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You may have heard of the popular K-movies, K-beauty, K-pop, etc. In case you are still wondering, the K stands for Korea- a country where the modern and ancient coexist. Korea is known among other things for its large economy, busy cities, futuristic architecture, technology, internet speed, best airport in the world (the Incheon International Airport) and is popularly called ‘heaven’ for tech junkies. On the other hand, Korea is ethereally beautiful with its pretty countryside, serene villages, rustic hanok houses, remote islands and many heritage sites including monasteries, temples and palaces.





Seongsan Sunrise Peak
Hydrovolcanic emissions shaped this superb volcanic pit 5,000 years prior on Jeju Island.

An UNESCO world legacy site, the pinnacle is popular for some, things, including various uncommon plant species, however is best known for the sublime sight of the sun ascending over it The scale the pinnacle's northwest side edge (its different sides are steep precipices) to the 180-meter most noteworthy point takes 30 minutes.

Ggotji Beach
Found four kilometers southwest from Anmyeon-eup, this cream-shaded shoreline is the perfect place to go for a drive and watch the sun sink into the sea between two substantial shake developments known as the Granny Rock and the Grandpa Rock.

Legend has it that the spouse of a base leader in the Shilla Dynasty turned into the Granny Rock when she passed on in the wake of sitting tight dependably for her significant other.

Gwang-A Bridge
Otherwise called the Diamond Bridge, this two-story connect associates Suyeong-gu and Haeundae-gu and offers a shocking perspective of mountains, sandy shorelines, slopes and city lights.

Gwang-A Bridge isn't for people on foot, however anybody can appreciate the dynamite night perspective of the extension from a far distance; its cutting edge lighting framework permits an outside lighting of more than 100,000 hues.

Jeungdo Salt Farm
This fortune island (curios from the Song Dynasty have really been found at the base of the ocean) is renowned for its reasonable seawater, delicate shoreline, and salt homesteads.

The enchanted sight of immense salt ranches isn't the main scene that can be found here; the mud level recreation town enables vacationers to involvement and watch the marine existence of the mud level.

Gongryong Ridge, Seorak Mountain
Physical wellness and mountain climbing knowledge are essentials to survey these inquisitive crests in the Seorak mountain go. Thought to be formed like the spine of a dinosaur (henceforth the name, "Dinosaur Ridge"), this rough edge offers dynamite perspectives of both inward and external Seorak. The climb is difficult: the pinnacle height of Gongryong Ridge, the most well known edge course in the range, is roughly 1,200 meters.

TUleung Island Seaside Road
irst-time guests to Jeju Island need to design their excursion astutely, as the Jeju pail list is long and shifted. One of the musts on the rundown is Seopjikoji, a projection on the drift well known for its peacefulness and sentiment. Yellow assault blooms fill the field in the spring, making a bright appear differently in relation to the red soil and cerulean sky. The best photos of Sungsan Sunrise Peak (the main thing on this rundown) can be taken here at Seopjikoji. The landscape of Seopjikoji has additionally been caught by a few Korean movies and dramatizations, including "All In," one of the primary Hallyu shows featuring Lee Byung-hun and Song Hye-kyo.

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