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Visiting the Andaman & Nicobar Islands on a tour package is your destination to-go if yo... ou are searching for an inexpensive, calming and relaxing getaway. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are popular referred as ‘Garden of Eden.’ The scenic views of water, beautiful landscape and lush green forests makes it more attractive. It is said to be the less explored place on Earth. You have numerous options for Andaman and Nicobar Island tour packages. Visiit.com offers all inclusive Andaman tour packages from your place. It is best to book online since you can grab discounts and tickets especially when you do last minute booking.

Best Deals on Andaman Tour Packages:
Are you travelling to Andaman on a tour package for first time? No problem! Share your travel plans with visiit.com. We have several Andaman Tour packages that will match your requirement. For example, if you want to visit Andaman as part of a honeymoon trip, we have designed exclusive Andaman honeymoon packages in your budget. You can check itinerary, places you visit, hotel and accommodation, travel arrangements and ticket booking process online. We will guide you step by step and you can plan your Andaman trip with our easy packages & without any tension.

Visiit.com offers exciting Andaman holiday packages, especially for group bookings. Ensure to research our travel packages, itinerary and other details before booking your tickets. Andaman Islands is famous for several scenic locations. You will be covering several exotic places in our Andaman " Nicobar packages.

Highlights of Andaman Holiday Packages
Cellular Jail :
It is a famous historical site located in Andaman Islands,and is a bound name in all Andaman Tour Packages. It is treasured as a National Monument. Cellular Jail is now open as a museum, photo and art gallery. It is open to all people.

Havelock Islands :
It is a well-known island in the Andaman. It consists of beautiful historic monuments, churches, adventure sports and national parks. Ensure to book your Andaman trip with Visiit for wholesome and reasonable experience of Andaman in the holiday packages.

Neil Island :
One of the best part of Andaman Nicobar tourism is Neil Island. It is exactly 30 kms far from Port Blair. It has amazing sightseeing places to behold. Its sandy beaches and lush green forests make Neil Island a perfect place for honeymoon trip or family vacation. It is popularly referred as Andaman Vegetable Bowl. The island is connected through boat. The tourists can be accommodated in the local guest houses.

Long Island :
It is another pollution-free and untouched island with a large number of beautiful trees. It is a must visit place in Andaman tourism. The most popular activity in this place is dolphin-viewing.

Rangat Islands :
It is the right place for people searching for serenity and peace. Moreover, it is also best for water dipping and soaking and relaxing under the sun.

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Andaman Tour Packages

Place : cellular Jail, Netaji Subhas Chan..
Hotels : Marina Manor

Place : Corel Island, Swaraj Dweep
Hotels : Hotel Marina Manor

Place : Elephanta Beach, Cellular Jail
Hotels : Hotel De Marina

Place : cellular Jail, Swaraj Dweep, Radh..
Hotels : Hotel haywizz, The Wild Orchid Re..

Place : Radha Nagar Beach, Cellular Jail
Hotels : Hotel De Marina

Place : cellular Jail, Netaji Subhas Chan..
Hotels : Hotel SKS Goldmine

Place : Swaraj Dweep, Kaala Pathar Beach,..
Hotels : Hotel De Marina

Place : Swaraj Dweep, Radha Nagar Beach, ..
Hotels : Hotel Marina Manor, Radhakrishna ..

Place : cellular Jail, Swaraj Dweep, Radh..

Place : Kaala Pathar Beach, Netaji Subhas..
Hotels : Hotel De Marina

Place : Swaraj Dweep, Radhanagar Beach, N..
Hotels : GKM Grand, Radhakrishna Resort

Place : Swaraj Dweep, Radha Nagar Beach, ..
Hotels : GKM Grand, Holiday Inn Beach Reso

Place : cellular Jail, Swaraj Dweep, Radh..
Hotels : Hotel NK International, Radhakris..

Place : Swaraj Dweep, Netaji Subhas Chand..
Hotels : Hotel TSG Grand, The Wild Orchid ..

Place : Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep,..
Hotels : Seashell resort, TANGO BEACH RESO..

Place : Corel Island, Swaraj Dweep, cellu..
Hotels : seashell Resort, TANGO BEACH RESO..

