Upon payment for the package, the company would give a provisional confirmation for the package. Then the company will upload in the user login or mail to the user, the vouchers for hotel, local commute and the events. Upon the uploading or delivery of all the vouchers, the website would make the status as complete. You can confirm the package as complete once you have got all the vouchers.
You can pay by debit card, credit card and net banking in the online mode. Payment can be made in cash or cheque in the company’s office. Company is not responsible for making payments in other modes or to dealers or to any other person.
No, our packages do not include these. They only include local transport at the destination. There may be some packages where we provide a combo of ticket and packages.
In some cases, this is permissible. However, a cancellation charge will apply. Please read our cancellation policies. Do call our customer service for details.
No, it’s not possible to do this.
Yes but you must provide their name and other personal details required for booking accurately. Company may not be responsible for any false representation of information. In case of the refund (if any) applicable or cancellation charges will be applied to the person who booked the package.
As of now we offer only standard packages but we have a wide range of options and we are sure that you will find something you like.
Yes, you certainly can.
Bearing in mind, the needs of the group, this cannot be accommodated and we would advise you to stay with the group in unknown terrain.