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One might think that it is a small town in England. But this beautiful hill station is in fact loca... ated across 5 hills in our very own Uttarkhand. This high altitude town is located near the Dhauladhar mountains , a picturesque place for a peaceful getaway. This place is best for those tired with the mundane bustling city life because Dalhousie is serenity at its best.

True to its English sounding name , this town has the touch of the colonial era, with every building and outlet laid out just like it was during the British rule in India in the 1800s, and there are quite a lot of exotic locations that can be explored on a Dalhousie Tour Package.
Despite this , the Hindu temples and churches speak volumes about ancient Indian culture and art.

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Visiit Dalhouse Tour Packages

As discussed earlier, the name my phone very British but the place is Indian in its very essence. There are a lot of places that you can explore in Dalhousie, and it gives you a perfect feel of being at the Confluence of both traditional and colonial. A place like this deserves to be explode in a proper Dalhousie tour package that will give you a perfect field of the place in every exploration that you do.

Visiit Brings you exclusive Dalhousie tour packages that are designed to give you a perfect experience of this amazing place. In addition to giving you the best of all what Dalhousie has got to offer in our tour package, we also offer you an option of customizability that lets you explore the place in a way that you have always wanted to enjoy it!


There are numerous options available for travellers to stay for a couple of nights . Right from luxurious resorts , where the pampering doesn't stop , to budget hotels , where you only want to crash for the night . And those that are looking for a star hotel are spoilt for choice as there is something for everybody.

Khajjiar- a perfect picnic spot
One look at khajjiar and it reminds you of all the times you've seen Switzerland in the movies or postcards. No wonder it's often called "mini Switzerland " or "the Switzerland of India". With the lush green grass, old world charm bungalows, tall pine trees in the background and snow capped mountains at the farthest sight , khajjiar seems like a breathtaking painting.

Dainkund Peak- for trekking love
Known as the singing hill, Dainkund peak stands high at 2745 metres above sea level. Trekking up this peak is a delight for the brave and without the legit permits the place is inaccessible , more so , because it is occupied by the Indian Air Force.

Panchpula- sightseeing savoury
Panchpula is nature at its best. It boasts of splendid green forests , clear blue skies and abundant water bodies - making it the major source of water supply to the entire area. Another attraction worth visiting is the Sardar Ajit Singh memorial adding historical significance to the place. OH , and do not forget to savour your taste buds with the delectable cuisine.

Chamera Dam-thrill on the hill
Built on the River Ravi in Chamba district , the Chamera Dam is one of the must go places along Dalhousie, especially for those thirsty for some adrenaline rush as this place has a plethora of water sports to offer . If you are not in the mood for adventure , then fret not as there are other activities like boating and fishing for a fun activity . And if you really just want to relax and do no more ,than just lay back and experience the shining sunset across the gushing river.

St. John's Church- the soul connection
Touted as one of the most visited churches in the country , the ambience of this church takes you back to the days when the British ruled India. The historical association coupled with its sanctity gives visitors a sense of solace. Built by the Protestant Missionaries , it's beauty also lies in the area around which it was built. However the church is not open for tourists all the time. Visitors are allowed inside for 5 days a week and between specific timings.

Rock Garden- photographer's prose
While every garden is beautiful in its own way , what makes rock garden stand out is that its developed across natural river streams. The entire place is covered with rocks strewn across , that's where it gets its name from . One doesn't need to be a professional to want to take pictures of this beautiful place, anyone with a phone would be delighted to capture the splendidness of nature nurtured by the human touch.


1. Kalatop Khajjiar sanctuary
2. St. Francis church
3. St. Patrick's church
4. Subhash chowk
5. Beeji's park
6. Shree Raghunath Mandir
7. Bhutto Singh museum
8. Jandri Ghat palace
9. Pohlani Devi temple
10. Chamera reservoir.
While every place has a best time to visit , Dalhousie gives you reason to visit anytime of the year,making it a haven for honeymooners. However the warm months of May and June are preferred seasons for Dalhousie Tour Packages for the most by those wanting to beat the summer heat. The super cool months between December and February May not appeal to everyone but still tempts one because of the snowfall at higher elevations in places like Dainkund peak.

You must be careful while vacationing in the months between July and September as the town experiences heavy rains around this time. August and September sees heavy rush of Hindu devotees taking a trek to the Manimahesh lake.

The best mode to reach Dalhousie if travelling from anywhere in India is by train. There are said to be no direct trains to Dalhousie, therefore one must reach Pathankot which is the closest railway terminal to Dalhousie. This is the most cost effective way to travel. If the luxury of an aeroplane is preferred, then again the nearest domestic airport is at Pathankot , about 75 mms from Dalhousie, via Delhi. There are other options of Volvo and luxury buses offering convenient rides at affordable prices.

Once you reach Pathankot, you can easily book a taxi or a bus that are regularly available . Also, the best way to travel in and around Dalhousie for tourists is to hire a taxi . Your hotel could also book one for you.

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