Place : Kaala Pathar Beach, Netaji Subhas..
Hotels : TANGO BEACH RESORT, Seashell reso..

Place : cellular Jail, Swaraj Dweep, Radh..
Hotels : Hotel De Marina, Holiday Inn Beac..

Place : Swaraj Dweep, Elephanta Beach, Sh..
Hotels : Hotel De Marina, Coco-nhuts Beach..

Place : cellular Jail, Swaraj Dweep, Radh..
Hotels : Silver Spring Resort, Sun Sea Res..

Place : cellular Jail, Swaraj Dweep, Radh..
Hotels : Hotel De Marina, Radhakrishna Res..

Place : Kaala Pathar Beach, Netaji Subhas..
Hotels : Hotel Sahara Residence

Place : Radhanagar Beach, Netaji Subhas C..
Hotels : Hotel Sahara Residence

Andaman Islands remain as a combination of historical and ancient islands in the great Bay of Bengal. It is popular for unspoiled fauna and flora, and serene shores. Tourists visit here all throughout the year for a change of weather and place. Andaman is the right destination for people who love calm sound of waves, picturesque sunsets and scrumptious seafood. Newly married couples can plan a trip to Andaman by simply purchasing affordable honeymoon packages. You will surely have the best time together in the midst of peaceful island.

Port Blair :
Port Blair is an important place you should not miss to visit. It is the capital town of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is the main base for Indian Navy and holds several museums. It is popular for Cellular Jail. Other places worth sightseeing are Bird Island or Chidiya Tapu, Zsi Museum and Chatham Island, which houses Asia's Larges Saw Mill.

Havelock Island :
It is the most-frequently visited destination in the Andamans. It is famous for its pristine beaches and sherry sunsets. Havelock Island is the best place for adventure enthusiasts. You can indulge in fishing, mangrove safari, trekking, snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides, you can also visit Radhanagar beach. The Times Magazine has rated Radhanagar beach as Asia best beach.

If you are planning to spend one or two days in Havelock Island, you need to visit Kalapathar Beach and Elephant Beach. People who love to sit idle and relax on own will find Havelock Island a perfect spot. There are numerous resorts and restaurants that offer mouthwatering food and drinks. While planning Andaman tour packages, ensure to include Havelock Island in your itinerary.

Little Andaman Island :
Do not underestimate the island by its name- Little Andaman Island. It is covered with thick and lush greenery. It is said to be Andamans fourth largest island. In this island, you will witness enchanting waterfalls and peaceful beaches. You can go for elephant calf training, boating and surfing as you wish in this island. Elephant safaris are remarkable since large gigantic elephants will take you on Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour. Also, visit the exactly named Whisper Wave and White Surf waterfalls. Here you have sufficient sightseeing opportunities. Bring you camera to click numerous sceneries and attractive pictures.

Baratang Island :
Your Andaman Nicobar Tour will not remain complete if you miss visiting magnanimous Baratang Island. This island is renowned for the Parrot Island, Limestone Caves and the Mud Volcanoes. It offers every traveler a top notch experience. Another attraction you should not miss to visit is the Middle Strait Jetty. You can see large number salt water crocodiles here. If you are anxious to see Andaman tribes, you have to visit this place. Meeting the Jarwah tribe is the most beautiful and incredible part in Baratang Island. Plan a trip, travel through serene mangroves, say hi to natives and feel happy to see their innocence.

Ross Island :
You can reach to Ross Island Andaman by traveling on a boat for 20 minutes. During the British period, it was the capital town of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. At present, it remains as a protector to Port Blair harbor. Some important places in Ross Island are residence of Chief Commissioner, swimming pool and a church. Also, there is a small museum named as Samudrika. It holds old information about the Ross Island history.

Enjoy Island Hopping for Your Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway
If you want to enjoy some islands and island hopping, then the best thing to do is book any of the best Andaman holiday trip packages. This area is an extremely popular location due to the white sandy beaches that are peaceful with sparkling blueocean. There are numerous places here to visit, including beaches and other historical and nature locations.

