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Puri rings a huge bell in our heads by the words like Rath Yatra and the Puri Jagannath Temple from our 6th grade history books. Puri is a coastal district in the state of Odisha, India that is known as the pilgrimage town that attracts tourists through beautiful sights. The handi works and the cottage goods are popular in world wide level. We can admire the works in either Lord Jagannath temple or in the Sun Temple, Konark. The culture and the heritage it holds within adds more beauty to this place. stone carving, pattachitra, wood carving, modern patch work, terracotta, bell metal, and seashell items are some of the predominant handicrafts of Odisha. The Odissi dance is a mesmerizing charm which hypnotizes the spectators through its graceful movements.





The Sri Jagannath Temple, Sun temple of Konark, Puri Beach, Chilika Lake and the Narendra Tank bewitches every tourist. There are private tours and city tours arranged by the Odisha government to enjoy the real unexplored paths of Odisha.

Puri Jagannath Temple
This temple remains as the pride of India for its sanctity which was built in 11th century by a king called Indradyumna. It is the abode of Lord Jagannath who is a form of Lord Vishnu that is one of the Char Dham Yatra while the others are Badrinath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram. There are other small shrines surrounding the sky high main shrine. We can witness the marvellous odia architecture with four gates around that are designed with intricate details . We will surely regret if we return without tasting the Mahaprasad that is cooked in one of the largest kitchens of India that are made in earthen pots and served to thousands and thousands of devotees every day. It is a must visit place in Puri that fulfills the expectations of each and every tourist. The temple is open from 5 in the dawn to 12 in the midnight. The ratha yatra is a car festival that is celebrated extravagantly in Puri during the months of June and July invites a lot of tourists to watch the deities dressed in vibrant colors.

Puri Beach
It is a coastline of Bay of Bengal with glimmering sun rays upon the rippling water. It lies at a distance of 35 km from the Sun temple of Konark which is thronged by the devotees to take a dip to purify themselves from the sins and sorrows. The sand sculptures made by a sand artist named Sudarshan Patnaik are treat to the spectators. The beach is enjoyed during the sunrise and sunset which is enjoyed by taking a ride on a fisherman’s boat who are uniformly dressed with triangular hats made with bamboos and colorful; dhotis.There are camel rides, horse rides, cuba diving, surfing, swimming and sunbathing to entertain the tourists. We can also take a stroll along the shoreline and admire the serene beauty of the beach while looking at the spectacular horizon. The Puri Beach festival invites tourists all around the country to enjoy the vivid and vibrant culture and heritage.

Chilika lake
The clean and pristine waters invites flocks of birds to this lake which is the largest saltwater lake of Asia that is shaped like a pear with tiny islands amidst the lake with salt pans and fisheries along the shoreline. The rich flora and fauna can be admired into the lenses of the photographers with its hues and shades from its enchanting wings of the migratory birds. Some notable birds are white seagulls, Flamingos, Golden plovers and sandpipers. Bird Island, Breakfast Island and Honeymoon Island are enjoyed by the tourists after some bird watching. Irrawaddy dolphins which are the endangered species of the world can be admired in this charming lake. The sunsets are the most beautiful scenery that must be enjoyed in this tranquil lake by everyone to get a fullest experience.

Narendra Tank
Built in the 15th century, the Narendra Tank is one among the largest tanks of Odisha which is considered to be holy with temples of various sizes bounding the tank. There lies another small island at its heart called Chandana Mandapa.

Rath Yatra
The most popular festival of Puri which is also known as Chariot Festival, Dasavatara and few others happens every year is celebrated during the months of June or July. It is specifically devoted to Lord Krishna, Lord Balarama and their sister Goddess Subhadra. It is believed that every year Lord Krishna wishes to visit Mathura and hence the yatra is celebrated extravagantly in the Puri Jagannath Temple. The three idols made in wood are carried from Jagannath temple to Gundicha temple in colorfully embellished chariots with chants and mantras. During the procession a ritual called Chera Pahara is performed by the King of Odisha.

Puri Beach festival
The Puri beach festival is a five day festival that is celebrated every year in the month of November on the beautiful coastal city of Odisha . It is attended by tourists all over the country hosting cultural events, exhibitions, fashion events, scrumptious food and other activities on the shoreline of Puri.

Puri can be visited all through the year, however the best time to visit Puri can be quoted as the winter months from October to February with the popular Puri beach festival which happens in November are a great event to take part. The summers are hot and humid with temperatures hitting 45 degree celsius while the monsoons are noted with heavy rainfall and cloudbursts and yet we can find thousands of pilgrims thronging to witness the Rath Yatra.

The nearest airport to Puri is Biju Patnaik International Airport (BBI) located in Bhubaneshwar at a distance of 68 kms and it is accessible by road from Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar and it is more convenient to access through train since Puri lies between the Chennai to Calcutta rail route, so many trains stop in the Puri railway Station. The commutes within the city can be made through cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws and hired cabs.

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