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The hues and yellows, blues and peach are visual treat for our eyes. A country where you can spot every colours on their buildings is officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark is the Nordic country bordered by Germany, Norway and Sweden. Denmark has 406 islands and the country’s highest point is just 170 meters above the sea level.





Moens Klint

The White Cliffs of Denmark are white chalk cliffs that reflects in the green ocean. It is the best place to relax and rejuvenate yourselves on the beach or go on bird watching or even find fossils in the wilderness. There is wooden plank structure that is 267 metres long providing great views for the tourists.

West Zealand

West Zealand is marked with deep history starting from the Stone Age to the Vikings era to medieval times. It consists of a cathedral city called Roskilde, a UNESCO recognized world heritage site with 5 spires on the church which date back to the periods of Vikings. It exhibits the beauty of the Vikings through the varied display of their ships, fort and fortresses with tiny markets and small harbours and a Viking ship Museum displaying the long boats that was once sailed by the Vikings.

Land of the Black Sun

The main reason to visit the Denmark is due to the “Sort Sol”( Black Sun). It is a natural phenomena that happens in Denmark due to the Starlings blocking the sunset for about 20 minutes. During Spring and Autumn of every year, the birds migrate from Norway, Sweden and Finland they make a stop over in Denmark at Wadden Sea National Park allowing millions of tourists to visit this miraculous thing happening. It is a great opportunity for the shutterbugs to show their talents. The starlings form patterns and different structures by synchronization resembling a dance to protect themselves from the predators. This instead hides the sunset creating a black sun and hence given the name as “Sort Sol”.


Copenhagen is the cool town with great vibes. Being the capital of Denmark, the vibrant buildings with decked yachts and boats on the waterways and popping bridges welcomes the tourists in the open dining restaurants. It holds around 15 Michelin star restaurants and greenest, cleanest urban centres. It's the best way to spend a vacation, be it the solo travellers or tripping with friends.


Aero is a little island of Denmark which can be best explored through car or a bicycle ride. We can tour the lighthouse with the golf course around it, a lake with awesome flora and fauna that is best remembered by a stroll through the lake, beaches and churches with medieval murals with cobblestoned streets running through the island. The warm toned painted doors and the Maritime Museum of Denmark are worth the visit.

Frederiks Kirke

It is a marble Church that was started in 1770 and completed by the year 1894. Visitors are allowed to climb up the domes and explore the beauty of the whole interior by taking a closer look and also get a panoramic view of the entire vicinity. The Frederick's Church has the largest Church dome in Scandinavia attracts the tourists to take up the walkway around the dome and explore the church during two days in a week.

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