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Most couples plan and go on a honeymoon trip to start their married life in a pleasant and happy ma... anner. Be it domestic or international trip, it should be a dream destination for both of them. Darjeeling is a renowned holiday retreat for the honeymooners. Being a popular hill station in West Bengal, Darjeeling, for a honeymoon package, is located gorgeously amidst the snow-capped mountains and the grand tea gardens.

Here you can see both Tibetan as well as Sikkimese culture. It is a picture perfect location with stunning places to visit. The British colonialism leaves its mark in Darjeeling. You can even witness the most breath-taking views of the Himalayas from the hotel rooms.

The colonial era architecture and the beautiful landscapes all around make Darjeeling one of the most popular places to visit among the honeymooners. The lush tea gardens, the rich wildlife, pleasant weather, verdant valleys, picturesque hills and the mouth-watering Tibetan cuisine are the special attractions in Darjeeling.
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Darjeeling Honeymoon Package

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel YUMA

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Bloomfield Hotel

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel Dip Palace

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Anand Palace Hotel, Alpine Hills ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Anand Palace Hotel, The Lindsay H..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel Dip Palace, Powring Guest H..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Summit takshang residency hotel, ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Garden Reach Hotel, Hotel North S..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hill Crown Retreat, Garden Reach ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Kanchenju..
Hotels : Hotel Jagjeet, Hotel North Star, ..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Garden Reach Hotel, Hotel North S..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Hotel YUMA, Orange Village Resort..

Place : Tiger Hill, Tea Garden, Zoologica..
Hotels : Viceroy Hotel, Orange Village Res..

Traveling Darjeeling with Visiit

Visiit provides the best all inclusive Darjeeling honeymoon package. We provide complete assistance when it comes to hotel booking and accommodation, both luxury as well as budget hotels. The packages include both train bookings as well as flight bookings. There are a wide variety of packages which cover Darjeeling and other nearby areas too.

Visiit covers all the major landmarks of Darjeeling as well as various food joints and shopping centres. Our tour guides have exceptional knowledge about the place which is essential when you are traveling to Darjeeling.

From visiting pristine Botanical Gardens, sacred Buddhist Monasteries, lovely toy train ride in Darjeeling Mountain Railways to pleasant nature walks and moderate hikes in the unspoiled Himalayas, discover the best Darjeeling package at Visiit. Our Darjeeling tour packages are easily available from Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

Darjeeling is popularly touted to be the queen of hill stations in multiple aspects and when it comes to the honeymoon packages and the experiences the Darjeeling has to offer in terms of romance on honeymoon, there is quite a lot to explore. Darjeeling gives you a perfect relaxation with your darling after strenuous and stressful wedding schedule. The places of interest in Darjeeling - all of them spell a scent of romance in everything. The chill of the Year, the warmth of the tea, the snow capped mountains, the slow moving trains, the Exotic food, the parks, the quiet zoo and all the other things in Darjeeling are about love, peace and romance. There cannot be a better place for honeymoon than the hill station of Darjeeling.

There might not be places that are separately or marked as honeymoon destinations in Darjeeling. It is every place in Darjeeling including the viewpoints, the parks and even the little temples and churches and monasteries that make Darjeeling quite a thing of romance.

Tiger Hills
Tiger Hills is prominent among the tourists. It is located above the Ghoom Railway Station. It is famous for the early morning sunrise. It is a great place which is notified for its natural beauty and the lush greenery all around. But nothing can beat the beautiful sunrise of the place. The golden rays over the Himalayas is a must visit site.

The Tea Estates in Darjeeling
The lush Tea Gardens are the main attraction in Darjeeling. It is surrounded by the hill slopes and the sumptuous greenery on all sides. Many tea estates have also the manor houses and the major residences which belonged to the colonial period. These gardens are well maintained and are visited often by the tourists.

Ghoom Monastery
It is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery which is one of the oldest monasteries there. It is a holy site in Darjeeling. Here you can witness the beautiful statue of Buddha. You can even find many Tibetan items like the bells in the monastery. There is no entry fee and it is open until the evening.

Mirik Lake
Mirik Lake is one of the most charming landscapes in Darjeeling. It has the attractive surroundings and a pleasant climate all the year round. There is a beautiful Rainbow bridge which is also famous. You can even go boating in this pleasing lake. Long walks and horse riding are popular activities to indulge when you are at the Mirik Lake.

Japanese Peace Pagoda
It is a popular Buddhist temple and monastery located in Darjeeling. It was built under a Buddhist monk from Japan. This temple is a symbol of peace and religion. It is designed in the Japanese architectural style. There are four statues of Buddha which are gold polished. The sandstone carvings on the walls of the temple depict different stories. The pagoda symbolizes peace and tranquillity.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
This famous zoological park in Darjeeling houses some rarely seen species. Many rare species like Red Panda, Tibetan Wolf, Black bear and Himalayan Sheep are found here. People come to this park from all over the world to witness these lovely and rarely found species.

Cable Car Ride
It is a great way to witness the spectacular view of Darjeeling from such a great height. The panoramic views of the tea gardens is worth watching. You can admire the tea farms over above. The beautiful waterfalls and the great Himalayan range can also be seen from above. It is an exciting experience and you will definitely enjoy this wonderful ride.

Ride the Toy Train
The toy train ride is a must thing to do in Darjeeling. It is the perfect way to admire the natural beauty and the gorgeous landscapes all around. It is one of the most popular heritage sites in Darjeeling. The picturesque places while going on the train journey are worth remembering. The lush green hills, the tea farms, and the jungles provide a mesmerizing sight in Darjeeling.

Visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
It is the oldest mountaineering institute in Darjeeling. It encourages mountaineering as a sport in India. It was built to respect Tenzing and Hillary’s contribution. The institute trains mountaineers throughout the country. Here you can witness a large number of photographs and many short films on mountaineering.

Visit the Exotic Observatory Hill
It was previously the Dorje Ling Monastery. The summit contains many flags which are visible from far off. There are many devotional bells too. From here you will get an amazing view of the Kanchenjunga. There are many other attractions located in and around the Observatory Hill.

Honeymoon packages to Darjeeling

Darjeeling, by default is one of the best honeymoon destinations, and it does not take a lot to plan a proper honeymoon package to Darjeeling.. Darjeeling is quite connected to the rest of the world by air and by rail. The number of places to visit in Darjeeling is also quite good and number and is readily available. However where it makes the difference is in the legal aspects of the Darjeeling honeymoon packages. In the Tiger Hill, for example, there is a place that could be chosen as the best. To view your sunrise point while reaching Tiger you might not be a great task, find in this one will only add to the experience of your honeymoon.

Visiit when jio exclusive Darjeeling honeymoon packages. Created with the complete Hindi of feeling romantic all through Kama this tour packages make sure that it makes your honeymoon one of the most romantic affairs in your life. Or packages I decide to give you the best and the most romantic experience of this new place. If you are familiar with the landscape and places of interest, we also have customizability options that you can avail to create your own version of the Darjeeling honeymoon package.

Tiger Hills and Ghoom Monastery
At the point when the rising sun turns out from behind the since quite a while ago extended hills and showers its shading on the snow-white Kanchenjunga, you will simply wish to hold the hand of your dear ones, standing hypnotized on the Tiger Hill. This slope is nearer to Ghoom Monastery. Among all the Darjeeling visitor spots, individuals sit tight frantically for this minute to understanding.

Batasia Loop and War Memorial in Toy-Train
A 'moonlight trip' in the toy-train of Darjeeling is certainly something of a lot of fun. And when it goes through a passage and the winding track, named Batasia Loop, around the War Memorial, it makes your excursion to Darjeeling commendable. The situation of the surrounding mountains, wildernesses and the garden around the memorial bring a feeling of freshness.

Senchal Lake
This is a standout amongst the most alluring water assortments of Darjeeling. Senchal Lake and its surrounding region is a most loved outing spot for voyagers. You need to walk right around 10 km from town to reach there. There is a club house and 9 greens adjacent the lake. Darjeeling visit will be unfulfilled in the event that you keep away from this site to visit.

Chunnu Summer Falls and Rock Garden
There is a decent summer falls around 10 km far from Darjeeling town, known as Chunnu Summer Falls. Dilute of that falls courses through rough inclines and the garden around the falls is along these lines called Rock Garden, which is extremely excellent and an ideal place to invest some energy with your mate.

Happy Valley Tea-Garden
This tea-garden covers a wide zone of 437 sections of land of Darjeeling. It is a mind-blowing background to put your hand in the hand of your accomplice and stroll in the ways of the garden within such greenery. You can likewise go for watching the procedure to obtain tea from the leaves, or the neighborhood ladies plucking tea leaves from the plants and so on.

Singalila National Park
Raised at 7000 ft above ocean level, Singalila National Park is gone by for the most part by the trekkers for a thrilling trek course towards Sandakphu, which goes through the park. Other than having an exciting enterprise with your life-accomplice, you can see extensive variety of Himalayan vertebrates, winged creatures, reptiles, creatures of land and water and greenery.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Everest Museum
On the off chance that you are close Jawahar Parvat territory while you are in a voyage through Darjeeling, must not neglect to visit the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute that is a pioneer in establishing mountaineering as a regarded outside action. A few photographs and types of gear of all the overcome mountaineers, who climbed or scaled Mt. Everest, are saved painstakingly in the Everest Museum inside the institute.

Observatory Hills
On your outing to Darjeeling, you ought to never miss to visit this place. This slope gives a reasonable and wide perspective of the valleys, streams and wilderness of Darjeeling alongside the titanic mountains. You should need to adore the divine beings together in Mahakal Temple and Bhutia Busty Monastery in this slope, to favor your lives for a happy and prosperous life ahead. There some gompas scattered in the Observatory Hill.

Darjeeling is visited by people for its captivating beauty. It’s unique culture and the pleasant weather of the place is appealing to the tourists. It provides respite even in the hot months of the year. Darjeeling can be visited all throughout the year as the weather remains pleasant even in the hottest months. It is best during the winters as you might even end up witnessing the snowfall. It is advisable to avoid the monsoons as landslides are very common during that time and you might have to stay stuck on the road till it is not cleared.

The best time to visit Darjeeling is between the months of October and March. October is the time when the monsoon ends and the winter kicks in. The winter is quite pleasant, and the time between bit November and January is the time when the temperature is between 7 degrees and 5 degree Celsius which makes it an amazing destination for you to have an intimate honeymoon in Darjeeling.

Darjeeling has a huge choice of cuisine to be tried. It has Bengali cuisine for being located in West Bengal. Other than that it has South Indian cuisine, Nepali cuisine, Tibetan cuisine and many other Asian and Continental cuisine. The most popular items found in Darjeeling are Momos, Thukpa, Sael Roti, Nepali thali and many others. Darjeeling Tea is famous all over the world and it is a must try drink.

The Park restaurant on Laden La Road is a famous restaurant in Darjeeling. It is renowned for Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

The Kunga restaurant offers the best Chinese and Tibetan cuisine in Darjeeling. It is an old restaurant which is very popular. It is a great place where you can enjoy a great lunch and dinner with your partner.

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