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Coorg is a place located in the South Indian region with widespread popularity. It is popularly ref... ferred as ‘Scotland of India' and it has all the appeal it takes to explore this place on a Coorg Tour Package. It has everything where a vacationer, couple, a spiritual soul, an adventurer, an explorer or a nature lover would ask. In the rece nt years, tourism places that refresh and rejuvenate mind, spirit and body are gaining high popularity. Such places are much preferred than the usual destinations. It is the reason travelers prefer to enjoy stunning sceneries and breathtaking landscapes rather than busy metropolitan destinations.

Coorg is situated in the Western Ghats region of South Western Karnataka. It is an administrative district covering an area of about 4102 square kilometers. Its headquarters is situated in Madikeri. Coorg is popular for brave warriors and superior quality coffee. The locals of Coorg refer their place as Kodagu. It holds a popular history surrounding the novels of great warriors. The locals of Coorg is referred as Kodavas. They are earliest agriculturalists of Coorg region. We provide affordable Coorg honeymoon tour packages.

Coorg is the famous Hill Station of India. It has major attractions like Buddhist Golden Temple, Mallalli Falls, Bagamandala, Nagarhole, Dubare, Abbey Falls, Lakshmana Tirtha, Iruppu Falls, Nisargadhama, Talakaveri and other places. Tourism plays an important role in this region and it serves to boost its economy. Eco-tourism is the main idea behind travelling in this region. It includes adventurous activities like wildlife safaris, Coorg trekking tours, walking and plantation constructions shifted as five-star resorts.

Here are some of the activities you can indulge by purchasing Coorg Packages!

Camping in Coorg:

Coorg with its untouched and pristine beauty has attracted thousands of visitors. Its picturesque plantations, scenic outlooks and stunning peaks make it a spot for Adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. By camping in Coorg, you can see the surreal beauty of coffee land and spend splendid times as you wish. During the camping expedition, you can feel the appeal, charm and aura of coorg tourism.

Plantation Walk:

It is the most important activity in Coorg holiday package. Plantation fact is famous because of the fact that this region produces finest quality coffee in the world. Coorg alone contributes around 60% of coffee yield in India. The plantation trails are situated around the coffee estates of Coorg. Apart from coffee, vanilla, cardamom and pepper are highly grown as intercrops. The atmosphere of Coorg is surrounded by their aroma. It is sure the tourists visiting in this region experience different fabulous aromas. Coorg region also consists of sandalwood and rose Forests and abundant teak. It offers tourists a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to spend through. Looking for team outing or tour packages to Coorg?

Trekking is an excellent activity as part of Coorg Trip. It encourage team building and team spirit. It is a great experience to trek in this region as it has all types of terrain like easy, extremely challenging or moderately difficult. You can select the terrain you feel comfortable. Visiit Travel Company offer all-inclusive Coorg Honeymoon Packages throughout the year. We provide great deals and discounts for group bookings.
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Coorg Packages

Place : Talakaveri, Abbey Falls
Hotels : Hotel Madikeri Heritage

Place : Talakaveri, Abbey Falls, Tibetan ..
Hotels : Hotel Madikeri Heritage

Place : Maharaja s palace, Brindavan Gard..
Hotels : Sri Venkateswara Residency, Sunfl..

Place : Talakaveri, Abbey Falls, Tibetan ..
Hotels : Treebo Sandpipers Hotel, Treebo S..

Place : Talakaveri, Abbey Falls, Nisaraga..
Hotels : The Casiita

Place : Talakaveri, Abbey Falls, Nisaraga..
Hotels : Treebo Sandpipers Hotel, FabHotel..

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Coffea Aroma Resort, Hotel Madike..

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : FabHotel Dawn Mysore, Hotel Madik..

Place : airport, Abbey Falls, Pykara Lake..
Hotels : La Flora Holiday Resorts Pvt Ltd,..

Place : Brindavan Garden, Talakaveri, Cub..
Hotels : National Residency, Palm Era Reso..

Abbey falls: Abbey Falls comes first in the list of places of visit in Coorg. Its 1 km away from Madikeri town. The waterfall comes in between the coffee plantations zone and the spice estates. Gushing beauty of Kaveri River flowing down right into falls will make you speechless.

