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Imagine this! You are just overnight from a place that is unanimously considered to be the party capital of India. Your work week has been pretty stressed, and you would definitely love a break that will give you a lot of relaxation with some activities, a lot of fun, and some parties and drinks as well. If this were you, would you not take up this opportunity?

If your answer to the above question was affirmative, then you do not need an explanation as to why a person from Bangalore will be looking for a package tour to Goa.

The amazing relationship between Goa and Bangalore:

For people of this Metropolitan who have been much confined to outing options like Nandi Hills and Bannerghatta, Goa is an amazing option. There is nothing that is very differently special about Goa that makes it so distinct from Bangalore, except for one aspect - the beaches.

Let us look at a lot in detail about the beaches a little later. Apart from these beaches, there are a lot of things that make Goa very special for Bangalore.

The Experience On The Way:

The experience of Goa is a little different for a person who visits the place from Bangalore by train. They will have to encounter the picturesque two tier waterfall called the Doodh Sagar. The trains take winding cards through which channels and lush green rainforest of the Western Ghats giving you an exotic experience of the meeting point between the Deccan and the Konkan.

Most of the trains that come to Goa from Bangalore stop at the Vasco station. Though the platform of this station might look like yet another Indian railway platform, the facade of this station has a very rich colonial flavor to it, reflecting on the architectural Legacy of the Portuguese. The white, empty, and non congested roads of Goa will definitely be an amazing place to someone who has been always caught in the heavy traffic of Bangalore.

For some people in Bangalore, Goa is just a weekend excuse. However, for some of them, Goa is a complete holiday destination where they take a planned package. On the surface, Goa might seem like a place that is not meant for a family vacation. There are a lot of places that cater to the families who visit Goa on a package tour from Bangalore. There are a lot of temples, classic churches, shopping destinations and of course, a lot of eateries that offer a very unique food experience.

The Churches of Goa:

Bangalore has its fair share of churches. There is the Infant Jesus Church and there are a lot of churches that are spread across the entire stretch of the Metropolis of Bangalore that are a perfect cross between divinity and architectural excellence. However, one thing about the churches in Bangalore is that they were all built by the Britishers.

In stark contrast to the flavour that Bangalore office, the churches of Goa were built by the Portuguese, and they carry a tradition and Legacy that is way above what Bangalore offers. The Bom Jesus Basilica which is said to have house the body of Saint Xavier is an attraction that no person who is on a package tour from Bangalore to Goa will want to miss. In addition to this, that is also the church of Saint Francis of Assisi which can also be included in the list of places to visit if churches is your focus.

For a typical Bangalore citizen who works in information technology, artist our way to unwind and relax for the weekend. It gives them a much needed break from the hassles of coding and traffic alike. Goa would give them a little bit of a different experience than their usual urban partying. The places like Titos and mambos amazing dance floors to shake your body to some thumping beats.

Now, let us get to the part that we had put on hold a little while ago - the beaches! For someone has been in Bangalore, the places like the Halasuru lake and the swimming pools in Wonderla are the only proper water experiences. For these people, Goa comes across as quite a blissful option to relax in the blue waters and the Waves. Right from the north and coastal border of the state that they belong to at Karwar to extreme North Goa with borders at Maharashtra, the number of beaches that are available in Goa are aplenty, and this is surely a delight for a person who has opted in to go on a package tour from Bangalore.

The Beaches of Goa:

Beaches of North, Central and South Goa have a very unique signature that makes each of them a very special place to visit. Goa's beaches in the extreme South like the Palolem, the Bogmalo, and the Colva beaches are quaint places that are perfect for relaxation and to spend time with just one self or just a small circle of your near and dear ones. The beaches of North Goa like Arambol are places where you can just chill out with friends without being disturbed by any commercial elements.

It is the beaches of Central Goa that make Goa the destination that it is. The Calangute beach is a place that is always dealing with some sports activities like paragliding, Banana Boat,Jet Ski or water carpets. The Baga Beach, with its great lineup of restaurants and pubs is the most happening party destination in Goa. The Anjuna Beach was once a hippie hotspot and is known for the Anjuna Flea market today. The beaches like Vagator and its proximity to the chapora Fort that was made famous in the Hindi movie Dil Chahta Hai is also located at Central Goa.

Well, all these things that we have talked about until now are the places that everyone who goes to Goa visits, irrespective of them being on a package tour from Bangalore to Goa. However comma there a little things in Goa that would make a lot of sense for a person from Bangalore to experience. The sunset at Arambol beach is definitely a breathtaking view. Spending the mornings in the deserted beaches of Vagator or Palolem is something that you should not miss. At Visiit, we believe that traveling to a place is not about ticking off things from a list of spots to see but more about experiencing the place as wholesome as it can be experienced!

Goa Tour Packages from Bangalore

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