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Discover scenic Andaman with an amazing tour package from Kolkata

Are you ready to escape from the crowded city into a relaxed destination? Andaman is the ideal plac... ce for you! Whether it is your family vacation or a friend’s party, spending it on a unique beach or island makes it more memorable. With so many picturesque islands and spectacular beaches, Andaman has become one of your favourite places for travellers from Kolkata. Andaman is famous for lots of beautiful beaches, fun activities, adventurous treks, and delicious sea food. If you’re from Kolkata, you will be stunned to find that several restaurants serve North Indian dishes as well.

Why Andaman is a favourite destination for travellers from Kolkata?

Andaman is only a few hours of flight journey from Kolkata and there are frequent flights throughout the week. Who doesn’t love beaches? One of the things that people from Kolkata love to do is find a beach and relax on the sand while having conversations with your loved ones. If you love the beach, you will never leave Andaman. Made up of several islands, you will find that every beach is unique and offers a spectacular view of the shore and water. Born in a place where food is yummy, you may be wondering if Andaman will satisfy your taste buds. You will not only find multi cuisine food in Andaman but also yummy seafood and lots of green coconut water. As Kolkata has a sub-tropical climate, you will love the warm climate of Andaman with all time sea breeze and monsoon rains.

Let’s talk about food!

Food is an important part of life for people in Kolkata. Fish and rice, is the main dish, Bengalis are born food lovers. If there is a place that can satisfy food lovers from Kolkata, it has to be Andaman. Appetising dishes of fish, crabs, prawns, and any other seafood that you can imagine are best cooked in Andaman. If you prefer vegetarian food, don’t panic as you will find lots of North Indian restaurants as well. With a mix of culture and tradition, Andaman is a paradise for food lovers. Here are some of the restaurants in Andaman which makes Kolkata people happy and satisfied.

Lighthouse Residency

When you visit Andaman, seafood should be on the top of your must-eat-food list. Located in Port Blair, this restaurant is famous for freshest seafood. You can select from the catch of the day and ask them to be cooked anything from red snapper, squid, crab, and tiger prawns. Try out the delicious tandoori prawns for which the restaurant is famous for. The restaurant is also famous for its crab curry. If you like to eat yummy food in the open-air eatery, this restaurant is your ideal place.


If you cannot live without eating your favourite North Indian dishes, check out this restaurant. It’s a cosy place and you will find perfectly cooked Andamanese and North Indian dishes here, with the crowd. With a simple ambience, the service is prompt and the food is reasonably priced.

Golden Spoon

This restaurant is small shack of wooden table and benches but serves fresh mouth-watering seafood. It’s a famous restaurant for seafood lovers and you will get fresh prawns, fish, crabs, and lobsters deliciously cooked and served on banana leaves. Make you that you visit this restaurant as it can be easily missed because of its size.


Ha-O is a fine dining restaurant, which serves delicious and quality food at reasonable prices. If you’re from Kolkata and looking for a multi-cuisine restaurant, you will find this as your ideal place. You can get Indian, Chinese, Tandoori, and of course seafood. This restaurant is located close to Aberdeen Bazaar and offers both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian buffet.

Incredible places in Andaman for Kolkata people:

Just like food, the beach is another place that people from Kolkata visit in their leisure time. If beaches and islands are your types, then Andaman is your perfect place for relaxation. Apart from the beach, you can check out few other unique places in Andaman. Here are a few that are worth visiting –

Sea Walk at North Bay Beach

Do you want to explore the marine life by watching it close up, North Bay Beach gives you the option to walk under the sea. Do not worry about your swimming skills as it is totally okay even if you cannot swim. Wear your breathing helmets and start exploring colourful fish, coral reefs, and other marine life that you have only seen on television. This is a safe and convenient activity that has attracted many travellers from Kolkata and other places around India.

Nature lover’s favourite Diglipur

Do you want to see the best of Andaman’s points of interest? Diglipur is the answer. Frequently chosen by adventure lovers and nature enthusiasts, this island has got everything that you can imagine. Right from the highest peak and the most popular turtle nesting site to crocodile sanctuaries and beautiful caves formed by natural rocks, this island city is on the top of a traveller’s list. When you visit this island, make sure that you check out Pathi Level Beach, Limestone Caves, Diglipur Church, and the famous Turtle Nesting Point.

Explore numerous species of birds at Chidiya Tapu

Take your binoculars and head to this place to explore hundreds of rare species of birds and a mesmerising sunset. You will be amazed to find parakeets, sea eagles, emerald doves, and other beautiful species of birds in this place. Ideal for bird watching, this place is tranquil and is best with clear skies during summer. Just about twenty-five kilometres away from the Port Blair, you can easily reach Chidiya Tapu by road.

Explore Andaman better with Visiit’s expert service!!

Being a paradise for nature lovers, there are countless places in Andaman for you to explore. If you’re from Kolkata, we know you love food and beach. Planning your journey all by yourself might be a tedious task hence it is advisable to take an expert’s support for a perfect plan. Visiit has been providing service to travellers from Kolkata and other parts of India in finding the best deals. When you plan a vacation, you have to ensure lots of things; Visiit’s experienced team can assist you in facilitating several tasks thus making your journey peaceful and worth every penny. With a large network of professionals, all your queries will be answered by the Visiit team. Take support from an expert from Visiit and be assured of a lifetime travel experience.

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