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Thailand is gifted with salubrious climate, fascinating cultu ure and immaculate beaches. It is one of the happening holiday spots in the world. The Territory of Thailand consists of five geographical regions. Majority of the region is filled with ancient temples, historical monuments, amazing wildlife sanctuaries along with vibrant bars, pubs, bustling shopping malls, skyscrapers and more.





The historic and exotic Shrines of Buddhas, the chronicle and tropical beaches and the wild nightlife, thronging markets and scrumptious food with rich culture and heritage is the whole package of Thailand that can be enjoyed from budget backpackers to luxurious vacationers.

Railay Beach
Krabi houses most beautiful beaches of Thailand. Railay tops the list of beautiful beaches. The powdered white sands, azure blue waters leaving us to feel otherworldly. We can row on a boat to reach the Railay beach from the Town of Krabi and Ao Nang. Beaches remains as the sole reason to visit Railay beach. We can also do some rock-climbing in the huge limestone cliffs or take elephant trekking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and snorkeling or just laze around taking a sunbath . There is also a cave called as Diamond Cave that lets the curious indiana jones and Tomb raiders to explore it when taking a break from the long hour of swim.

Sangkhlaburi holds the true beauties of Thailand like sparkling waters, glistening Shrines, rural villages and exotic jungles. Situated at the foothills along the Vajiralongkorn Lake, the dense forest covered region welcomes us where we can find the old village by scuba diving under the water to find it submerged under the lake due to a flood. Any tourist who visit this rural area must go on a boat ride in misty fog with soft sun rays early in the morning to discover ourselves in a magical world.

Wat Rong Khun
As white as snow the Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Mai capital city of Chiang Rai Province stands mightily boasting off mirror works glimmering in the sun. The white color of the Shrine symbolizes the purity of the Buddha while the glass represents the wisdom and the Dhamma which are two of the teachings of Buddha. The temple holds architectural structures depicting the “the cycle of rebirth” which is a bridge and “Gate of Heaven” which are guarded by Rahu and Sethu, the ubosot which is a ordination hall representing mind ,golden building representing body, the crematorium for the deceased and finally many concrete trees.

Trang is a city that is scattered with tiny islands from the mainland. We can explore Koh Muk holding famous Emerald Cave, the gorgeous Koh Kradan and the very relaxed Koh Libong and Koh Ngai. Every island holds spectacular resorts in economical prices for the tourists providing good services. To experience the stunning landscapes of the countryside with rice fields and unobstructed views with limestone rifts, Trang serves as the best location. We can find a huge reclining buddha outside the Trang in gleaming in gold.

Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan is a perfect island destination that is best for partying all night long in the stretched out beaches. The awesome party is held at every full moon evenings in Haad Rin. We can dig into cheap and fresh scrumptious seafood from the night markets. The rooms would be cheaper when we head there a week early to the party.

Ayutthaya Historical Park
The Ayutthaya historical park consists of the ruins from second capital of Siam which was built in 1350. It earned the name as one of the largest cities of world that fell into catastrophe in 1767 due to the Burmese Army. By the 1960, it was revived with much of its old glory to exhibit the rich culture and architectural styles with roads, baths, markets, temples and canals. It holds three palaces and more than 400 temples with ruins of towers, monasteries and shrines. Many tourists tend to visit the Ayutthaya Kingdom to discover its deep roots into the history.

Khao San Road
For the adrenaline pumped young travellers and backpackers it is a haven with youth hostels where one cannot cross 100 meters without spotting food stalls and night bars. It is cheap and a hip destination for any traveller to peek at the nightlife of the Bangkok.The nightlife of Khao San road is so admiring that it is very hard to leave the city of Bangkok.

Tom Kha Gai
It is a dish that is made up of sliced galangal, shallots, lemongrass and strips of chicken. The spiciness is reduced through the addition of coconut milk which is then garnished with fresh lime leaves.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai or Phat Thai is a stir fried noodles with shrimps, fish sauce, bean sprouts, flat noodles, onion and eggs and raw banana flowers is the most popular dishes of Thailand.

Yam Nua
It is a salad that is made up of onion, coriander, spearmint, lime, dried chili and tender strips of beef that excites our taste buds and brings the best taste of the yam.

Thailand as well as Bangkok is humid throughout the year. However, in the months of November to March, the temperature drops as low to 21°C. It is the most busiest season to visit Thailand & Bangkok where as the july to August is the rainy season for Thailand that can also be enjoyed by us in various ways. If we ignore the heavy rains and packed up with good gears we can find cheap accommodations and flight tickets because of the off season.

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