Delhi will definitely feel at home. Thanks to the dumping of the trances, and the loud electronic dance music, and the energetic feat that never stop moving to those beats, this is one aspect that every Delhi person would love to feel.

About with a lot of pubs and clubs that play music of every genre and flavour, you can shake your feet to other Eurobeat or Trance or hip hop or Latin beats. At least when it comes to Delhi, there is no party without drinks. And needless to say, Goa is a drink lovers Paradise. Add the dance and the drinks together, and Goa becomes the ultimate party destination for a person who is on a package tour from Delhi, just after Delhi itself!
The rich history
Right from the days when southern travels and Panicker Travels were the leading tour operators in India, to these days when everybody is interested in backpacking, Delhi as always been a place that has attracted people who have a thing for historic monuments. Be at the Qutub Minar of the 12th century, or the Red Fort of the 15th century, or the Lutyens Gardens of the 20th century, Delhi has always had a something or the other to talk for it's part in history.

Goa is in no way inferior to what Delhi is. It has its fair share of temples, churches, Forts and even a museum that is all about post colonial Naval history. It is quite certain that there is not even an iota of disappointment for anyone who is coming to visit Goa on a package tour from Delhi.
Chandni Chowk, or Sarojini market, or Palika Bazar, or the Karol Bagh - every corner of Delhi has some shopping Paradise that is attached with it. It is no surprise that anyone who is coming to Goa on a package tour from Delhi will look forward to amazing shopping deals, at least with the things that are exclusive to Goa.

The good news is that they won't be disappointed. There are a lot of places in and around Baga and Anjuna that are probably ssas to shop things that are very Goa. This could mean anything from beachwear, casual shirt, bikinis, and a lot of other things.

Goa is not just about these road side shops but also about a lot of Exotic malls as well. These malls give you a shopping experience that is on par with what you would get in the metropolitan region of the national capital.

Now, let us come to the things that are not available in Delhi but are quite available in Goa.

No points for guessing what would be the first on the list! It is, obviously, going to be the beaches.
The beaches of Goa
Goa is a place that shares quite a synonymy with beaches. There are a lot of beaches in Goa viz. The Calangute beach, the Baga beach, the Anjuna Beach, the Vagator beach, the Arambol beach, the Colva Beach, the Miramar beach, and the bogmallo beach. However, for now we will focus on to beaches - the Calangute Beach and the Baga beach.

The Calangute beach is a great example of how a beach in a party destinations should be. On the land side of the beach, there are a lot of shacks that serve exotic seafood and beers. On the seaside, there are a lot of activities like paragliding, Banana Boat, Speed Boat, Jet Ski, and water carpets. It is a perfect place to chill out after a lazy brunch. Just get yourself drenched in the air of Goa, relaxing in the recliners, grabbing a beer, and if you would like, probably get adventurous into the waters trying on any one of, or all of the lights listed above!

The Baga Beach, on the other hand, is also teeming with activity, but not quite like carrying out. Baga Beach is the party capital of Goa. There are a lot of dance floors like the famous Titos and Mambos. While it is questionable as to why it has been included in the list of things that you can't do in Delhi, well… Maybe you have the beats, and maybe you have the drinks. But there are no waves and sea breezes that enhance the mood of the party as it would be in Goa!

The churches of Goa

One among the very few noteworthy churches in Delhi is the armenian church near the Humayun’s Tomb. While Delhi might not present itself as a great place to tour churches, Goa definitely gives this as an added attraction to anyone who is on a package tour from Delhi to Goa! One of the most famous churches in Goa is the Bom Jesus Basilica. This is the place where the body of Saint Xavier has been said to have been preserved for centuries together without getting spoilt by the forces of nature. A lot of people visit this Church for the architectural Marvel, And The Pilgrimage aspect of it as well. However, for the people of Delhi who are visiting Goa on a tour package and who have been immersed in a lot of architecture all around, this Church might be a different kind of a attraction experience what is Portuguese more than what is Mughal.

    Yes, Delhi is quite a diverse destination when it comes to tourism. They have Forts, temples, mosques, shopping, monuments, memorials, and a lot of other things very unique. However, for someone who is on a package tour to Goa from Delhi, there was an experience that is quite a lot different from what they would get in their hometown, with a lot of beaches, parties, and a Lifestyle that is so laid back and relax in contrast with the life in the metro that they experience! We invite you to book your package tour to Goa from Delhi with us. We are sure it is going to be an unforgettable experience and full of memories that you can carry forward for an entire lifetime.

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