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Make a romantic escape to Andaman with an exclusive Honeymoon Package

Want to spend your honeymoon on a beautiful island? Nothing beats the dazzling Andaman Islands. If ...  sun, sea, and sand are what you love as a couple, head to the Andaman Islands with no second thoughts. Take your spouse to a quaint and adventurous location, where you can spend your best moments cuddling one another while enjoying the beauty of nature. Andaman has been one of the popular destinations for honeymoon couples for various reasons like crystal clear blue lagoons, vibrant marine life, and dense forests.

Located in the Bay of Bengal between India and Myanmar, Andaman is a beautiful pristine island and a must visit honeymoon destination. Spend lovely time with your spouse admiring turquoise water, lush Green Island, and white sand beaches along with mouth-watering food and a comfortable stay.

Beauty packed with adventure

Though you will be lost in nature’s beauty when visiting this island, you may be interested in fun activities as well. Andaman has lots of adventurous activities like Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, Snorkelling, and Water Sports. If you are ready to spend your lovely days in adventure along with magnificent views of the endless sea, and exotic beaches, it’s time to head to the island. There are endless places to explore and hence choosing a few will be giving you a tough time. Here are a few hand-picked places that you can visit on this island.

Havelock Island, the pearl of Andaman

There’s no second opinion when you think of this glorious and most popular island. Away from the city, you will be spoilt with numerous beaches that have crystal clear water and luscious shades. Sunsets in this Island gives you an incredible view, which will make you and your spouse so connected to nature. If you are an adventurous couple, you can take your spouse for a trek to the southernmost tip of Andaman. If you live diving, this island is an ideal spot. Explore the beautiful aquatic life during snorkelling and scuba diving. This island is one of the best places for a romantic camping. Try dhabas where you get delicious seafood that this island offers. Do not forget to drink green coconut water in this island.

North Bay Island, idea for Water Activities

North Bay is yet another most visited island in Port Blair where couples can try the exciting underwater walk. Experience the charm of the activity along with your spouse when you witness beautiful corals and fish so close. It might sound like a beautiful dream where you and your spouse are surrounded by fish and float along. You can also try Jet Ski, speed water boat ride, and snorkelling in this stunning island. Water sports and activities being the main attraction, North Bay is a chosen destination for newlyweds.

Port Blair; explore the culture and history together

Take your spouse to the islands epitome, Anthropological Museum. Discover the events and stories prior to the British Invasion in the beautiful island. If you are a couple who like to learn a bit about the history of the places that you visit, this could be your ideal location. The museum has several things representing the tribes who lived in these islands. For instance, you will find a skull from the Sentinelese, depicting the gothic life led by those tribes, the Shamanic sculptures by Nicobarese that represent the totem spirits, etc. You will also be amazed to see the coconut and palm tree leaf basket, which shows that the tribes had an artistic side of their life as well.

Limestone Caves in Baratang, an adventurous and romantic journey

Head to explore some adventure with your spouse to the Limestone Caves, which offers full of splendid stalagmites, stalactites and pillar rocks making it one of the favourite destinations for honeymoon couples. Reaching the Cave will be romantic and give a thrilling experience. Limestone is one of those beautiful places that remain unexplored and this makes it a unique and ideal spot for a honeymoon. Located about an hour’s distance in a boat from Baratang, the journey takes you through the heart of dense mangrove forest offering a breathtaking view. Many couples consider this location as a lifetime experience because of the amazing boat ride that you usually see on Discovery or NatGeo channels. Those who love photography will have a visual treat capturing stunning caves, narrow path, and the landscape of lush green forest.

Banana Boat Ride, fun-filled adventure for couples

Worried that you can’t swim? Never mind, you will have a thrilling experience with your partner in this unique and exciting banana boat ride. Hang on tight to the boat with your life jacket as you will be tied to a speed boat. During the thirty minutes fun ride, the speedboat will attempt to flip the banana boat, but do not worry as you will be safely monitored. It is one of the best adventurous activities that you can enjoy together as couples. The ride will definitely remain as one of your lifetime experiences as you will go through an adrenaline rush. Moving out of comfort zone, some couples consider this as one of the best adventure activities during their honeymoon.

Explore endless islands and beaches with Visiit’s expert service

Travelling to a new location can be thrilling on your honeymoon can be fun and sometimes adventurous. If you want to do it all by yourself, it might eat up your time, which you could ideally use for planning your honeymoon. If you have chosen Andaman as your destination, consult an expert from Visiit who can facilitate most of the things from travel, stay, and sight-seeing. Visiit has a large network across India that can help you find best deals. When it comes to honeymoon, time spent by a couple is important and thus demands a smooth planning and organising of your honeymoon. This is made easy with the dedicated team of professionals at Visiit which makes your honeymoon a comfortable journey.

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