Commune with Nature :
This is one of the best places where you can get an Andaman holiday packages that allows you to enjoy nature. There are numerous limestone caves that wander through on Baratang Island and you can learn about the history of the caves. You should also visit some of the beaches, which are plentiful here, like Bharatpur Beach, Radhanagar Beach and more. You can also enjoy nature under the water, so make sure to book that as well.

Island Hopping :
Another activity that is popular in the Andaman holiday packages is island hopping, which means traveling back and forth between the numerous islands. You can visit Havelock Island, Neil Island, Little Andaman, Rutland Island and go snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and enjoy the beaches. There are plenty of other islands to enjoy and to explore, to make sure to check them all out. You can enjoy the islands with the best Andaman holiday trip packages and there are so many activities that you can enjoy. You can commune with nature through wandering through limestone caves or even through island hopping and the many water based activities. VISIIT Tours can help you to plan your entire trip from start to finish, so go ahead and contact them.

Snorkeling at Elephant Beach and North Bay:
If you have not tried snorkeling, then you need to use this chance. It is an amazing water sport always on top of list when you visit Andaman Nicobar islands. Observe the scarcest corals and perceive exquisite marine life as you indulge in snorkeling at Elephant Beach or North Bay Island. It is suggested to try out in Elephant Beach, Havelock Island as the water is much clear than North Bay.

Scuba Diving :
It does not mean that you should know swimming to do scuba diving. Most people think that they should know swimming and fail to attempt this activity. Swimming skills are needed when you try complex levels of scuba or swim into open waters. It is not needed for Sea Walking or PADI Scuba Diving. There are several places to attempt scuba diving in Andaman Islands. Do not worry. Enjoy the adventurous activity and discover enchanting water life and colorful corals.

Glass Bottom Boating :
Are you a person who is scared of water? If so, then it is absolutely for you. It is an easy and excellent ride. It offers a clear view of corals under the sea. It is also suitable for kids. You have to wear proper safety gear to indulge in this adventurous activity. Glass Bottom Boating is one of the unusual and unique activities to indulge in Andaman Nicobar Tourism. As you sail in a boat through the sea, you will see the beautiful marine life through crystal bottom. It costs around Rs. 500 per person. Make sure to include this activity in your Andaman and Nicobar tour packages.

Bird Watching :
Most nature lovers enjoy bird watching and it is perfect to do in Andaman. There is a small island village named Chidiya Tapu. It is close from Port Blair. In this island, you can see large variety of birds like sea eagles, emerald doves, parakeets and much more. As you relax, you can click pictures or listen to the sounds of birds. It is recommended to rent a car or bike to enjoy more on this island.

Attend Light and Sound Show :
It is the must to do activity in Andaman. The Cellular Jail or Andaman Jail is famous for light and sound show. In early days, the British were using the jail. It remains as a memorial of India fight for freedom. Peepal tree narration is a part of the show. It is voiced by actor Om Puri.

The festivals celebrated in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are famous all over the country. The islands are situated in the Indian Ocean. The Islands Andaman and Nicobar and the Andaman Sea are detached from the Indian Ocean. The people have multicultural environment and celebrate each festival with great zeal.

Durga Pooja :
Durga Pooja is celebrated to welcome and worship Goddess Durga.

Island Tourism Festival :
It is celebrated for about 15 days every year. It is celebrated in Port Blair between months of December and February. The exhibition showcases the progress of tourism and other features of these islands. Artists and cultural groups of international and national fame from various countries are welcomed to perform during Island Tourism Festival. Nicobar Hodi race and water sports competitions are organized.

The festival highlights that the islands are the best eco-friendly destinations in the world. Andaman Dog Show is the main attraction of the festival. Plan for Port Blair tourism especially during this festive season. Port Blair Packages are affordable and available throughout the year.

If you are planning a trip, you should know the best season to visit Andaman. It is preferable to plan between the months October and May. This way, you can witness annual tourism festival and enjoy your trip. The water remains relatively placid and clear after the monsoons. It will be perfect for swimmers and snorkelers. Monsoon, summer and winter are major seasons here. The islands have tropical climate and experience heavy winds during the monsoon. When you visit between early November and mid-May, you can enjoy driving in Andaman. It is the time where you can enjoy the Islands in best weather. Purchase Andaman and Nicobar tour packages at a right time to enjoy your vacation.

