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Austria might not have a great place of importance in Europe, and it might not be recognised as one of the prime destinations today. However, in history, Austria has played a very special role.





Must see points of attractions in Austria

Austria is filled with castles, landscapes, ski resorts and old European towns,etc… There are magnificent alps and villages where we can spend our leisure time making it a wonderful memory. Austria lets us to explore the art pieces of Raphael, Rubens and Bruegel and the original artworks of Picasso, Claude Monet and Matisse.

Vienna State Opera
The Vienna State Opera was constructed from 1861 to 1869 in a Neo-Renaissance style with dimension stones for the exterior and decorated with posh varieties of marbles for the interior. The Opera house celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2009 and hosts many legendary performances, ballet events and huge ball drop takes place during Fasching. It has attracted many tourists because of the architecture and also the grand facades.

Eisriesenwelt meaning “World of the Ice Giants” is a cave in Werfen, Austria which is a largest ice cave in the world that is 42 km and more. The cave is open for visiting from May 1 to October 26 every year from 9 a.m to 4.30 p.m . We can witness stalagmite rocks inside the cave entrance. The temperature is below freezing point and we can see frozen waterfalls and ice figures of different shapes in the cave. These caves are formed during geologic period from 65 million to 2.58 million years ago.

Hohensalzburg Fortress
The Hohensalzburg Fortress is built high up on the hill of Salzburg to protect the archbishops from invaders. Being one of the largest medieval castles of Europe, it has a proud history that it was never have been defeated by other troops. The fortress has improved its features by creating a multimedia Magical Theater and modern media installations to attract the tourists. It has a concert hall, Fortress Museum, etc…

Hofburg Imperial Palace
Hofburg Imperial Palace is the huge complex in the world dating back to 13th century. It has many museums within it having a vivid collections of valuables like silver collections, golden utensils, bust heads, painted vases, china wares, crown jewels, art and artifacts,etc… The famous Sisi Museum shows the remarkable life of Empress Elizabeth from her childhood days till the surprise engagement and the assassination happened in Geneva. It displays the watercolors, first aid kits, the mourning dress, summer dresses, painted envelopes, portraits, coronation dress and many others.

Zell Am See
Zell Am See is a tiny village with lofty mountains situated next to the Lake Zell. It offers a huge range of water sport activities along with a cable car ride and modern gondola rides to the high mountains. One can also reach the peak by cycling or a hike through the pedestrian zones. It is the best place for a summer retreat for locals and for the tourists.

Hochosterwitz Castle
The Hochosterwitz castle is a medieval castle consists of 14 gates with an inclined railway running into the castle that brings in the tourists. There is also a church made right out of marbles consisting of armours and weapons from 14th century with many sculptures and portraits. It also has a restaurant inside the castle and medieval crafts like forging weapons, bricklaying, carpentry,etc..

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