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India is one of the best examples for a developing country. On one side, there are a lot of cities that have started to shed their rural feathers and have started to acquire a very Auburn ship. On the other side, there are massive Metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, that do not have any Ayodhya of greenery in them, and it is quite reflective in the way the temperatures have showed up as well. However, somewhere in between both of these, there are cities that have also grown up on the technological and Technical front, but have also managed to stay as amazing places in terms of greenery. One such City in the state of Tamil Nadu that perfectly fit this bill of balancing both is the city of Coimbatore.

Coimbatore is one of the corporations in the state of Tamil Nadu, and that there is no other Shakeela Coimbatore that manages to keep a balance of both the greenery and the modernity. Coimbatore has a lot of attractions surrounding the place. There are temples that a dedicated to various Gods like Murugan and Shiva. On the other hand, there are natural elements Like The siruvani River. Just a few kilometres away from Coimbatore is the fabled hill station of Ooty.

Coimbatore Tour Packages

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Place : Aliyar Dam Valparai, Monkey falls
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Coimbatore tour packages by Visiit

Given the different kinds of attractions that you can find around Coimbatore, and the different accommodation options that Boost Your intent to take up Coimbatore as one of the destinations, it is a great idea to drop into Coimbatore on a properly planned Coimbatore tour package. This tour package will have to assure that all the important places including the best temples, the waterfalls and even the food aspect is covered completely. With Coimbatore being a metropolitan city, it is not just about the attractions in the peripheral regions, but also about the attractions right within the city that will include shopping malls and some of the best restaurants.

Visiit brings you exclusive Coimbatore tour packages that have been designed to make sure that the experience of one of the greenest Metropolitan cities in India is Wholesome and different. The aspects that makes Coimbatore a great location is not just limited to climate. The welcoming attitude of the people also adds to The Appeal of the city of Coimbatore. Or tour packages are created in such a way that it covers all the important places of Coimbatore and even the places around the city. Our options of customizability ensure that your experience of Coimbatore is very unique to what you have wanted to experience out of this place. Book your Coimbatore tour package with us now!

Ghat Drive To Valparai
Sit behind the wheels to set out on a gutsy ride to Valparai with your companions, family, or accomplice. It is a standout amongst the most prevalent activities in Coimbatore as this bold drive takes you through the absolute most invigorating scenes with stunning perspectives of the Anaimalai slopes at 3,500 feet above ocean level.

Witness The Majestic Sunset At Valankulam Lake
A distinct aspect amongst the most fascinating activities close Coimbatore is to sit next to the quiet Valankulam Lake and respect the nature. On the off chance that you are a nature aficionado at that point go to this place to spectate the dusk from the foundation of a hypnotizing scene, and witness runs of flying creatures like Little Grebes, and Purple Moorhen flying over the lake.

Safari At Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
Entertain yourself with exciting activities in Coimbatore and go on an untamed life safari to Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary to witness nature and natural life getting it done. Situated in the Anamalai mountain go, secured with thick backwoods, and occupied by different types of plants and creatures, this ensured territory is a standout amongst other traveler puts close Coimbatore to appreciate natural life safari at.

Respect The Beauty Of Nature At Kovai Kutralam Falls
Chasing for energizing activities close Coimbatore? At that point make a beeline for this exciting cascade in Siruvani Hills. It is one of only a handful couple of pleasant places close Coimbatore where individuals can feel the endowments of nature showering upon them as water beads from the cascade.
'Manchester Of South India' At Textile Museum
Your excursion to Coimbatore won't be finished without seeing the most imperative part of the city, the Textile Museum. One of the chief activities in Coimbatore is to visit this recorded historical center which shows the development of material industry from the period of turning wheel to the current sewing machines.

3-D At Gass Forest Museum
Situated inside the premises of the Forest College grounds, the Gass Forest Museum is an administration run normal history exhibition hall. One of the well known activities in Coimbatore is to visit this exhibition hall and witness the level of imagination of psyches that reflects from the different example kept inside the historical center, for example, the stuffed Gaur, stuffed peacock, and stuffed Chinkara.

At GeDee Nayudu Car Museum
Outstanding amongst other activities around Coimbatore for vehicle darlings is to visit this visionary auto exhibition hall worked by the endeavors of GD Naidu, an industrialist from Tamil Nadu. The gallery shows an assortment of Indian, German, British, Japanese, French, and American autos which have been kept up in the best motorable condition.

Kari Motor Speedway
On the off chance that speed is the thing that drives you, at that point advance into this dashing field to spectate a thrilling auto hustling occasion. The field houses a reason constructed Formula 3 hustling track which 2.1 kilometers in length with 14 managing an account turns. Facilitating various National Championships, bicycle dashing, and equation hustling occasions, it is outstanding amongst other activities in Coimbatore.

We have been talking about how Coimbatore has a great climate. Even in the months of Summer, the evenings and Nights in Coimbatore are quite pleasant. It is only the known and the afternoon period that causes a little bit of heat to get overboard. The best time to visit Coimbatore will be in any of the months that are other than summer. Rather than discussing the time in which you should be visiting Coimbatore, it would be strongly suggested that Coimbatore is not visited in the months of April and May. Coimbatore acquires a very special chance in the monsoon season and is one of the best times to visit this place on a Coimbatore tour package.

The food of Coimbatore is not in any way distance from the Tamil Nadu cuisine. However, what makes the food of Coimbatore special place the hospitality that the people of the place exhibit when serving the food. In addition to that the traditional Biryani that is served in Coimbatore uses a special kind of rice called the seeraga Samba which is often compared to the quality of basmati rice when it comes to its compliance to being perfect for biryani. Coimbatore is also greatly influenced by the neighbouring state of Kerala, and incorporation of coconut can be marginally seen in some of the dishes. In addition to that, the existence of the affluent landlords in the region has made the Coimbatore cuisine more lavish and widespread. It is suggested that you try the hotels like Annapurna if you would like to enjoy authentic Coimbatore.

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