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Goa Tour Packages from Chennai

A Person on Goa Tour Packages from Chennai can experience quite a lot in this erstwhile Portuguese Colony. There are stories of friends who team up to book Goa Packages from Chennai, but fall out in the last minute! Read on to know about what would make a Goa package from Chennai more complete!

Chennai fondly and authentically referred to a as the cultural capital of India. This is not a surprise, as Chennai beautifully balances modernity and tradition. There are Hip Hop artists and also Carnatic musicians, and a concert for both of them get the same kind of attendance, and It wouldn't be a surprise if there are a lot of people who go for both of these!

People from Chennai are always on the Lookout for destinations that are offbeat, and provide them and experience that is a little different from what they do in Chennai. And it is for this very reason that tour package from Chennai to Goa is something that they all will like.

Chennai is not that very different from Goa. Both of them have a rich history that has a colonial connotation and a pre colonial connotation as well. Chennai might not have as many beaches at Goa does, but they have a beach that is enough to proclaim the Supremacy of Chennai in the arena of beaches - the Marina Beach. Yes, Chennai has its share of foods, beaches, churches, temples and places of entertainment. But Goa gives the people of Chennai a flavour that is different from there everyday experience.

The Goa beaches

The people of Chennai have always been accustomed to the Marina Beach and the Elliots beach. For those who have seen only the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and all the adventure that goes along with it is quite a treat, which will make their Chennai to Goa tour package more worthwhile. While Chennai might have beaches to boast about, they do not develop as party destinations, while in Goa, they do. Also, Chennai beaches might not be the best places to get wild in adventure, and Goa beaches are quite the shopping destinations as well.

So, the Calangute beach for adventure, the Baga Beach for parties and the Anjuna Beach for Flea Market shopping will definitely be a delight for people from Chennai who are on a visit to go on a tour package. Also, there is no chance that one can grab a bottle of beer, sit back and relax on the beaches of Chennai and not get caught by cops!

The foodies delight

When we say Chennai is the cultural capital of India, we do not need it with respect to just the hardcore cultural elements, but also subtler elements like food. Chennai has a food culture that is like no other city in India, probably the entire world! Triplicane, which is known for Ratna Cafe - touted deserve the best sambar in the world, is also the home for a lot of non-vegetarian speciality restaurants.

This implies that the people of Chennai are quite open when it comes to their food options, and they are willing to try out something new always. This would mean that people who are from Chennai on a tour package to Goa would be really adventurous with food. As much as Chennai is a city with a vegetarian identity, there are a lot of people who would love to try exotic non vegetarian food as well.

More than just the food, the people of Chennai would really love to have a Wholesome dining experience. The places like Curlies, Brittos, and the shacks on the beaches would give them what day would exactly like to experience. Food is one item on the agenda that no Chennai-ite on a tour package from Chennai to Goa would miss out on!

The Churches of Goa

Chennai has quite the history when it comes to churches. The fact that Saint Thomas was martyred in Chennai is something that establishes the importance of churches in Chennai.

Goa, with its Portuguese influence, is a great place to explore churches, not only as places of worship, but also as places of marvel in architecture. The Bom Jesus Basilica, the church of Saint Francis of Assisi, The Church Of Our Lady of the Immaculate conception, and the chapel of Saint Catherine are a few churches that are must on the list of places to visit in Goa on a tour package from Chennai.

The Shopping Experience

Talk to any person from Chennai, and they cannot resist talking about the amazing range of shopping options that the city offers. There is economy shopping in Ranganathan Street at Thiyagaraya Nagar and there is extravagant shopping in the Bergamo Mall at Khader Nawaz Khan road. For someone who has seen all of this, Goa would present itself as a very different shopping experience. Let’s not forget the jazzy shirts and cool shorts that could be bought for cheap at Goa!

The Chennai has a lot of shopping options although there are no flea markets in Chennai. And thanks to a few vestiges of being conservative, there are not many places where you can buy bikinis in Chennai. This makes Goa a shopping experience more than a shopping option for a hardcore Chennaiite. And, never underestimate the power of bargaining of Chennai citizen!

The Parties of Goa

This one might be the last in the list, but surely not the least. As we have discussed earlier, Chennai is one City that balances both modernity and tradition. This would mean that you might see a person performing on a Bharatanatyam stage show in the early evening, and the same person shake their legs to a bass-drum booming dance number in a pub late in the night. If there can be a place where a person from Chennai can let go of their traditional side for once, and drench themselves in an uninhibited affair of dancing and celebrating, it has gotta be someone who is on a Goa package tour from Chennai. If you spot a person dancing Bharatanatyam for an EDM, or folding their tongue and shaking their hands in a very awkward-yet-graceful fashion, you can be rest assured that this person is on a package tour from Chennai to Goa!

From the East Coast to the West Coast

Both Goa and Chennai have a rich tradition to boast about. While the former was a Portuguese settlement, the latter opened the gates for the colonial imperialism in India. Both of these places have a heavy magnetising force for tourism. They are rich in their experience they offer with beaches, Forts, food, culture, entertainment, and a very distinct flavour in everything. Goa for any Chennai person will only evoke this term: es, it's the same difference! One of the best times for a person from Chennai to visit Goa would be in the end of March and in the beginning of April, where the temperatures are not that high to remind of the place that they came from, and the rates of the accommodation options are quite expensive to initiate a bout of bargaining. If you would not like to go through all these hassles, book your Goa tour package from Chennai with us!

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