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The city of Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh, and is an amazing treat for people who love tourist destinations that offer everything including history, architecture, archaeology and food. Bhopal is a land of lakes, and has managed to conserve all its lakes on life the cities of Bangalore and Chennai.

Bhopal has a rich history that spans multitudes of centuries. It has seen a lot of dynasty and governments. It has also seen some of the worst chapters in Indian history when it comes to industries. None of us can forget incident of the union carbide in the 1990, and will remain as one of the darkest incidents in the history of India.

Bhopal Tour Packages

Place : Apsara Vihar, chota mahadev, jata..
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Best Bhopal Tour Packages at Visiit

The capital city of Madhya Pradesh has seen some of the worst industrial tragedies in India, but it has bounced back as an amazing tourist destination. It is a city of lakes, and exploring Bhopal only gives you a better the life of the different dynasties that this quaint city has seen over time.

Planning a Bhopal tour package is definitely a delight, and when we do it, it only gets better. Our understanding of the local community and the timings of the various places of interest make your Bhopal tour package more work than what it actually is.

Upper Lake and Lower Lake
We have seen that Bhopal is a land of lakes. There are two lakes in Bhopal, aptly called as the upper and lower Lake. It is a great place to enjoy with your dear one, and even dear ones. The history of this week dates back to about more than 10 centuries, and was built by the Malwa Emperor Raja Bhoja. It is a legend that this king suffered from a severe skin disease and it was only cured by combining the water from 365 tributaries. This Lake also has the distinction of being the oldest man made Lake in the Indian subcontinent.

These lakes hold a very important place in the history and Legacy of Bhopal. It is not just about the water bodies, but also the religious aspects and the sentiments of the locals. These lakes also are the principal water suppliers for the city. About 40% of the residents of the city depend on these lakes for their everyday water usage.

Van Vihar National Park
Most of the states in India have their own national parks, and it is not a surprise that even the city of Bhopal has its own National Park called the Van Vihar national park. It is an expensive National Park spread over an area of 445 hectares, and was established in the year 1979. The way in which the national park blends with the urban atmosphere of Bhopal make it appear more like a zoo than a national park. There is also a wild dimension to it. Animals such as Tigers, leopards, Panthers, lions and bears can be found in the Van Vihar national park. Vanavihar is not only about animals but also a large number of colourful chirpy Birds like kingfishers, spoonbills, herons and a lot more of the avian species.

Bhojpur Temple
A standout amongst the most prevalent spots to visit amid your occasions in Bhopal is the old 'Bhojpur Sanctuary', which is otherwise called the 'Bhojeshwar Sanctuary' worked in eleventh century Advertisement amid the rule of ruler Raja Bhoj.This structural wonder which is committed to master Shiva is situated at, only 28 km. from the city of Bhopal. The religious essentialness of this antiquated sanctuary is such a critical sight, to the point that it is frequently called as the 'Somnath of the East' and pioneers from different parts of the nation travel here in tremendous numbers to revere their God. The Shivlinga at this sanctuary is the biggest stone structure on the planet and is cut from a solitary shake.. Remaining on a 21 ft. tall stage, aficionados can get to the Shivlinga just by climbing an iron staircase.

National Museum of Mankind
Otherwise called the 'Tribal Habitat Museum', the 'National Museum of Mankond' was opened in the year 1977. In 1993, this gallery was renamed as Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, to respect the nation's late head administrator Mrs.Indira Gandhi. Expanding over a region of 200 sections of land of land,, the exhibition hall is the just a single of its kind in India and is well known everywhere throughout the world since it houses an unmistakable accumulation of pre-memorable shake shields that can be gone back to the stone age times that has a place with the Indian sub-mainland. The in detail clarifications here, edify you with an incredible data into human development from pre-memorable circumstances until today. Another fascinating certainty about this staggering historical center is its outside display of life-estimate abodes of different ethnic clans of India, finish with their mark styled insides, building materials and other related items; most note-worthy.This exhibition hall demonstrates the historical backdrop of humankind as well as gives us a nitty gritty understanding of the capacity and the craftsmanship of the men who back then. With no apparatus and innovation their accuracy in making this truly influences us to think about how they pulled it off so much flawlessness.

