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Planning to embark on Bihar tour packages? Well, you should know about the place in detail before visiting. Bihar is a popular religious and cultural center in India. It is famous among all the various religions of India. Bihar is bordered by Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Orissa. Ganga is the main flowing river over here. Many historical monuments can be found over here.





Best Bihar Tour Packages

Planning to embark on Bihar tour packages? Well, you should know about the place in detail before visiting. Bihar is a popular religious and cultural center in India. It is famous among all the various religions of India. Bihar is bordered by Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Orissa. Ganga is the main flowing river over here. Many historical monuments can be found over here.

The Buddhist monasteries show the various past incidents and highlight the glorious past there. There are various tourist destinations in Bihar. Some of the most notable ones are the Nalanda, Rajgir, Patna, Bodhgaya, Vikramshila and many more. Other popular tourist attractions to include in Bihar tour packages are Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Park, Martyr’s Memorial, and Harmandir Sahib.

All-Inclusive Bihar Tour Packages at Visiit

Bihar is a great place which is famous for its art and culture among the tourists. It is famous for its stone pottery, Madhubani paintings, culture and tradition and various cuisines to be tasted. At Visiit, we arrange the best Bihar tourism that helps you to explore and learn lot of things. Kushinagar, Vaishali, Nalanda, Pawapuri, and Rajgir are some of the top destinations that are included in our Bihar Tour Packages. All the places have their own significance and age-old history which makes it even more interesting to visit. If you want an affordable as well as a spiritually enriching tour package, Visiit suggests Bihar tour package. This fabulous destination satisfies people of all age group. What is next? Contact Visiit and book the best Bihar tour package now.

Bodhgaya Temple
Bihar and Lord Buddha goes side by side, because it is here itself, in Bodhgaya that the Buddhist pilgrimage had taken place. Lord Buddha had begun his journey over here, under a Bodhi tree, seeking enlightenment. The Maha Bodhi temple is a heritage site nowadays. It is a serene and peaceful place where you can just sit and spend some time. The architectural designs of the Buddhist temples and monasteries are a great specimen too.

Gaya is a popular place for the tourists. It is the most important center, especially for the Hindu pilgrims. It is a bit noisy town but is considered holy by all the Hindus. The Vishnupad Temple is the most important attraction of this place. It basically comprises the footprint of Lord Vishnu. But if you are a non-Hindu, you are not even allowed inside the temple. People usually go there for the Pinda Daan of their deceased family members.

Ruins of Nalanda University
This 5th-century structure is one of the oldest university in the entire world. It is a remarkable center for Buddhist learning. More than ten thousand students and monks used to live here. Over the years, many manuscripts may have been lost in the ruins. The Stupa of Sariputra has many sculptures to be viewed and it has become one of the most popular heritage sites in India.

Rajgir has the history of its own. After seeking his enlightenment, Lord Buddha stayed over here for many years. It is a popular pilgrimage destination too. There are many historical sites, shrines and caves to be visited in Rajgir. You can even ride the aerial ropeway to get a great view of the entire place from above. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa is another major attraction over here. You can also attend the cultural music and dance festival over here every December.

Vaishali is also a great pilgrim destination for both the Jains and the Buddhists. Lord Buddha used to visit this place very often. A famous Lion Pillar is built here by Ashoka during the 3rd century BC. Lord Mahavira is said to have been born in this place. You can visit the archaeological museum and the Vishwa Shanti Stupa over here. It is located 60 kilometers from Patna.

Sightseeing in Bihar
Bihar is a great place which has many destinations to be explored during your vacation. Patna, Gaya, Nalanda, Peace Pagoda and various other places which can be seen. The great dynasties and their cultural and archaeological findings are reflected over here. Rajgir, Nalanda University, and Saptaparni Cave are some of the major sights to be witnessed here.

Outdoor activities in Bihar
There are various outdoor activities which you can try here. Of them, the most famous ones are visiting temples, wildlife sanctuaries, camping, trekking and various others. It has a strategic location and so trekking is the most common activity as it is set amidst the Himalayan mountain area. The waterfalls and the streaming rivers are one of the interesting sights to be seen here. The Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary, the Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary and the Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary are best for bird watching and jungle safari.

Shopping in Bihar
The Tussar silk is most commonly found in Bihar. It is available in the raw form with completely hand woven in nature. You can even buy various collections of Madhubani paintings. These paintings are very popular and depict flora and fauna and the daily life scenes over there. The decorative wall paintings show the mud walls and various other scenes from the village life. Bead jewelry is also found here. Maurya Lok Complex, Vasundhara Metro Mall, P & M Mall, V Mart and Rose Valley are popular places for shopping around Bihar.

Festivals to attend
The Rajgir Mahotsav and the Animal Fair are the most popular festivals celebrated here. There are various other festivals too to be celebrated and that too with a lot of fun and frolic. The Animal fair is a great fair during the month of October or November. The Pataliputra Mahotsav is another great event to be held during the month of March.

Visit the Sonepur Mela
It is a very popular religious gathering in Bihar. Sonepur Mela has a commercial touch to too. It is the biggest livestock fair in the entire world. Clothes, furniture, and handicrafts are all found over here. Millions of people attend this fair every year. Elephants, camels, cows, goats can also be bought from here.

Litti Chokha
Litti Chokha is the most popular dish in Bihar. Although it came into existence for the poor then it reached to the kitchen of many families. It is like their soul food. Many celebrities have even tried this food. It is a very nutritious food and it does not even require frying. It is very inexpensive too.

Batatapuri is a tasty street food of Bihar. It is found in many stalls and delicious too. It is a great form of Chaat. It is easy to make. The main ingredients are easily available too. It has a tangy taste to it which makes it even more likable among the people.

Chana ghugni
Chana ghugni is the cheapest food found in Bihar. It can be consumed by anything dry, like rotis and parathas. It is known as Ghugri in Bihar. It is stomach filling and it is mainly made up of white peas. It is mainly made in the evening in many homes. It is a famous snack in Bihar.

Khaja is a very tasty and mouthwatering dish of Bihar. It is a very crispy item which gives a wafery feel to it. It is a type of puffy dessert. But it is a fried item mixed with sugar syrup. It is sweet in taste and is made in various homes during the festivals and various other occasions.

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