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This is really a decent inquiry in the first place. Because it's never hard to persuade anybody with regards to this. The across the board blue shorelines, the nature's exotiic excellence, the vergin wildernesses and the ideal atmosphere to ignite all the sentiment in the world.And more than anything this amazing magnificence is recorded under UNESCO Nature's Reserve.





The warm climate, enchanting trees, rich marine life and picturesque beaches with cushy sandbanks is a pleasant experience that should be enjoyed by every tourist. The major three islands that should be enjoyed mainly are the Mahe, Praslin and La Digue which remains as the economic, cultural and tourist hub that provides the needed privacy and seclusion for the tourists to enjoy the best vacation in Seychelles. Of course, one shouldn’t miss out the cuisine of Seychelles called as Seychellois Creole cuisine.

Anse Lazio
While we reach the Praslin island, the first and the foremost thing we need to do is paying a visit to the Anse Lazio Beach which is popular for its long stretched shores and turquoise waters. It is the best tourist beach for going on snorkeling into the deep blue sea to explore a vivid range of coral reefs and stunning underwater life. It is one of those places where we admire the sunset as a bright huge real life wallpaper. We could visit this beach either in the dawn or in late afternoon to have the whole beach just for yourself.
Beau Vallon
Beau Vallon is known for its water sports happening in the country. This beach located in Mahe attracts the tourists with its still waters and adventure sports like the diving, boating, snorkeling and scuba diving being the safer beach for deep sea diving and swimming. For a more relaxed day out, just relax out in the sun or head out to the pop up shops, restaurants and hotels nearby.
Anse Intendance
At a distance of 15 kms from airport, the most popular beach of the country Anse Intendance is perfect for surfing and sunbathing. The powdered white sands and stunning boulders made of granite rocks mesmerizes the eyes of the tourists. When the reefs are not abundant, the waves hits the shore more stronger and larger and hence it attracts a huge number of surfers to take on the waves and showcase their talents in surfing.
Victoria is the capital city of Seychelles portraying the vibrant lifestyle of Seychellois and the culture of Creole . It is one among the smallest capitals of the world with higher population. We could visit the whole of Victoria within a day by exploring town’s old colonial structures, replica of London’s Big Ben and drench into the local lifestyle of the Seychellois in Sir Selwyn Clarke Market along with the Seychelles National Botanical gardens, a small Hindu temple Arulmigu Navasakti Vinayagar Temple and the National History Museum.
La Digue Island
The La Digue island in Seychelles is one of the places that offers a great pink sand beaches that is not so crowded as expected. It is calm, pristine, beautiful, charming and mesmerizing which words are not sufficient to explain the real beauty of this beach. The granite boulders and the slanted and tangled palm trees provides a romantic symphony composing the whole nature visually. Just stay from dawn to dusk in complete seclusion and enjoy the sunset to the fullest without blinking to have a best day to remember and cherish forever.
Vallee de Mai Natural Reserve
The UNESCO recognized world heritage site is a forest with incredible flora and fauna which is one of the two recognized UNESCO sites. It houses more than 6000 Coco de Mer trees that are the endemic species of this island and also houses a natural park which is a paradise for the bird lovers showcasing vibrant and colorful birds flying high above the island’s sky. Amidst the colorful birds we are able to observe the unique species which is the endangered black parrot. A guided tour to this nature reserve lets us to enjoy the authentic beauty of this place.
Fresh grilled fish
Fish becomes the staple food for Seychellois since it is home to numerous number of tropical fishes. The freshly caught fish is sold in the markets of Victoria or in the seashores with a conch shell blown in the air signalling that the fish has arrived for sale. It is later cleansed, rubbed with spice mix and grilled on hot stove with cuts in the skin stuffed with ginger, garlic and chilli. The Barracuda tastes perfectly when cooked in the BBQ style.
Coconut curry
It is a curry, often based around masala spices, curry leaves, hot chillies and lots of freshly made coconut cream with key ingredients being day Bat and goat. Now, it can be reinvented with chicken and fish, sometimes the Seychellois love their food hot with Octopus.
April, May, October and November are the best months to visit Seychelles since it is the transition time of northwest trade winds which are hot and humid and the cooler southeast trade winds marks the months of April through October. It gives the perfect weather for sunbathing, wildlife watching and scuba diving. We are also able to avoid the heavy crowds in the months of December, January, July and August.

Seychelles houses two major airports called Seychelles International Airport in Victoria and Praslin Island Airport where the primary point of entry being SEZ Airport. All major international airports connects the Seychelles through British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airways, and Turkish Airlines. The 400 kms of roadways connects the islands in Seychelles. Except the roads outside the major cities are poorly maintained. Bike rentals are the best option to travel around Seychelles.

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