Brahmagiri Peak:Brahmagiri Peak is a beautiful spot covered with forested woods. One need to trek right through the grassland and clear water streams to reach the peak. A wildlife sanctuary is there at the peak which acts as home to Lion-tailed Macaque, Spotted Deer, Jungle Cat, Giant Flying Squirrel and Nilgiri Langur along with other creatures.

Iruppu Falls: Iruppu waterfall is a beautiful place which is must to explore as an important visiting places in Coorg. Lakshmana Tirtha River took a sharp 60 feet turn through green mountains to enter straight in the falls. The breathtaking view of the place will create a real time experience in the minds of the visitors.

Raja’s Seat: If you are in search of a scenic place while on Coorg trip then Raja’s Seat is definitely going to be the one which will match your imagination completely. It's a sunset point giving a picturesque view of green valley and surrounding hills.

Mandalpatti View point:If you want to enjoy scenic view of tourist places in Coorg, then for sure you can take a view of this place. We are confident that you will fall on love with the place with a single glance.

Bylakuppe: Bylakuppe is one such location in Coorg which offers cultural delight to the tourists. Namdroling Monastery or Golden Temple of Bylakuppe is the main attraction of this place. Traditional Tibetan style of architecture of the Monastery will give an amazing view to the spectators.

Omkareshwar Temple: As per history Kodagu ruler Lingarajendra II murdered a Brahmin who was innocent. That Brahmin turned into spirit and in order to save himself from the spirit the king installed a lingam in crime spot which was taken from Kashi. In year 1820 the temple was constructed. Omkareshwar was the name given to the lingam and the temple resemblance the look of a dargah in shape of a dome.

Rameshwara Temple: This is one of the prominent shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple visited in large number by the devotees of Lord Shiva. It is one of the important places to visit near Coorg.

Dubare Elephant Camp: Visiting Dubare Elephant Camp near Kushalnagar will be a great way to enjoy nature. Go for old elephant rides, and take the glimpse of elephant bathing and many more things. By crossing the river, one can indulge into water rafting activities.

Jungle Trekking: The scenic beauty of green jungles & beautiful waterfalls Coorg looks like a heaven for such people who love to trek. Popular Coorg tour packages always include trekking activities for the tourists to enjoy beauty of nature.

Nagarhole National Park visit: The diversity of flora and fauna at Nagarhole National Park is an amazing thing to watch out. This park is known to have the best wildlife reserves of India. Tiger, Asian elephants and Indian bison are present in large numbers in this park. There are more than 270 kinds of birds which are present in this park and a visit to this park will surely entertain the guests completely.

Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary visit: This sanctuary is among 21 wildlife sanctuaries located in the state of Karnataka. It acts as a home to some of the rarest as well as endangered bird species. One can get a view of The Kumara Parvat peak from this sanctuary which is absolute eye catching. This National Park is at the verge of getting proposed as a World Heritage site.

White river rafting: If you are in Coorg then dont miss the chance to go for White Water River rafting in Barapole River. The beautiful river along with its speedy waters and rapids at the backdrop of beautiful landscapes makes this destination an ideal place for river rafting.

Fishing: River Cauvery offers great fishing option in fishing camps which are located on river banks. Fishing camps are organized in the village of Valnur, close to Coorg.

Kaveri Sankramana:In mid of October this festival is celebrated and is one of the sacred Coorg festivals. The festival is organized at Talakaveri, at the origin place of River Kaveri. A fountain gets filled from small tank for filling holy tank of Talakaveri. Devotees pay a visit to Coorg for taking a holy dip in holy tank. Coorg tourism package is available for this festival.

Kailpodh: This festival is dedicated for the farmers and is celebrated after paddy sowing. The festival means weapon worship. The festival highlights the responsibility of men towards guarding of crop from attacks of animals.

Puttari: Puttari is the harvesting festival celebrated in Coorg and stands for new rice. Celebration for this festival takes place either by end of November or by beginning of December. Decoration is made with leaves of mango and banana. Some unique festive dishes are prepared on this day and major among them are thambuttu, holige, kadaumbuttu and puttari. Go for cheap Coorg packages to enjoy this festival.

