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Darjeeling is referred as ‘Queen of Hills’. It is situated in the Shivalik Hills that is in ...  the lower range of Himalayas. The British developed Darjeeling to escape people from the summer temperature in the plains. It is loved by British people. If you are looking for a complete rejuvenating travel package, you have to discover the beauty of Darjeeling on a Darjeeling Tour Package, the perfect hill station.

The golden colored brew (Darjeeling tea), scented pines, terraced tea plantations, hairpin bends, lush rolling hills, amazing snowline views and the serene atmosphere makes the place an exotic holiday getaway, completing your experience of the Darjeeling Tour Package. It is best to book all inclusive Darjeeling package since you do not have to pay for each and every comfort you experience. Visiit Travel Agent offers pocket-friendly Darjeeling tour packages for families, students, corporate and honeymoon couples.

During your darjeeling tourism, you will explore quintessential markets, hilly vistas, authentic fast food outlets that servethukpa and momos and the main market that houses Tibetan handicraft shops. You can also visit Himalayan Mountaineering Institute conducts trekking in the region. If you are not satisfied with the adventurous streak, you can head to Tenzing Norgay rock. It is the best spot to enjoy rappelling where a professional mountaineer will guide you.

Darjeeling holiday packages give you a chance to explore major tourist spots of the region along with the town. Admire sparkling waterfalls, enjoy long walking alongside the hills and relish the delicious cuisine. What’s more is needed to enjoy the vacation?

If you are a tea lover, you can visit tea factory and tea plantation. If possible, you can also indulge in tea tasting session. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) is the popular attraction in Darjeeling. It is also referred as Toy Train. It was constructed amid 1879 and 1881. UNESCO declared DHR as the World Heritage Site in 1999.

Singalila National Park is located in the utmost areas of West Bengal. It is famous for the panoramic views of less significant Himalayas and amazing peaks. It is a paradise for trekkers. It has large range of mountainous birds, fauna and flora. It has endangered and rare wildlife species like Takin, Pangolin, Wild Boar, Yellow throated Marten, Barking Deer, Serow, Clouded Leopard, Tigers, Black Bear and Leopard Cat.

Darjeeling vacation is all about remaining with nature, relaxing on own, treating your taste buds and indulging in little pleasures of life with your soul mate or family. Get ready to enjoy Darjeeling tour that would leave you mesmerized.

We have several attractive darjeeling honeymoon packages that will help you to tour throughout the region at a reasonable cost.

Weather :
You can visit Darjeeling at any time. However, the perfect time to visit is between April and June. We offer travel packages for Darjeeling throughout the year. Book online to get best offers on Darjeeling honeymoon packages at Visiit Tour Company. We have excited deals and customized packages for Darjeeling vacation and stay. No matter, you are located in Chennai, Delhi or Melbourne, we will arrange flight tickets and accommodation for worldwide travelers.
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Darjeeling Packages

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel YUMA

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Bloomfield Hotel

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel Dip Palace

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Anand Palace Hotel, Alpine Hills ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Anand Palace Hotel, The Lindsay H..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel Dip Palace, Powring Guest H..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Summit takshang residency hotel, ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Garden Reach Hotel, Hotel North S..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hill Crown Retreat, Garden Reach ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Kanchenju..
Hotels : Hotel Jagjeet, Hotel North Star, ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Garden Reach Hotel, Hotel North S..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel YUMA, Orange Village Resort..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Viceroy Hotel, Orange Village Res..

Darjeeling is situated in the state West Bengal, India. It is popular for tea industry. It is located in the midst of lower Himalayas and also referred as Mahabharat Range. The British established the town in the middle of 19th century. Soon, it became popular for its large tea estates and produces country’s best tea. Darjeeling is gifted with rich natural resources and cultural history. It has pleasant climate all throughout the year. It is best to gift Darjeeling honeymoon package for newly married couples since the city offers all the pleasure equal to international countries for visitors. Below listing best places to visit in Darjeeling.

