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Awesome Trip to Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a culturally and historically rich tourist destination in entire India. It is an imposing destination with many beautiful and popular places make it an attractive prospect to plan Andhra Tour Packages. The varied culture of Andhra Pradesh is reflected in many monuments and other historical sites like the Buddhist site, the sites at Nagarjunakonda, the Hindu temple at the hilltop, etc. You can even find many varieties of handicrafts in this place like that of Ikat textile, a variety of pearl jewelry and many metal works. It has many natural resources which makes it a solid pillar for it. It has a picturesque setting on the banks of river Krishna and Godavari. There are many sugarcane plantations and sightseeing places which makes it, even more, enhancing for a perfect holiday experience.

Andhra Pradesh Packages

Place : Simhachalam Temple, Kailasagiri, ..
Hotels : Hotel Encore Inn

Place : Talakaveri, Abbey Falls, Nisaraga..
Hotels : The Casiita

Place : Golkonda fort, Qutb Shahi tombs, ..
Hotels : Hotel Hampshire plaza

Place : Golkonda fort, Ramoji Film City, ..
Hotels : Hotel Sandhya

Place : Golkonda fort, Ramoji Film City, ..
Hotels : Hotel Sandhya

Place : Kamakshi Amman Temple, Ranganatha..
Hotels : Amblee Holiday Resort, Hotel Sarv..

Place : Marina Beach, Kamakshi Amman Temp..
Hotels : Sangam Hotel, Rangalaya Royal Hot..

Place : MeenashiAmman Temple, Abbey Falls..
Hotels : Keys Hotel Whitefield - Business ..

Andhra Pradesh Tour Package at Visiit

Andhra Pradesh is a state where you can explore many scenic spots along with many wildlife areas. It is one of the most popular religious places in India. At Visiit, Andhra Pradesh tour packages are designed as per client’s requirement. During your trip with Visiit, you can enjoy the wildlife, the temples, the beaches, the hills and the caves of this state. All these specialties make Andhra Pradesh the most varied tourist spot in south India. The hill stations and the heritage sites are very beautiful there. With a variety of tourist spots to be explored, Andhra Pradesh tour package one of the most popular packages preferred by the tourists. There’s a lot to see and visit here, which Visiit makes your vacation the most unforgettable one.

Vishakhapatnam is the second largest city in Andhra Pradesh. You can experience a tropical and humid climate throughout the year. Various beaches and the wildlife sanctuary can be found here. The Araku Valley is a major attraction in Vishakhapatnam. Rushikonda and the Varada are the most popular beaches over here. These picturesque locations are very clean and are frequently visited by the tourists.

Tirupati is a very religious spot in Andhra Pradesh, and it makes this an essential spot for any Andhra Pradesh tour package. It has a lot of cultural importance. It is located in Chittoor district at the foothills of the Eastern Ghats. It is famous for the Tirupati Balaji temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are many parks and zoos which you can visit here. It reflects its history in many forms from various dynasties like that of the Chola and Vijaynagar Kingdom. Sri Govindarajaswami temple is also popular here.

Vijayawada is popular for its history, cave, and nature. The Undavalli caves are the major attraction over here. It is an ideal place to visit for 2 days. This place is very rich in agriculture. It was previously known as Bezawada. The Kondapalli Reserve forests are very popular among the tourists as it has leopards, wild boar, jackals and other wild animals.

Nellore is popular for its religious sites and its rivers. The major attraction over here is the Ranganatha temple and the Pulicat Lake. The paddy fields here shows how rich it is in agriculture. It is surrounded by the Pennar River on two sides and also has the Bay of Bengal surrounding it. It is famous for its geographical location. The Udayagiri Fort and the Venkatagiri Fort are popular attractions in Nellore along with the famous Mypadu beach.

Chittoor is famous for its temples and the surrounding nature. The Vinayaka temple and the Kaigal waterfalls are very popular over here. It has a unique climate which varies on the eastern side and the western side. There are many hills, rivers, temples, and varieties of flora and fauna over here. The Horsley Hills is the perfect place where you can just sit and relax. It is also a great place to rejuvenate.

Visit Charminar
Located in Hyderabad, Charminar is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. This monument holds great historical significance. It is a mosque with a four-storeyed high structure. It is square in structure and is 20 meters in length. The minarets are as high as 48.7 meters. It is also known as the famous Makkah Masjid. There are 139 steps to reach the topmost part of Charminar. From there you can see the breathtaking views of Hyderabad.

Visit the Qutb Shahi tomb
Here you can find 21 granite tombs and many mosques. The landscaped gardens over here are very beautiful. It is located at a distance of just 2 kilometers from the Golconda fort. The Qutb Shahi rulers were buried over here. There is an exhibition where you can find information about the structures and the heritage parks. The tomb of Mohammad Quli is the most beautiful one.

Shah Ghouse café
It is famous for the delicious dish called Haleem which is mainly available during the Ramadan. You will find the perfect biryani over here throughout the year. Here they serve all the traditional mouthwatering dishes which you can have in the dining hall upstairs. You will get the best lassi here even and that too at a very reasonable price.

Visit Sankaram
It is a very famous Buddhist complex which is located 40 kilometers from Vizag. Lingalakonda and Bojjannakonda are the other two names of this complex. It was used by the monks during the second and the ninth centuries. There are several rock-cut caves and stupas over here. Here you can find many monastery structures of Buddha which are very fabulous. From here you can get great views of the entire place.

Visit the Undavalli Cave Temples
It is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. This cave temple is four-storeyed which has been carved from a hillside. These shrines were used during the second and seventh centuries but now they usually remain empty. Only the shrines on the third level are still in use. There is an idol of Lord Vishnu. It is located 6 kilometers from Vijayawada. From the terrace, you can get the magnificent views of the rice paddies.

Kandhi Podi
These podis or powders are the essential part of the Andhra cuisine. It is cooked with Bengal gram or red gram. It is made with a specially made spicy powder. It is served in restaurants like National Lodge. It is a very popular food in Andhra Pradesh and one must try it while visiting Andhra Pradesh.

Gongura Pachadi
These are chutneys which are a special part of Andhra cuisine. It is best served with rice or dosas and idlis. Allam and vankaya is the most famous chutney in Andhra Pradesh. It is at times crafted with spinach. The summer picked are the best to be tried, of which the mango pickle is the most popular one.

Ulava Charu
It is a very popular dish of Andhra Pradesh. It is basically a type of traditional soup. It is mainly found in the Krishna districts. It is served in all the special occasions of Andhra Pradesh. It is primarily served with rice with cream given on the side. You can relish it with a spoon of homemade ghee.

It is an awesome item for snack and breakfast. It is one of the most popular and tasty carb-free diets. It can be eaten any time of the day. It looks kind of a dosa which is mainly made up of Moong dal. These are often stuffed with Rava upama. MLA pesarattu is the most popular variety of this dish.

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