State Archaeological Museum
In the event that you are individual who is engaged with history, culture and old craftsmanship 'State Archeological Historical center', is the ideal place for you .situated in near the 'National Gallery of Humanity' is a place holds a great deal history about Bhopal. Set up in November 2005, this exhibition hall is a standout amongst the most conspicuous galleries in the city showing the rich social legacy and convention of Madhya Pradesh in the frame celebrated old sketches, statues and different objects of chronicled and archeological significance. As you enter the exhibition hall, stroll into the period of ancient men and get the chance to see the absolute most very much saved fossils from their circumstances, wonder on a brilliant gathering of artworks replicated and brought from the celebrated 'Bagh Caverns' . More than anything the outing to these sorts of historical centers displays our rich history to us which demonstrates what a specific gathering of individuals rehearsed and what they are prepared to do. To pick up information about our predecessors the greater part of the gives the chills, rushes and goosebumps.

Birla Museum
Bhopal has an extensive number of historical centers and exhibitions displaying the rich history and past of Madhya Pradesh. While 'Gallery of Humankind' and 'State Archeological Historical center' are the main two of such attractions in the city, there is yet another exhibition hall that is certain to abandon you shocked with its uncommon gathering of items and antiques going back to ancient circumstances. One of its kind gallery in Bhopal, set amidst spellbinding common magnificence of Arera Slopes, the 'Birla Exhibition hall' holds a gigantic gathering of uncommon devices and hardware utilized by the crude men amid the stone-age. Set up in the year 1971, the exhibition hall likewise has on its show, old coins,scripts and earthenware objects dating to periods between second century BC and 6th century Promotion. A few shocking stone models of Hindu divine beings and goddesses, dating to periods in the vicinity of seventh and thirteenth century Advertisement are likewise displayed in the exhibition. Most striking of every one of these models are the portrayal of Lakshmi Narayan Sanctuary.

A Bhopal trip remains is never entire without venturing foot at the acclaimed and Lakshmi Narayan sanctuary, prominently known as 'Birla Mandir'. This sanctuary is one of the eighteen sanctuaries worked crosswise over India by the notable Birla family, the 'Birla Mandir' at Bhopal arranged on the Arera Slopes, is near the 'Birla Gallery', giving amazing perspectives of the environment and the lakes. The broad green gardens alongside delightful wellsprings and beds of striking hued blossoms encompass the great structure, additionally loaning it a pleasant interest and devine climate; one can sit in these stunning yards for a considerable length of time entranced at the spellbinding design of the sanctuary. The engineering of this heavenly site is near Nagara style.

Situated on the shores of immaculate 'Motia Talaab' in Bhopal, the 'Taj-ul-Masajid' is one site that pulls in more number of visitors, an extremely unmistakable site for Muslim religious tourism who travel to this site from far away places of the country and the world. Additionally broadly known as 'The Crown of the Mosques', 'Taj-ul-Masajid' is one of the biggest mosques in the sub landmass with an ability to house 175,000 individuals at any given moment. Its overwhelming size and imaginative outline likewise makes it a standout amongst the most unmistakable This mosque was really built by two mughal emperors.The one of its kind mosques on the planet was really halted development in the center, because of absence of assets, and was continued again in 1971, finished in 1985. The engineering of this mosque is particularly comparative with the well known 'Jama Masjid' arranged in Delhi; A totally imperativehighlight of this mosque is the main entrance gateway that has the decor made with historic motifs dating back to mid-13th century from Syrian mosques, a contribution by the Emir of Kuwait in loving memory of his deceased begum.

Gohar Mahal
Situated on the bank of 'Upper Lake', 'Gohar Mahal' is extraordinary compared to other spots to see in Bhopal. This vacation destination stand tall as a declaration to the of this city of rich culture Nawabs, a wonderful manor worked as a castle, exibiting a magnificent mix of Hindu and Islamic compositional styles. This colorful magnificence is named after the primary lady leader of Bhopal, Qudisiya Begum, otherwise called Gohar Begum who was a productive ruler as well as a man who has incredible feeling of craftsmanship and engineering. It was amid her manage this compositional magnum opus was worked in the year 1820.The insides and outsides of this royal residence were developed with extraordinary significance and determinations.

However awesome might be that place, visiting at the perfect time of the year just elevates things to whole new level. Bhopal in specific cannot be visited during the summers. The temperature is at its peak and all you can do is to wipe your sweat and nothing else. So, the perfect time to be visit is during the month of October to March. To be more precise pre summer and post winter.

No tour is finished without experimenting with the nearby cuisines. The neighborhood food of Bhopal with its new flavor and new dishes is something that should be explored without inhibition.

On the off-chance that you are foodie this place is an outright haven. Its has significantly more to offer than you would ever think about. The Haji Lassi, Manohar eatery, Chat 6, the poha jalebi at Kalyan Singh's swad bandhar are some food-joints where you encounter some one-of-a-kind nearby food stuff.

The Kabab at Jhili Milan, The Burfi Rasamalai at Surender Jain slow down are some inventive dishes that certainly should be sought for.

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