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Planning on an amazing Bali Travel Package? Situated in the warm streams of Indian Ocean, the beaut tiful island Bali stands alone with its incomparable beauty and lushness. It is a portion of Coral Triangle. It is one among the 17,500 islands with colorful neighbors around. It has the largest collection of marine species. The coral reefs surrounding the island make it as a spectacular sight. Though the island is small in size, it is covered by the Hindu minority. It is a dream island with beautiful panorama, resort water activity, villas, hotels, volcanoes, rice paddies and much more.





Bali Tourism

Planning on an amazing Bali Travel Package? Situated in the warm streams of Indian Ocean, the beaut tiful island Bali stands alone with its incomparable beauty and lushness. It is a portion of Coral Triangle. It is one among the 17,500 islands with colorful neighbors around. It has the largest collection of marine species. The coral reefs surrounding the island make it as a spectacular sight. Though the island is small in size, it is covered by the Hindu minority. It is a dream island with beautiful panorama, resort water activity, villas, hotels, volcanoes, rice paddies and much more.

Bali tour packages is famous for surfing, sightseeing palaces and exploring ancient temples. During your Bali trip, you will encounter outstanding black sand around the west and north and white sand beaches around the south. The island’s holiness and its eclectic and Spiritual culture will definitely amaze while you trip to Bali.

Visiit Travel Company will help you in planning the perfect Bali Holiday Packages where you can explore the natural and ancient wonders. We offer affordable travel packages for Bali tourism. Some of the popular places in Bali include Ubud, Kuta, Denpasar, Buleleng, Bali Beach Area, Tanah Lot Temple, Ubud Monkey Forest, Uluwatu Temple, Mount Batur, Besakih Temple, Kintamani and Bali Airport.

Fun things to indulge while you tour to Bali:
From fun explorations of ecology parks to fascinating high speed rides to river rafting, Bali packages consists of large collection of fun activities to indulge in all season. Sail via the Forest to visit the beautiful Bali Treetop Adventure trip Park. It is a high flying adventure park and the popular tourist attraction spot in Bali. It is located amidst the expansive Bedugul Botanical Gardens offers great adventurous vacation to all age groups. The park consists of six main circuits stretching from tree to tree, Tarzan swings, nets, jumps and bridges.

Flying Fox is featured in each run and the length of zip lines is about 160 meters. It offers heart pounding thrills when the guests soar through the air.Baleraf Bakas Levi Rafting is another interesting and fun activity you should not miss in Bali tour packages. Trained and licenses professionals who work as Baleraf guide will take you through the Melangit River. If you are a person who loves adventurous activities, you should definitely indulge in this activity.

The sharp turns, steep cliffs and waterfalls throughout the Bali trip will offer you the most adventurous vacation. A safety demonstration will be shown and your journey across thrilling fast-moving water begins. Ensure to stop midway to indulge in a refreshing swim. Taste delicious buffer as dinner after finishing the ride.

Bali is the best destination with most welcoming and friendliest people. Visiit Tour Company organizes Bali Indonesia Tour packages from Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. We are specialized in Bali Honeymoon Packages, summer vacation packages and winter special package.Visiit Travel Agency offer all inclusive Bali Honeymoon Packages. You can book travel packages and tickets online. We provide last minute tickets, holiday deals and honeymoon discounts for our customers.
A seamless blend of kaleidoscope sunsets, cotton candy skyline, pristine beaches, emerald blue seas, Bali has been on the topmost list as the world’s best beach. An island is sitting pretty in the country of Indonesia, Bali is home to famous religious attractions, hiking trails and exploration sites. Best preferred as the perfect spot for meditation and Yoga, Bali tourism is one of the most sought after amongst the travel lovers and newlywed couples.

Amongst all the attraction sites listed by the Bali tour packages, here is a narrowing-down of the must visit ones.

Tanah-Lot Temple
An age-old Hindu shrine dwelling amidst the raging waves on an outcrop, Tanah-Lot temple is one of the most visited sites in Bali owing to the splendor sunset it shares and its exclusive setting. Situated in the Tabacan regency’s Beraban village, this particular Hindu shrine is bejeweled with a few handfuls of other dainty shrines and leisure spots for tourists like souvenir shops, restaurants and a cultural park that hosts a daily dance performance.