Darjeeling Tourist Attractions :
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway : It is one of the famous tourist places in Darjeeling. In short, it is referred as DHR. It holds a popular nickname ‘Darjeeling Toy Train’. It was constructed between 1879 and 1881. It runs between Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. Darjeeling Himalayan rail is 2 feet in width and narrow gauge train. It is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is world’s second railway to receive such a prestigious place after the Semmering Railway, Austria. Next time, when you plan for Darjeeling tour you need to include this in your itinerary.

Singalila National Park
Darjeeling tourism will remain incomplete if you miss to visit Singalila National Park. It is located in highest regions of the state. Singalila National Park is famous for panoramic sights and amazing peaks of lesser Himalayas. Do you enjoy trekking? Well, it is a paradise for trekkers with large assortment of mountainous birds, fauna and vegetation. The wildlife includes endangered and rare species like Takin, Pangolin, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Leopard Cat, Yellow-throated Marten, Clouded Leopard, Black Bear, Tigers, Leopard and Red Panda.

Japanese Peace Pagoda
It is one among the popular Darjeeling tourist places. It is constructed by Nichidatsu Fuji who is a renowned Japanese Buddhist monk. It was constructed between 1885 and 1985. There are thirty such buildings throughout the world and Japanese Peace Pagoda is one among them. It is a magnificent white building with golden colored monuments. It is 28.5 meters high and 23 meters wide.

Happy Valley Tea Estate
Darjeeling Tea is famous all over the world. The majority of tea lovers know the taste, fragrance and specialty of Darjeeling tea. Happy Valley Tea Estate is spread on a large area of about 437 acres. It is located in the midst of beautiful and peaceful surroundings in India. When you visit this Darjeeling tea garden, you can also witness world’s largest tea factory. An Englishman established the factory in 1854. It was later taken over by the Indian upper classes. Darjeeling tour package cost is affordable and you can easily purchase from local tour operator.

Other popular Darjeeling tourist spots include Neora Valley National Park, Joey’s Pub, Batasia Loop, Observatory Hill, Tiger Hill and Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. When you buy Darjeeling tour packages, ensure to include all these hotspots in your itinerary. There are numerous Darjeeling hotels and you do not have to worry about accommodation.

Drive to Tiger Hill :
Tiger Hill is the renowned tourist spot of Darjeeling. It is must to witness divine sunrise view of Kanchenjunga peak. You can drive to Tiger Hill by a private vehicle or bus. Ensure to stay in top at early morning hours that is before sunrise to watch the beautiful orange glowing rising sun. You would feel like staying in a heavenly place and close with Mother Nature. Tiger Hill is must to add in your Darjeeling sightseeing list.

Darjeeling Chowrasta :
Walk to Chowrasta after the sunset. It is a peak ridge situated in main junction of hill town. It is surrounded with bright restaurants and quaint shops. When you spend some time at Chowrasta, you can feel the beauty of nature as cool breeze brushes your hair. You can also relax yourself by going for a walk at the Mall Road. You can try local food delicacies in various restaurants and food joints, capture some amazing Darjeeling photos and also go for horse rides. If you are interested in shopping, you can buy colorful souvenirs and attractive artifacts from vast traditional shops lined on the street lanes. Make your own collection of images of Darjeeling so that you can recollect whenever you feel like in the future.

Teesta River :
Darjeeling is a popular hill station in India. If you are curious to indulge in adventurous activities, you need to visit Teesta River and go for white water rafting. Teesta River is surrounded by hills and has strong waterfalls in its course.

Majority of foreign travelers and leisure tourist visit Darjeeling especially for white water rafting. It is a mind blowing adventurous and thrilling experience. It should not be missed when you visit Darjeeling. It is sure you will remember the experience for years. No matter, you are purchasing Darjeeling Gangtok tour package or North Sikkim tour package, you need to explore some best adventurous activities like white water rafting, horse riding, mountain climbing and jeep safari.

