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Do you want to beat the Chennai heat and relax on an island? Andaman could be your perfect destinat... tion offering tropical climate and rainy days. As fewer rains are experienced in Chennai, you may enjoy the rains that occur for about half of the year in the Andaman Islands. With just about two hours of journey, you can see a beautiful archipelago while exploring its delicious food and all-time healthy coconut water.

Why Andaman appeals to Chennai-ites?

We all know that Chennai folks love to spend their weekends at the beach, eat local snacks, and hang out with friends. You might be wondering if Andaman is only about islands and beaches. Though Andaman is a beautiful island, without a doubt, you will be amazed as there are plenty of other activities. If you’d like to try novel and rare adventure-activities like water sports, deep water walking, scuba diving, and snorkelling, it is an ideal destination for you. If you love to do some more of the ‘common’ adventure, you can also try trekking or explore the dense forests. There are more options for families like noiseless islands, beach sports, and a relaxing stay experience. Whether you’re travelling with friends or families, this island will provide you the ultimate relaxing experience.

Pleasant climate of Andaman

Andaman is warm and is graced a pleasant sea-breeze most of the time. If you are from Chennai, you will appreciate nature’s beautiful beaches and islands. Beach is among the few places that takes you close to nature. Whenever you get close to nature, you experience ultimate peacefulness. Andaman has numerous islands and exotic beaches that will make you want to stay there forever. If you want to experience monsoon, visit the island during May to December. Someone who loves rain will have a fulfilling experience as Andaman has lots of rain throughout the year because of Southwest monsoon and Northeast monsoon. You should consider avoid visiting by around May as it will to be hot. The ideal time would be from mid-November to April where you can experience pleasant weather with no extreme rains.

Appetising dishes of Andaman

If you want to taste your all-time favourite Idli, Vada, Dosa, Sambar, and also try other North-Indian and coastal dishes, Andaman is the perfect spot. Food lovers will appreciate the diverse culture and multi-traditional food varieties that they get on this island. You will not be disappointed as you can always get South-Indian dishes but be sure to try out some of the best seafood here. If you want to taste the best seafood, check out Full Moon Cafe, Anju Coco, and Golden Spoon in Havelock Island. If you’re in Port Blair, be sure to visit New Lighthouse Restaurant and Amaya. These are just a few restaurants but remember that there are so many options you have depending on the type of food you want to try.

Exotic beaches to explore

All Chennaiites love to visit the beach. Being in a hot place, you tend to move away from crowded city-life and go to pleasant beaches. When you travel to Andaman, just be assured that you are going to love beaches more. Can you imagine that there are about twenty beautiful beaches in Andaman?
* Radhanagar Beach –
It is one of the popular beaches located on the western coast of Havelock Island. Turquoise water, green vegetation, and white sands will make a perfect place for your photography and relaxation. Apart from swimming, check out Scuba diving, Snorkelling, and game fishing on this beach.
* Corbyn’s Cove –
This is a famous beach in Port Blair that is abundant with coconut plantation and a picturesque view of the entire island and mountain range. Take a leisure walk, a brisk boat rides to the Snake Island, or do nothing but just relax. If you haven’t tried sunbathing, you can do it here.
* Elephant Beach –
Take a thirty minutes jungle trek or a boat ride to reach this beach. Yet another famous beach in the Havelock island, it is surrounded by beautiful navy blue colour waters, peaceful view, and sparkling sands. If you want to discover exotic marine life, stunning coral reefs, and snorkelling, don’t miss this beach.
* Lalaji Bay Beach –
Located in the Long Island, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Andaman. Explore Mangrove creeks and tropical waterways during your visit. Experience tranquillity along with your family or friends in this scenic beach, which is located just about six kilometres from the main jetty.
* Baludera Beach –
A famous yet less crowded beach in Baratang, is ideal for those who want to experience nature in silence. You will find the water warm and clean, which makes perfect for a relaxed swimming. The beach is rich in mangrove vegetation and has a spectacularly curved sand bay seafront. If you are a trekker who likes to explore new trails just like places around Chennai, you will not be disappointed. Andaman is filled with nature and adventure activities for travellers from Chennai and other spots of the world. Try the trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban that takes you through a beautiful trail. You will be amidst the natural beauty and can witness exotic flora and fauna of this island. Put yourself out of the relaxed comfort zone and try this sixteen kilometres adventurous trek with your friends. Trekking in this island is going to be your lifetime experience.

Abundance of beaches and islands to explore in Andaman

Andaman has lots of islands in abundance leaving travellers from Chennai breathless. Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts will surely take back memories of a lifetime. You can explore marine life, relax on a picturesque island, or get active in adventurous water sports or trekking in this archipelago. Chennaiites, it’s the perfect time to escape the routine crowded life and get connected to nature.

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