Uluwatu Temple
Perched high on the steep edges of a cliff facing the sprawling seas, Ulutuwa Temple is one of the six eminent temples of Bali. Frequented by tourists for the age-old gateways, intriguing architectures of Bali, timeless sculptures and a majestic backdrop of sunset it shares, Pura Luhur Uluwatu overlooks the gigantic Indian Ocean and is a must visit when in Bali. To add to the glamour and beauty of the temple, there a routine performance held by the Kecak dancers. Bali tour packages from Mumbai often includes this place for its tourists.

The rice terraces of Tegallalang
Loved and frequented mostly by the nature buffs and painters, the rice terraces in the region of Ubud offers an intriguing vast stretches of rice paddies. One of the three sprawling landscapes in the shared region of Ubud, Tegallalang’s steep roadside is the apt place to halt and capture beautiful images. Bali tour packages from Chennai always tends to include this place.

Mount Batur and Kintamani Volcano
Most commonly termed as Bali volcano or Mount Batur, this particular mountain is a must visit when in Bali. Situated in the central highland of the island, Kintamani overlooks the magnificent Lake of Batur caldera and is enshrouded with the amazing ranges of Mount Batur. Home to three hamlets: Penelokan, Kintamani, and Batur, Bali volcano host a handful of other pretty reasons urging you to frequent the place other than the sweeping views it gives way to; the Ulun Danu Batur temple, some hot springs to name a few.

Besakih Temple
Bali’s mother temple which dates back its origin a millennial ago is perched on the steep slopes of southwestern Mount Agung. Frequented for the skilled crafting and exclusive temple complex, this temple is home to 86 temples. Famed as the largest and the holiest of all other temples in the island, Besakih temple is encircled with the glistening streams, lofty hills, breathtaking mountains, and green rice paddies, etc. One of the important places included in the Bali’s tour package from Bangalore.

Bali’s intriguing waterfronts, emerald green rice paddy fields, timeless sculptures, age-old temple complexes, steep highroads are some of the perfect escapades for nature and adventure buffs. If you are one of them who have a penchant for fostering some of the enchanting places in the world, then Bali is the place. Here are some of the interesting sites and attractions that highly anticipate your visit.

Retreat at the relaxing spas overlooking splendid views
Bali visit without having reclined back at the comfortable spas is a big miss. Enjoy and bask away to glory, under the frizzy roofs of coastal side spas. Witness the grandeur of Indian Ocean while being relaxed and soothed by the professional masseurs. Bali Indonesian honeymoon packageoften tends to include spa retreats.

Witness the Devdan Show
Bali is mostly loved for a wide array of fun activities it holds out. Witness the grand Devdan show: a tribute to Indonesia in the form of theatrical performance. A seamless blend of classic and contemporary elements, this 90 minutes show is a mixture of everything; from quirky kites to raging fire, all set on the stage.

Enjoy a day out at one of the theme parks

Themed parks are totally the rage amidst the adventure seeking travelers. Get lost in the water parks with a quirky set of rides from water slides to snake slides. Home to some 60 species, you can chance upon the famous Bali Safari and theme parks. From cuddling tiny orangutans to witnessing baby sharks and enjoying talent shows hosted by elephants, you get it all here.

Set out on an Elephant Safari

Situated in the northern Ubud, Desa Taro’s Elephant Park is mostly enjoyed by tourists as they get intimately close with the giant tusks.

Bali’s colorful events and festivals are a celebration of the unique culture, extensive wealth of nature and the rich art owned by the island. Festivals are enjoyed with sheer enthusiasm by the tourists and the locals alike.

The Kites festival of Bali
Also a cultural icon of the island, Bali Kites Festival exhibits the carefully preserved art of the place in the form of kites. Tourists flock in numbers to observe how various troupes come down to exhibit their age-old and contemporary creations and designs.

Pager Wesi
Mainly celebrating the power of the creator, Pager Wesi is one of the main festivals which sees the Balinese thronging in with their offerings to the Creator of the universe, seeking his blessings and live.

Galungan Ceremony
One of the holiest festivals, Galungan celebrates the epic battle between the force of virtue and the power of evil. The festival witnesses Barong dancers are frequenting the eminent temples celebrating the festival in the form of dance.