Darjeeling is occupied by people of various faith and culture. A reasonable number of Tibetans and Lepchas has made Darjeeling as their town along with Gorkhas. Gorkhas follow Hinduism and other two communities practice Buddhism and Christianity. It is the reason you can see Buddhist, Christianity and Hindu fests celebrated in different parts of Darjeeling district.

Gorkha community celebrate various festivals like Maghe Sankrati, Basant Panchami, Chaita Dasai, Ram Navami, Guru Purne, Durga Puja or Dasain, Tihar, Sansari Puja, Biswakarma Puja, Teez, Kaushi Aunshi and Nag Panchami.

Tibetan community celebrate Buddhist festivals like Cham Dance, Loshar, Buddha Jayanti and Saga Dawa.

Lepcha community celebrate festivals like Tendong Lho Rumfaat, Lambun, Cheuram, Chenrum and Leerum. Lepchas celebrate all their festivals with good food, clothes and lots of happiness.

Apart from religious festivals, the citizens also celebrate cultural feasts. Tea festival and Darjeeling Carnival are popular festivals organized every year in Darjeeling. It is best to plan for Sikkim tourism during festival season. You can explore the culture, tradition and practices of each religion. There are several cheap hotels in Darjeeling. Moreover, there are also luxury resorts in Darjeeling. If you want comfortable accommodation, you need to inform and buy tour packages accordingly.

Tourists can visit Darjeeling during two seasons. Both are best for vacation, honeymoon, adventure tour or leisure travel. Spring and summer is between March and May and Autumn is between October and November. During these months, the temperature in Darjeeling will be excellent. You will not feel tired or exhausted as you plan for sightseeing. The temperature remains pleasant and cool. The sky looks clear providing lovely sights of Mountain Kanchenjunga snow peaks. The monsoon starts in June and extends till September. It has chances to stretch even till October. The winter starts at December and lasts till February. Darjeeling remains very cold during winter season. Whenever you plan a trip, you need to check the weather of Darjeeling.

It is hard to predict and depend on Darjeeling temperature. You would see beautifully settled and perfect weather at one time and suddenly fog or cloud rise from deep valleys and spreads as white blanket throughout. The temperature of Darjeeling do not follow particular climate pattern. It differs throughout Darjeeling districts.

Sikkim: Sikkim is the nearest state to Darjeeling town. It is bordered by Bhutan, Nepal and China. Each of Sikkim tourist places are popular. It is must to include Sikkim in your itinerary when you plan for Darjeeling tour.

Tourist places in Sikkim
Sikkim tour packages cover top sightseeing places like Gangtok, monasteries, Tsomgo Lake, Nathu la, fauna and flora sanctuaries, Dzongri and Yuksom trail, Pelling, Ravangla, Namchi and Teesta.

Gangtok tour :
Gangtok is Sikkim’s capital city. You can see the soaring peaks of Khangchendzonga’s when the clouds are clear. It is the third highest mountain in the world. Gangtok is refreshing, well organized and clean. Majority of tourists ensure to spend few days in Gangtok when they go for Darjeeling trip. It is close from Darjeeling. You can either plan on a trip from Darjeeling to Gangtok or Gangtok to Darjeeling. It is best to travel by bus or car between these two towns. It takes about 3 hours and minutes to reach Darjeeling from Gangtok. In terms of kilometers, Darjeeling to Gangtok distance is 96.8 kilometers.

Gangtok sightseeing :
Here listing the popular Gangtok tourist places. Enchey Monastery, Hanuman Tok and Ganesh Tok, Himalayan Zoological Park, Tashi Viewpoint, Do-Drul Chorten and Namgyal Institute of Technology, Gangtok Ropeway, Flower Exhibition Center and MG Marg Market are some of the popular tourist places in Gangtok. Buy Darjeeling to Gangtok tour packages or Sikkim Gangtok travel packages online for cheap price.

