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Kodaikanal is the perfect destination to celebrate love and special moments. The beautiful landscap... pes of the place create the perfect setting for the honeymooners. The pleasant weather of the place is an added advantage to the mood of the place. You can hop around the beautiful places in Kodaikanal and can even enjoy pleasant quality time with your partner. Kodaikanal is also a perfect place for shopping, enjoying great cuisine, adventurous activities and having amazing stays with your partner. Surprise your loved one with special moments which you can remember all your life….in a place like Kodaikanal that is almost like heaven on earth.

Kodaikanal Honeymoon Packages with Visiit

Visiit offers some of the best all inclusive honeymoon packages to Kodaikanal. There are a number of packages to choose from. You can book the packages online itself. The cost of Kodaikanal tour package varies according to the duration of stay and the accommodation that you will be requiring.

Visiit offers the best honeymoon suites with all the facilities. Our Kodaikanal honeymoon packages include sightseeing spots, transportation, local transfers, flight or train bookings, hotel bookings and the meals. We offer a complete comprehensive package which offers all the benefits.

Our travel agents are efficient and are always ready to help. You can ask them about any queries before or during your stay and they will readily assist you. It is sure you can enjoy a great stay in Kodaikanal with Visiit. What’s more? Have the exotic honeymoon you have always wished with relaxation, romance, and fun.

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Kodaikanal Honeymoon Packages

Place : Coaker's Walk, Bear Shola Falls
Hotels : Muthu Residency

Place : Coaker's Walk, Vattakanal Falls, ..
Hotels : FabHotel Dream Land Moonjikkal

Place : Coaker's Walk, Vattakanal Falls, ..
Hotels : La Flora Resorts pleasant

Place : Coaker's Walk, Vattakanal Falls, ..
Hotels : FabHotel Dream Land Moonjikkal, V..

Kodai Lake
It is a beautiful man-made lake which has been made in the shape of a star. This place is very popular among the tourists not only for the loveliness but also for various adventure activities like horse riding, angling, and cycling. You can even go for a boating ride with your partner.

Green Valley View
Green Valley View is also known as the Suicide Point. It is a fabulous spot for the newlyweds especially the journey to reach this spot. Here you can have a walk along with your partner enjoying the panoramic beauty of lush green surroundings.

Pillar Rocks
The Pillar Rocks are a little far from the lake. It is a great picnic spot where the couples can have quality time. It also has a mini garden. The boulders are placed in a vertical way which makes them look like pillars which is why the name is given.

Bear Shola Falls
It is a beautiful spot which is famous for being a picnic spot among the tourists. Earlier, bears visit to drink water from these Falls, which is why the name has been given. It is mainly a seasonal attraction. To see this beautiful cascade, the perfect time of the year is the monsoons.

Coakers Walk
It is a long walkway built on the mountain. It is at a very short distance from the Kodai. Ensure to take your partner for a refreshing walk either in the mornings or early evenings to discover this gorgeous mountain valley. People can even ride bicycles or just walk around over here.

Devil’s Kitchen
It is a deep cleft which is located between Pillar rocks and Green View Valley. As it is a deep fall, it is a dangerous spot. Devil’s Kitchen is an enthralling place for the honeymooners. You just have to be careful about the bats as they reside here in the deep chambers.

Berijam Lake
Berijam Lake is a serene reservoir which is located at Fort Hamilton. It is surrounded by striking landscapes all around. The blue and peaceful waters of this place attract many tourists over the years especially the nature lovers and the couples who want a secluded spot to spend some quality time.

Thalaiyar Falls
The Thalaiyar Falls is also known as the Rat Tail’s Falls. It is surrounded by the Palani Hill Ranges. It is the highest waterfall in not only Kodaikanal but also in Tamil Nadu. From Dum Dum rock, you can get the entire view of the Thalaiyar Falls. It offers the most beautiful view from this point. Ensure to take your Handycam to capture some exotic videos.

Dolphin’s Nose
Dolphin’s Nose is a natural feature of a flat rock which shows like a nose of the dolphin. It has breathtaking views from there. It is almost 6600 feet high. It is a great place for the trekkers and forest explorers. There are also small eateries all around which makes this spot very popular among the tourists.

Watch the annual horticulture show in Bryant Park- Bryant Park is known for its fauna and hybrids. It is best to visit in the month of May when the Annual Horticulture Show is hosted. This place is scenically just perfect. One of the main attraction in this place is the glass house.

Go for trekking to the exquisite locations
There are many trekking routes in Kodaikanal for the novice. There are many levels to it according to the level of difficulty you can take on. You can go for trekking with your partner to any of the desired routes according to your fitness and ability.

Visit the Kurinji Temple
Kurinji Temple is devoted to Lord Murugan. It is located 3km away from the lake. From here, you will be able to see the attractive small villages and northern plains. You can also view the carrot plantation from here. The Palani Hills can be viewed when witnessed from here.

Visit the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory
It is located amidst the Palani Hills. Here you can witness a detailed study of the Solar behavior. It gives perfect cosmic observations. If you are a space enthusiast then you should definitely visit this observatory.

Go to the Silver Cascade Falls
Cascade is a beautiful fall which you will be able to see while going from Kodaikanal to Madurai and vice versa. The temperature is just perfect here which makes it even more pleasant for the tourists. You can even swim in this waterfall with your partner. It has its own mesmerizing beauty and you can even find a wide range of fruits over here.

Kodaikanal has a large number of eateries offering a wide variety of foods like chocolates, brownies, etc as well as idli, dosa, sweet Pongal, and Kesari. It also has a popular Punjabi cuisine as well as Tibetan cuisine.

  • List of must eat foods in Kodaikanal
  • Altaf’s Café is a popular restaurant in Kodaikanal which offers great Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Pastry corner is a great bakery which is famous for sandwiches, muffins, croissants and many other delicacies
  • Hotel Astoria offers authentic Indian cuisine in the form of thalis and that too at a very reasonable rate
  • Patel restaurant offers great Gujarati cuisine. The dishes the mouthwatering and it is priced at a very low cost
  • Hilltop towers are popular for the biryanis. It also has many chicken specialties as well as seafood specialties
  • Royal Tibet is where you will get a large number of authentic Tibetan cuisine
  • Hotel New Punjab serves the best tandoori chicken when you are in a South Indian place. Tava is a pure vegetarian restaurant offering a wide variety of vegetarian dishes

Don’t forget to buy delicious homemade chocolates easily available in Kodaikanal. You can buy and present it as a gift to your dear ones

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