It will be ideal to plan a vacation to Coorg between months of November to March. Just after the monsoon season is over the location becomes ideal to welcome the guests to this hill station. Coorg resorts will offer great stay to the guests. Visiting during the harvest festival, Puttari will offer great experience. The most interesting fact about this hill station is that be it any season tourists to this destination will enjoy the climate. The weather of Coorg is completely unpredictable and it is advisable to carry light woollen clothes as it may turn chilly in night time. Rainy Season is best to avoid and grounds may get slippery and one may slip and get hurt. Coorg tourism packages in off season will cost your less, but advance booking for the peak season can give you good deals.
Mysore: Mysore being the second largest city for the state of Karnataka is located right at Chanumdi Hills base and also known as cultural capital for the state. Culture of local folk is unique as well as admiring. Romantic climate and aw- inspiring views of the city will leave everyone mesmerized.

Belur: In the Hasaan district of Karnataka is located one of the historic town of the country, Belur. Chennakeshava temple is the major attraction of the place and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. As per history this temple was constructed by Shantaladevi, who was queen to king Vishnuvardhana

Udupi: One of the brilliant getaways from Coorg is Udupi. This place is known for its amazing and breathtaking beauty. The location of this place itself is very unique and placed in between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea

Hassan: Hassan being the oldest town in the state of Karnataka is known for its rich history and got its name after Goddess Haasanamba. There are great scopes for sightseeing and that what helped this town in gaining popularity among tourists from different corners of the globe.

Bekal: It's a small town in the state of Kerala and one of the favorite getaways from Coorg. The keyhole shaped fort with beautiful beach makes this place an ultimate destination for relaxing vacation.

Pork Curry: This dish is prepared using some special ingredients like vinegar of black color which is made out of fresh kokum fruit. This special curry also includes lots of ginger and pepper.

Akki Roti: You can eat it in the form of roti or even a pancake. The special ingredients which are used in the making of this awesome and authentic Kodagu food is crumbled cooked rice, flour made of rice and seasoning is made with fresh onions.

Pottu: specially cooked vegetable pulavs which is served with steamed vegetable curries, which is popular in the name of Pottu. For vegetarian this is a true delight for the taste buds.

Mangye Pajji and Mudrakani: Chutney made of Mango made in Coorg is an authentic side dish and popular as Mangye Pajji. There is yummy taste chutney which is served with pulav or rice and made of Bengal-gram. This Chutney is named as Mudrakani.

Kumbala curry: A traditional curry made of Pumpkin of Coorg is served in restaurants which deal in authentic Coorg food.

Ellu pajji: Awesome Chutney from Coorg which is must to taste for every visitor to this destination is Ellu pajji. It is sesame chutney as goes well with place rice or Pulav.

Coorg can be reached:

By Air: Mangalore International Airport is the nearest domestic airport located at a distance of 160 kilometers from Coorg. Bengaluru is nearest International airport from Coorg located at a distance of 265 kilometers. Holiday packages to Coorg include Air Fare.

By Bus: To reach Coorg by bus one can take K.S.R.T.C deluxe buses, running daily from Mysore, Bengaluru and Mangalore.

By Train: To reach Coorg via Train one need to drop down at Mysore railway station which is located at a distance of 95 Kilometers from Coorg and Train fare gets included in Coorg travel packages.

By Road: For a wonderful experience one can drive down via road. From Bengalure it is a 4 hrs drive to Coorg.

Summer: summer season begins in month of March and continues till the month of May. Temperature is on the warmer side in summers but remains restricted below 34°C.

Monsoon: Monsoon starts in the month of June and continues till the month of September. Rainfall is heavy in June. To get the essence of Hill beauty in monsoon months visitors are welcome in Coorg. Coorg travel is cheap in Monsoon months.

Winter: Winter starts in December in Coorg and continues till the month of February. The minimum temperature which is experienced in the winter months is 13°C. Large number of tourists visits Coorg in the winter months. Coorg trip cost depends on the type of package you go with

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