Best time to visit Sikkim :
Sikkim is a beautiful state with five seasons like monsoon, autumn, spring, summer and winter. It is best to visit during summer season since you can indulge in trekking. If you plan during monsoons, you would find hard to pass through roads. It is not best to visit during monsoons. Sikkim tourism package rates will be cheap when you book in advance.

Siliguri :
It is a prettiest place in West Bengal. When you are at Siliguri, make sure to visit Hong Kong market and Kanchenjunga stadium. If you enjoy wildlife watching, you should visit Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary. The distance from Siliguri to Darjeeling is 61.3 kilometers. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach Darjeeling.

The Gorkhas are natives of Darjeeling. They are rice eaters. In Darjeeling, alcoholic drinks are consumed by both women and men. It is common to see foods prepared using beef and meat. Some of the popular foods you should try in Darjeeling are as follows;

Momo : It is a famous Tibetan delicacy. It consists of cheese, vegetables and minced meat rolled in dough in shape of dumplings. These ingredients are steamed in a vessel that contains tomato soup or bone in lowest compartment. Momos goes well with chilly sauce and soup. You can easily get momos in most Darjeeling and Sikkim restaurants.

Thupa :
It is a noodle soup served with vegetables. It is tasty and healthy. It can be obtained in small and large Darjeeling hotels.

Chang :
Do you wish to try a local beer? Well, you need to taste Chang. It has an amazing taste as it is brewed and served freshly. It is prepared by fermenting millet with yeast. It is served in a bamboo receptacle. You can drink with the help of Bamboo pipe. It can be strong sometimes and remains intoxicating.

Sael Roti :
It is a popular Nepali dish prepared by finely grinding water and rice as paste. The mixture is deep fried by pouring in hot oil. It taste delicious when consumed with potato curry. It is not much seen in hotels and restaurants but served during parties.

Other popular foods of Darjeeling include Gundruk, Niguru with Churpi and Phagshapa. If you are thinking to make this vacation special for your family members, get all inclusive Darjeeling tour packages from Chennai or Darjeeling tour packages from Bangalore.

Darjeeling is a hill station in the Northern side of West Bengal. There is no broad gauge Darjeeling train or airport in the town. If you wish to visit Darjeeling from other cities or towns of India, you have limited options like travel via Bagdogra airport, New Jalpaiguri railway station or Siliguri town. You can reach Darjeeling through these transportation services. Siliguri is a major town situated close to Darjeeling.

Bagdora airport is the nearest airport to Darjeeling. If you are travelling from other countries, you can depend on Darjeeling airport that is Bagdora airport.

Darjeeling railway station
New Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station to Darjeeling. If possible, you can reach to Siliguri via train and hire a taxi or bus to reach Darjeeling. These three towns are located close to Darjeeling and situated at lower plains.

Delhi to Darjeeling
It is easy to reach to Bagdogra from cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. via flight.

Kolkata to Darjeeling train
If you are planning to travel from Kolkata, you can still travel via train. There are numerous trains from different parts of India travelling through Siliguri and NJP as these are the cities close to Darjeeling.

Darjeeling often referred as ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ is popular for its unique culture, rich tea estate, spectacular and charming sights of Kanchenjunga range. Darjeeling has tourists all throughout the years and the number is increasing day by day. Darjeeling weather is pleasant during summer, spring and autumn seasons. Darjeeling does not remain friendly or pleasant during the monsoon. It is a worst decision to trip to Darjeeling during monsoon. December and January are best months favorable especially for honeymooners. The weather combined with lure, lust and love with bright summer rays welcome honeymoon couples. There are numerous budget hotels in Darjeeling. The cost is affordable. If you want to stay in 5 star hotels in Darjeeling, you need to book and buy packages accordingly.

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