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When we are talking about a tour package from Ahmedabad to Goa, we are talking about two places tha... at are in stark contrast of each other. Gujarat is a place where there is a lot of emphasis on vegetarianism and being non alcoholic. Goa, on the other hand, is a place that promotes these two, and their lifestyle Mehndi comprises of these two things that are considered to be almost profane in Gujarat.

Booking a tour package from Ahmedabad to Goa is surely that a lot of people would look forward to, to experience a Lifestyle that there city might not permit. Ahmedabad is a city that has seen a lot of development of late. This means that Ahmedabad in itself is a great tourist destination. However there are a lot of things that are exclusive to Goa that might not be available in Ahmedabad. So, what are the things that you can experience in Goa on a package tour from Ahmedabad?

The party places

For someone who experiences dry days in all the Days Of The Year, Goa is sure to come in as a great bless. It's not just about the drinks, but also about the entire change of mood and situations. Goa is, without doubt, the Undisputed party capital of India, and there is no better choice for a person from Ahmedabad to chill out and have a great time.

Goa is a place that is around with party hot spots. The ones at the Baga beach are surely worth a mention. This apart, there are a lot of places alone the entire state of the state of Goa that scream and it's party plessure loud and clear.

The temples of Goa

Yes, nature is abundant and graceful in Goa. However there are much more define places that make Goa a great place even for pilgrimage. There are a lot of temples that are spread across the state, some of which event go back to a couple of centuries. Some of the temples are the Devaki Krishna temple Karma the Lakshmi Narasimha TempleKarma the Maruti temple, the shantadurga Devi Mandir and the Brahma Mandir to name a few.

The beaches of Goa

The state of Gujarat has had its fair share of trade ever since the times immemorial. This makes all the coastal cities of Gujarat major trade hubs. This means that there are not a lot of places for the Ahmedabad citizens to enjoy.

Now when they have taken a toll package from Ahmedabad to Goa The beaches are sure to be on the top of the list of the places that they would like to visit. The Calangute beach, the Baga beach, the Vagator beach, the Palolem Beach, Arambol beach, the Colva Beach, and the Anjuna Beach and an endless list of a lot of beaches makes go up an ideal place for any person from Ahmedabad to visit and chill out on the Sands and in the shooting sound of the Waves, probably grabbing a drink along.

The historic places of Goa

Has a lot of you may have known, Ahmedabad was known as Karnavati before it was named after King Ahmed Shah. We are talking about a city who's history expanse more than 8000 years, and has gained prominence ever since the time of Muhammad of Ghori.

The state of Goa has had its fair share of history as well. Right from the times when it was inhabited by the Konkani drives comma from the times and it was taken over by the marathas come and do the times when it was invaded and occupied by the Portuguese who's Legacy tips to this day, and finally was a Hippie capital of the independent India, Goa has a lot of history to post about. It also means that all these faces of history have left Behind a trace of what Goa had meant to them.

One of the most important and intriguing pieces of history that you will see in Goa is the Fort Aguada. Built by the Portuguese who wanted to secure their Paradise in India against any Invaders who approach them through the Arabian Sea, the Fort Aguada is a structure that in its very stance, stands as a starting definition of Defence. Quite close to this food is the seaquarium beach, which is again a perfect spot for photographers to indulge in a gluttony of their passion.

The Navy Air museum

Gujarat has always been credited with producing some of the most amazing national awards. Be it that epitome of peace Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi be it the Iron Man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Gujarat has always stayed on the top of the list. In this line, a Gujarati would surely love to experience sign of bravery that India has always stood for - the progress of the Indian Navy in auxiliary air warfare.

The museum of Naval warfare at Bogmalo beach is something that a lot of people who visit Goa miss to catch a glimpse of. This place showcases a lot of helicopters and flights that the Indian Navy has been using to assist her ships and boats in the times of distress and national duty. This is one of the very few places where you can get into a Lockheed constellation come on one of the actress that was learnt from the Indian Air Force for some use in the Indian Navy. If you have always want to be inside the cockpit of a fighter aircraft, well, here is your chance!

The options in food

Let us all admit it! If there is one thing that a person on a package tour to Goa from Ahmedabad will miss the most about their home it has got to be the vegetarian food. We have some good news for the veggie food aficionados like the people of Ahmedabad. There are a lot of options for vegetarians in Goa. Goa features a unique list of vegetarian restaurants that serve delightful vegetarian food Some of them are the navtara cafe, the Bhojan at Panjim, Bean me up at Anjuna and the Saraya Art Cafe. The Art Cafe serves your food in a Jungle Garden kind of an Indians that makes you connect a lot with nature that Goa stands for. The Bean Me Up Cafe in Anjuna is open only from June to November, and it has the uniqueness of serving super healthy organic food.

One of the best destinations for a person from Ahmedabad

    I think, a person who hails from a place that has seen one of the highest proportions of development in the recent years deserves a holiday that will relax and rejuvenate them. With a whole list of options like parties, beaches, temples, museums, and even vegetarian food, Goa poses itself as one of the best places for a person to visit on a package tour from Ahmedabad.

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