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Relax on an exotic island with Andaman packages from Bangalore

Are you tired of your hectic work-life and looking for relaxation? Fly to Andaman and relax all day... y on an exotic island. With just about five hours of flight journey from Bangalore, you will find a destination that is not only relaxing but beautiful. Andaman is a spectacular archipelago that has been chosen as a preferred vacation destination by Bangaloreans. Andaman offers lots of stunning beaches, beautiful islands, adventure activities like deep water walking, trekking, and the most delicious cooked seafood in the country. This island-city is one of the best spots for a long family vacation, trip on occasion of your friends’ birthday party, and honeymoon.

What makes Andaman special for Bangaloreans?

Andaman is a popular destination for travellers across the globe for its amazing natural beauty. Travellers from Bangalore especially search for an ideal spot for relaxation that is less crowded. If you are from Bangalore, we know that beach will be on the top of your must-see places. Beach lovers will go crazy in Andaman as there are not just a few but countless gorgeous beaches to explore. Beaches provide you lots of insights about the marine life while you try some of the adventure activities on the island.
We all know that you love food just like us. Whether you are searching for a perfect South Indian Thali, North Indian Thali, or the most famous seafood, you will get it all in Andaman. Some restaurants even allow you to choose the catch of the day and they will cook it for you as per your taste. From prawns and fish to lobsters and squid, you can ask for anything that you see in the catch.

Discover exotic beaches of Andaman

Andaman is popular for beaches that give you a spectacular view of the landscape, lush green vegetation and turquoise water. Photography enthusiasts, get ready to capture some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Here are some exotic beaches that you should visit in Andaman –

Wandoor Beach

It is a popular and charming beach in the Andaman. Being the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, this beach is an ideal place for exploring exquisite coral reefs and marine life. It’s a frequently visited beach by travellers from Bangalore and different parts of the world. If you are looking for an ideal relaxing beach, this could be one of them. If you love photography and nature, you will love this beach more. Take a leisure walk along in the sparkling white sands, while enjoying the blue waters. You can try some adventure activities like glass-bottom boating and Scuba diving in Wandoor Beach.

Aam Kunj Beach

If you are on the exploration of marine life, head to this beach as you can spot turtles here. It’s a popular hangout destination in Rangat that offers greyish water because of the submerged boulders. You will find wooden benches and log sofas making this beach the most eco-friendly for travellers. Take a mat to lie on the mud and relax in the scenic view of this picturesque beach. Make sure that you have an umbrella considering monsoon rains in Andaman.

Sitapur Beach

Located in Neil Island’s border, this beach offers photogenic beauty and is perfect for a fun-filled family trip. It is one of the most charming beaches giving travellers a scenic view highlighted by rocks found in the sands. Its turquoise water and an amazing landscape make it an ideal place for photography lovers.

Try appetising dishes of Andaman

A vacation in Andaman is incomplete without seafood. Restaurants in Andaman are popular for fresh and tasty seafood. Travellers from Bangalore can satisfy their seafood appetite as a variety of delicious vegetarian cuisines and seafood are special in the island. Few hand-picked restaurants that are worth visiting in Andaman are here –

Full Moon Cafe

Located on the Havelock Island, the restaurant has a beautiful outdoor seating facility and huge menu options. With no doubt, Full Moon Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Andaman with a pleasant ambience and relaxed dining options. You can try their specialities such as egg curry with rice, steamed fish, calamari, and seafood pizzas. With amazing menu options and moderate prices, keep this restaurant in your must-eat places.

Anju Coco

Do you want to eat the best seafood? Just visit this restaurant with no second thoughts. Located on Vijay Nagar Beach, it is considered as one of the best seafood restaurants on the island. Try the amazing seafood menu on this unusually quiet island after sunset. Grilled prawns, fish, and lobsters are some of the delicious dishes that you should not miss here. You will also get a wide variety of fish and barbequed tuna, which also attracts several tourists. You can also try some of their cocktails and juices along with their great breakfast menu.

Fat Martin Cafe

Looking for some great Indian food? Check out this popular open-air cafe located in the Havelock Island. You can find an amazing selection of Indian foods like dosa, paneer tikka, and Nutella. The restaurant has a modest ambience with no compromise in the food quality and taste. Bangaloreans are not going to miss the famous idli and dosa. Try some of their shakes, desserts and ice-creams that are popular dishes here. They also serve thalis, pizzas, and sandwiches for lunch and dinner.

Make your vacation experience comfy with Visiit’s expert support

A successful vacation involves a lot of effort in terms of planning with a huge checklist. In spite of several apps that can help you organise things, you might miss out something important. It is always advisable to opt for a travel agency that can make a lot of things easy. Visiit is one of the travel agencies which have been providing support and guidance to travellers across the country. Visiit has a huge network, which can find the perfect deals at affordable prices. Consult an expert from Visiit’s dedicated team to get support for making your travel experience better.

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