Andaman is the best place for couples where they can spend precious time in privacy. Get Andaman honeymoon package or Andaman tour packages for couple to enjoy a wonderful vacation with your loved one. There are numerous places to see in Andaman. Here mentioning some weekend getaways you should not miss in your itinerary.

Neil Island :
It is situated at a distance of 40 kilometers to South Andaman. It is the hottest and busiest tourist spot. It is a beautiful island wealthy in biodiversity with unexplored coral reef, sparkling sandy beaches and enchanting tropical forests. You need to obtain boat service from Port Blair to reach this dreamland. You can relax by indulging in adventurous sports like snorkeling and scuba diving at Bharatpur, Sitapur and Laxmanpur beaches.

Campbell Bay :
It is located in the great Nicobar Islands. It is the best to get romantic mood amidst natural setting. You can easily reach by helicopter from the Port Blair airport. It is economical to use the sea route. Campbell Bay National Park is a major attraction. It is covered with thick greenery amidst tropical evergreen forest with tree ferns and orchids. You can spot animals and birds like Nicobar pigeon, giant robber crab, megapode and crab-eating macaque in this park.

The islands are famous for excellent seafood delicacies. You can notice Thai and Burmese influence in their cooking style. Different kinds of sea foods like crabs, lobsters, fish, prawns and much more are easily available at local joints. Though seafood is slightly expensive, it is worth for the cost you pay. There are restaurants in several hotels and foods are expensive. If you are staying in star rated Andaman hotels, it is sensible to eat at their restaurants. It is best to ask the locals and find out the cheap places to eat. Sea foods are available in most high-end Andaman Nicobar hotels.

  • List of must eat foods in Andaman
  • Israeli dishes and grilled fish at Excel Restaurant, Port Blair
  • Grilled crab and lobster at New Lighthouse Restaurant, Port Blair
  • Prawn curry at Mandalay Restaurant, Port Blair
  • Seafood platter at Red Snapper, Havelock Island
  • Salads and seafood at Full Moon Café, Havelock Island

Seafoods like lobster and crab are expensive. Crab, fish and prawn are easily available everywhere. The fish is served in attractive manner here in Andaman. It will be covered with various spices and cooked in open tandoori. It is sure seafood lovers will enjoy the foods in Andaman and Nicobar hotels. They can explore various dishes by walking along the streets. It is the best way to find the reasonable local food joint.
Nowadays, you can easily get attractive Andaman tour package from Chennai. If you want to have a great time in Andaman and eager to know about reaching this place, you can easily reach via sea or air. Port Blair is well connected with Chennai and Kolkata by air. It is the main Andaman airport.

Chennai to Andaman :
You can also cruise to Andaman from Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam or plan for a tour from Chennai to Andaman by ship. There are three lines that function on all days to and fro Andaman. It may take around two or four days to reach Andaman from Vishakhapatnam by ship. As the islands are renowned for beauty and serenity, people from various parts flock throughout the year. It is not a problem to reach Andaman and Nicobar Island.

Andaman weather can be described in short as a tropical climate. Both Andaman and Nicobar have a tropical climate. It is hard to experience winter season. The rain season lasts for around 180 days/ year. The summer season is between January and April. The monsoon starts from May and ends in December. The islands remain warm with pleasing sea breeze. The islands witness medium to heavy rainfall during the monsoon. It occurs from May to September and November to December. When you visit between March and May, you will find hard to go for sightseeing due to hot climate. It is best to travel to Andaman between November and April.

How holiday can be enjoyed in Andaman :
People who are planning to go for a vacation in Andaman then choose our best Andaman tour packages. Our Andaman tour packages have the best views and crystal clear water beckons for the best engaging holidays. Take the ride for the windy jungle and discover the eminent underwater world, ferry off to green delights and discover the corals lists that are endless here from our Andaman holiday packages.

Are you looking for some peaceful time starting from the majestic sunset or deep diving into the ocean then you will sure to fall in love with this place. Best excitement in our Andaman packages is to offer sightseeing from beaches to many other important places. We always provide the most luxurious and chic experiences of beautiful beaches and islands at Andaman. Why you hesitate even more? Just pick the best from our Andaman tour packages now.

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