Rice Harvest Festival
A festival solely focused on celebrating the season of harvest, this particular event enjoys numerous visitors who flock in to witness the legendary bull race that is hosted in honor of the festival followed by the local cuisine which is prepared in the name of Sewi Sri (The Rice God).

While Bali is pretty comfortable all throughout the year, you can expect levels of humidity on certain parts of the season.

Summers (June- November)-
Summers are the perfect time to visit Bali. The tourists from all across the world throngs in at this point of the time to avail the best Bali holiday packages. Bali travel packages gives out the maximum amounts if discounts and offers at this peak season.

Winters (Dec-May)-
Winter is usually accompanied with rains in Bali, and is therefore not at all preferable for tourists. The heavy downpours are likely to disrupt your tour and moreover this time of the off season exempts you from all the lucrative discounts and hotel booking offers from Bali tourism packages.

Bali island packages offer a vast number of weekend gateways from the island. But you might lack the time and energy to cover all of them. Here is a list of the important weekend gateways from Bali which will assure complete enjoyment and thrill. Get these included in your Bali family holiday packages, to avail the best offers today.

Sitting quite in Lombok, Kuta is one of the best ways to get away from the tourist flocking in Bali, for its pristine beaches and the quaint fishing village. Frequented by the surfers for the fierce waves in the sea, Kuta is a perfect escapade into serenity. Honeymoon in Bali is incomplete without a visit to Kuta.

Pulau Moyo
Bali tour package for couple mostly suggests this please for its remote and tranquil location. A brilliant place to celebrate romance and love, Pulau Moyo hosts out luxury tents, snorkeling activities, interesting forest expeditions and is home to an intriguing coral reef, monitor lizards, deer, bats, wild pigs, etc. Island converted into a National Park, Pulau Moyo also gives you the luxury to chance upon Komodo dragons at Rinca and Komodo nearby.

Indonesia’s second biggest city, Surabayu is a must visit during the Bali Indonesian tour. Home to rich art and culture, Surabayu offers a glistening city life with absolutely majestic restaurants with the hottest of culinary, quaint Arab quarters and the ancient China town.

The tried and true spices complemented with the authentic flavours of Bali cuisine can make you fall for their delicacies. Here’s a list of the must eat foods that you must try tasting when in Bali.

Nasi Goreng
One of the popularized staple of Balinese, Nasi Goreng is fried rice. A dish eaten at any time of the day, Nasi Goreng is simply amazing throughout the island.

A perfect blend of smashed chicken with a huge array of time-tested spices, fragrance and skewed on the barbecue, Sate can be made of fish as well, and is mostly complimented with peanut sauce.

Nasi Campur
Usually means mixed rice, Nasi Campur is made with dollops of hot steamed rice mingled with fresh vegetables and meat.

Bebek Betutu
Bali cuisine is incomplete with Bebek Betutu which usually means smoked duck. Stuffed with a vast array of herbs, condiments, and wrapped in the bark of betel nut and is smoked with rice husk’s embers. You must inform and order the dish a day before your visit to the restaurant as its time-consuming.

Indonesians specializes on the dishes that deal with the mix-mix recipe. Bathed in a delectable peanut sauce, Gado Gado is a vegetarian salad, whose base includes corn, spinach, boiled eggs, egg and bean sprouts complimented with tempeh and tofu.

Bali’s Densapar International airport or Ngurah Rai International Airport is well connected with all the main airports in the world and has the important flights coming in and going out of the airport regularly. The best way to reach Bali is via flight service.

An important port, Bali can also be reached via ferry, ship or cruise services that pass through the South of Eastern Asia.

There is no rail service available to Bali. Though, you can avail the rail service flying to Banyuwangi while covering the remaining portion via ferry service.

Situated some 8 degrees to the southern part of the equator, Bali’s climate mostly comprises of humid, warm and tropical throughout the year. Bali experiences two most important climatic seasons namely the dry and the rainy season respectively.

The best time to trip Bali is anytime during the months of April-September, when the climate is dry sans the humidity. Bali Indonesian package offers all the discounts and offers at this point of the season. Even the Bali honeymoon packagesgives out mammoth discounts during this peak season of the island.

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