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Hampi is a calm and serene town that is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town is situated on the banks of the River Tungabhadra. It was founded in the 14th century.





Awesome Trip to Hampi and Badami

This UNESCO recognized world heritage site send chills down our spine and shifting us to the bygone e days. Once the renowned capital of Vijayanagara Empire stands proudly near the Tungabhadra river and boasts its forts, temples, farms, chariots, rock cut caves with musical pillars of ranga mantapa.

Badami formerly known as Vatapi was once served as the headquarters of Bagalkot of Karnataka. The Agastya Cave, Bhutanatha Temple, Vishnu on Adishesha and Brahma on hamsa are famous rock carvings in this historical site. It is another eye catching place for the history buffs within us. There are four cave temples mainly dedicated to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The golden rays showers over the rocks and makes it more alluring during the dawn and the dusk. Tourists, families and thrill seekers hike to the hilltop to enjoy a serene beauty.

Must see points of attractions in Hampi

Hampi holds a collection of attractions for the curious eyes of the tourists. We can walk the streets where once the chariots were ridden and explore the baths and the trade markets.

Virupaksha temple and market complex
This temple is built by Krishnadevaraya where the ceiling is painted with the first one as the art of Shiva and Parvati marriage that is popularly known as Shaivism, second art is the Vaishnavism depicting the wedding of Rama and Sita, third is the cupid god Kama shooting arrow at Lord Shiva and fourth is the Vidyaranya ,hindu scholar carried in a procession. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated as a massive festival in the virupaksha temple.

The magnificent Narasimha and Linga
Next to the Balakrishna Temple, there is a huge Linga and yoga Narasimhar, an avatar of Vishnu brings in the wow factor to the tourists. We can also spot a market street with some ruins and a place called pushkarani whose purpose is similar to the great bath of mohenjo daro.

Vitthala temple
Vitthala temple has a unique treasure hidden into its stones. It has 56 carved stone stupas which produce the musical notes of sa-re-ga-ma-pa-dha-ni when struck . It was once once served as a celebration hall with lots of music and dance. It remains as the main temple with a garuda shrine shaped like a chariot.

Mahanavami platform
The Mahanavami platform or “Audience Hall” was once a celebration stage where great performances were held during festivities. The first two levels of the stage are made out of granites and we can see the marching figures of elephants, camels and horses. It also includes female dance figures and scenes of common citizens lifestyle.

Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stable
The lotus temple stands mighty in the ground with intricate details and corbel structures with high arches. The Elephant stable is where the elephants were once taken care of. The huge arches indicates the majestic heights of those elephants and how they were brought in and out of the stables.

Must see places in Badami

Bhutanatha Temple
The Agasthya Theertha is a lake next to the Bhutanatha temple providing the tourists with a striking landscape. This temple withholds two other temples and numerous shrines. As the slogan goes “Nature at its best”, Bhutanatha Temple is blended into the nature creating a beautiful canvas.

Cave Temple
The first cave temple is dedicated to lord Shiva with carvings of Vamana and Arthanareeswarar upon the walls. The second cave temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and third cave dedicated to both the lords with the Harihara which is half figure of Shiva and Half figure of Vishnu combined together. Finally, the last cave is dedicated for Jainism having Lord Mahavira, Bahubali and many tirthankaras. As a tourist, The Hampi and Badami provides us with admiring architectural works of Chalukyas and Vijayanagara. The ruins and relics speaks the power of both the dynasties through their architectural skills.

Hampi is at its best during the month of November to February favouring the tourists providing a pleasant weather and a few festivals capturing the tourists like Vijaya Utsav, Purandaradasa Aradhna which is a classical music festival, Virupaksha Car Festival which is a the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Mallikarjuna Temple Festival in Pattadakkal from March to April. The summers are hot and dry and the monsoons doesn’t favour us due to the rainfall and roughness of the river.

Hampi can be reached from the nearest railway station called Hospet. We can hail a cab to reach this historical monument and badami can be reached from Belgaum airport at 190 km distance. We can take up a small road trip or a drive to reach this amazing destination to go on a hike or trek by adventure enthusiasts.

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