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Maldives, of late, has come across to be recognized as an amazing tourist destination and the deman nd for Maldives Tour Packages is on the rise. Maldives tour packages have come to the forefront of what is being shot by a lot of tourists all across the world. Maldives is a very complete tourist destination. It is a great option for any kind of a vacation, be it family trip, or or or romantic holiday, or just a time off from your tight schedules. Maldives also gives a lot of attractions of diverse varieties, like historic sites, places of worship, and more importantly beaches and adventure! For a good Maldives tour package, all these elements of touring Maldives are essential!





The Republic of Maldives houses 26 naturally formed atolls with island chains where each and every island is surrounded by blue lagoons with turquoise waters. The republic Square, Islamic Centre, Friday Mosque, Medhu Ziyaaraiy Shrine, Sultan Park, National Museum and the Tsunami monument are some major attractions of the Male city. We can move around the islands through speed boats and public ferry rides or through the sea planes. The string of islands are known for its rich coral reefs and great underwater life. Maldives is a idyllic place for destination wedding, jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, underwater spas and yoga, honeymoon have, parasailing and kite surfing. We can also learn about the people and culture of Maldives through Island Hopping, visiting the heritage sites and museums.

Male Hukuru Miskiiy
It is a old Friday mosque that dates back to 1656 which is located in a short distance from President's residence, Muliaage in the capital of Male. The building was built using the coral stones and interior features a well refined works on wood with lacquer finish. We can spot some 17th century cemeteries with coral made headstones. It is a place that is allowed for a visit through prior permission from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.
Tsunami Monument
It was devastating morning for the South Asian countries on 26th december,2004 because of the 9.3 magnitude of earthquake that happened under the sea led to a huge Tsunami waves of 100 feet heights. Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia and India were the countries that was affected by this natural calamity which took many lives and complete deterioration of the properties. This Tsunami Monument was built to remember the dark day and the lost lives in Male. The architecture of the monument signifies the important features of the island. The 20 steel created balls symbolizes the atolls and the tall design to signify the high waters of Tsunami. The iron rods that are placed vertically in the centre is engraved with names of the lives lost . It remains as the tragic monument but also a reminder of hope to survive again from the huge catastrophe. An evening stroll is the best time to visit it along with the orange sunset.
National Museum
It is a place that excites all the history buffs to visit. The National Museum of Maldives was once a palace of the Sultan of Maldives situated in Male. It was open to the public during the Maldivian National Day, in 1952 to know the significant past of this island nation. It was a three storey building which was demolished by a fire and yet stands tall as a two storey building. The renovation for the building was sponsored by the Chinese government in the year 2010. The museum displays a huge collection of arts and artifacts from the times of Buddhism till the now formed nation of Islam.
Island Hopping

Maldives comprises of many islands that are quite apart from each other. The popular commercial islands are Alimatha, Mirihi, Kudahuvadhoo, Gan and Hulhule. It hosts many uninhabited and inhabited islands that can be explored through seaplanes or a day tour through the ferries to explore the true lifestyle of the Maldivians and to converse with the local community for a better understanding of the people and their culture. Gan remains as the largest island of the Maldives and Kudahuvadhoo holds the ruins of ancient Buddhist temples. Mirihi is an island that hosts water villas and stunning reefs which earned its name from a local flower while Alimatha is another island that offers best snorkelling experience for the tourists.
Underwater Spa

Maldives remains as home to the first ever underwater spa of the world. After a 25 minute speed boat ride from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, we reach to the underwater spa that is comprised of two glass-walled underwater treatment rooms with stunning views of the coral reefs and schools of fishes. The interior of the room is designed by the inspiration of colours and textures of Sea. we can get a relaxed spa treatment for 3 hours with island coconut, lime and other mineral oils while gazing at the clownfish, stingrays and other unrealistic marine life. A spa treatment is a must thing to do in Maldives by every tourist to enjoy after being hauled for a long time.

We don’t have to spend any kind of amount for snorkeling in maldives. Just grab your snorkeling gears and a waterproof camera and start swimming deep through the oceans with rich coral reefs that are awaiting to be explored. The HP reef, Banana reefs and the Maanta Points are some of the places where we can explore good coral reefs and also best place to do scuba diving.
Beach Combing

Taking a stroll on the seashore is indeed a most blissful thing to do in Maldives. Making a shell necklace out of our collections, spotting the footprints of the seabirds or just gaze at the stars and the waves at night brings in a pleasant feel into our hearts and our minds. We could even spot turtles crawling slowly on the sand. For a better admiration of the sealife, we can go on a turtle walk by joining with the NGOs working there for doing some volunteer service while we enjoy the serene beauty of the tropical life. We can also do wakeboarding, surfing, dolphin and whale watching, crab racing,etc…
Maldives are hot and sunny all around the year letting the tourists to enjoy it as a winter retreat. The November to April are the best months to visit Maldives. The peak season comes during the months of December to March which will be difficult for budget travellers since the anything and everything would be expensive.

This island can be reached through flights to Malé International Airport – the prime airport in the Maldives which can be reached from all the major cities of India like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore. Chennai and Kochi offers direct flights where as the other cities are reached through transit points. Major airlines like Indigo, Spicejet, Jet Airways, Air India, and Sri Lankan Airlines and international airlines like Cathay Pacific, Hahn Air, British Airways, Qatar Airways offers regular flight services to Maldives. Maldives through a cruise is a best experience for the Ocean lovers. The turquoise waters, islands and atolls provides joy and pleasure quite often while travelling through water. The cruise ships from Mumbai to Kochi offer the travel through waterways to reach this magical wonderland called as Maldives.

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