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Kerala is blessed with a coastline of about 580 km, and is bordered by the Arabian Sea on one side completely. This unique landscape of Kerala has given rise to a lot of backwaters, beaches and even brackish water lakes. In all this, we just stand out as a distinct attraction of Kerala, promising an enchanting and enthralling Kerala Beach Tour. The beaches are of different flavours including but not limited to be executed, laid back, coconut Garden, commercial and even beaches with churches. Nice beaches of Kerala give you a flavour of romance in everything. The tropical warm weather, the hammocks, the umbrellas, the coconut tree and the Cocktail that you can sleep under the shades of these trees are definitely moments that you will Treasure for your lifetime. Here are a few beaches in Kerala that you should make an integral part of your Kerala tour package.





The backwaters are also important when it comes to Kerala culture. The Snake boat races are held every year, and it is the sport that utilizes the highest number of members per team. Each backwater in Kerala has a different tourist significance. Here are a few regions that have its signature tourism because of the backwaters.

Kuttanad is probably the lowest lying region in India, and is about 10 feet below the sea level. It is known for its vast paddy fields and it is rightly referred to as the rice bowl of Kerala. Although there might not be significant places of interest when it comes to tourism, Kuttanad is definitely a place to look for in terms of the different experience it offers.

One of the biggest attractions in the Kuttanad region of Kerala is the Vembanad lake. It is the largest lake in Kerala and is the epicenter of backwater tourism, and not to be missed on a Kerala Backwater Tour Package. A lot of resorts are present along the banks of the vembanad lake. The lake is spread over a massive 2000 square kilometre area and is also the home to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

Kollam or Quilon
The people of Kerala might enduringly refer to this place as Kollam, but even before the Britishers came into India, this place was known as quillon, not only in India but even as far as the Roman empire. Kollam was one of the leading trade centres in the ancient world, and is listed on par with what New York and Shanghai are for today. Kollam is an important place that connects the sea with the backwaters, and is the Gateway of trade when it comes to back water transport. Kollam is made of a lot of Islands, and they are the important centres of tourist development in kerala. Some of the islands include the Munroe Island, the Chavara Island, the Saint Sebastian Island, islands are referred to as thuruth in Kerala.

Kumarakom and Alappuzha
Kumarakom and Alappuzha are the answers from the South to Kashmir in the north. These are the two places that rule the houseboat tourism sector - the most major attraction when it comes to backwater tourism - in Kerala, and in the whole of South India. Spend a night with your loved one in this one of a kind experience, and you will never forget this for the rest of your life. It is this experience alone that sells like hotcakes to promote tourism in these regions. Apart from this, the bird sanctuary in Kumarakom also attracts a lot of wildlife and photography enthusiasts from all around the country.

The backwaters of Calicut
Calicut is present in the Northern half of Kerala, and is considered to be the starting point of colonialism in India. Vasco Da Gama landed in the post of Calicut in the year 1498, and was welcomed by King Zamorin. It is with this juncture in history that colonialism started in India. Calicut was an important place of Spice trade in the mediaeval and pre colonial times. The backwaters of these regions played a very important role in shaping the trade at that point in time. As time progressed, Calicut lost its importance to Madras and Calcutta, and it is, in a way good for that place. It is not interested by commercial interest, and the backwaters in this region are still untouched and pure. If you are that kind of a person who likes to explore places in its most Pristine form, then the backwaters in Calicut are the place for you to visit on this backwater tour package.

With the backwaters of Kerala giving such a distinct flavour in every sense, it is not surprising that movie makers are crazy after this place. A lot of films including both from the north and the South use the Kerala backwaters as a backdrop to some of the most famous songs. In South India, especially the states of Tamilnadu and Kerala, Kerala backwaters being featured in films is not quite uncommon at all, and it is one of the reasons that people look forward to a Kerala backwater Tour package.

The backwaters of Kerala have what it takes to give you a Holistic tourist experience. However, it is not that every tourist operator has the intelligence it takes to provide a Kerala backwater tour package that will give all what is needed. Count On Us to create and customise a tour package especially letter to your requirements, so you can enjoy the Kerala backwaters like you have never done before!

Kerala is mostly a state that is present throughout the year. Except for the highly humid summers, you will find that Kerala is quite a nice place to visit. This puts the time between September and March as one of the best time to visit Kerala. That might be rainfall here and there, but that will not deter you from enjoying the beauty of this state.

Let us digress a bit from talking about tourism, and talk about how these backwaters internally contribute to Kerala, apart from bringing in people on a Kerala Backwater Tour Package. Kerala could rightly be called as the Venice in India. Thanks to its amazingly interconnected network of canals, backwaters and lakes, places like Alappuzha and Kumarakom rely heavily on these kinds of boats for their local transportation. Even when it comes to education, especially in low lying areas like Kuttanad, the backwaters play a very significant role. The fresh water from Vembanad Lake is used to irrigate most of the Kuttanad region. Amarnath is so important in terms of ecology that the Ramsar Convention has defined Vembanad to be suitable for conservation and sustainable utilisation of wetlands.

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