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Are you planning for a trip to Malaysia? Well, while roaming around Singapore or Thailand, ensure t to purchase Malaysia holiday package. Malaysia is populated by a mix of Indians, Chinese, Malays and ethnic groups. The country holds a wealthy cultural heritage ranging from huge collection of wonderful cuisines and annual festivals to rural crafts and traditional culture. It has astonishing natural beauty that includes some of the oldest tropical rainforest in the world and gorgeous beaches - all of which make it an amazing destination for a holiday package!





One of the aspects in which Malaysia can offer a competitive edge when it comes to savings is in lines of accommodation. Hotels in Malaysia could be available as cheap as 31 USD per night. They are located in places that could be marginally remote, but the accessibility options that are quite good in Malaysia do not hamper the intensity of your enjoyment in anyway. These kind of places are available at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and even Langkawi. An exploration on the budget hotels of Malaysia would yield a lot of options for you. If not, leave it to us to optimise your cost of accommodation in Malaysia. Sampath is accommodation options have even and Infinity Pool and a rooftop bar that is open until late in the night, and these factors of being economic do not hamper the desire for your fun in Malaysia in anyway. We also would take care that the cost that is saved in the accommodation that not get spent in transportation!
All this constraint of being on a cheap Malaysia tour package, you can still visit a lot of amazing places in Malaysia that will make your Malaysia tour quite memorable. A few of the places that you can visit our the Kuala Lumpur selangor Turf Club, the bird Park, the China Town and a lot of places where you can try amazing and authentic Malaysian food!

Kuala Lumpur selangor turf
Malaysia is a place that is quite incline to any kind of Sporting event, and horse riding and horse racing are not exceptions. To keep up with this sport, Malaysia has created a few exclusive places that are completely dedicated to hosting these kinds of events and these events could go as much as about 30 days as per year. Situated at the Klang Valley in selangor, this turf is one of the best places to experience horse racing in Malaysia. Best part is the mardis experiences do not cost much, and this gives you a complete feel of what the Sporting culture in Malaysia is all about.

Bird park in Malaysia
The bird park in Malaysia in the Lake Gardens area is one of the best places to visit in Malaysia if you are into the cheap Malaysia tourist packages. This is a place where you can find the Orchid Garden, The Butterfly Park and the bird park. Needless to say and as the name implies, it is the home to a lot of colourful flowers and butterflies and birds of different species. It is a treat for people who love nature, and definitely for the ones who are in here on a cheater Malaysia tour package. This place is not just about birds and butterflies, but also fishes. The aquarium is an oceanarium that is located at the Kuala Lumpur convention centre. You can find a large number of aquatic animals including fishes, Turtles dolphins and Sharks. This is quite a place that you should not miss out on a Malaysia package.

If you are an art enthusiast, the National Art Gallery and the national Museum gives you A Pinch of experience about the art scene in Malaysia. The Museum is an excellent showcase of Malaysia history, economy, Geography, cultural arts and crafts. If you have a religious inclination, you can also consider visiting the Islamic Arts Museum which houses decorative Islamic art not only from Malaysia but also from the entire planet!

China Town As the name implies, China Town is the home to a lot of Markets and it is a great place for you to experience China and Malaysia. There are a lot of things that also Chinese including but not limited to shopping options, food and even a few art shows. The odd thing that you can find in China Town is the Maha Mariamman temple which is the temple dedicated to the Hindu God Mariamman.

At Malaysia, you are never far away from your home made. With a Metropolis like Kuala Lumpur, you are never far away from any quiz in of the world. However, a few places that you will need to try are the spice Garden, the Aryan restaurant and the Saravana Bhavan. You can also try a lot of Malaysia Chinese restaurants that are seen all around the place. This place is not only give you an experience of the authentic food, but also make sure that it does not cost a lot!

Malaysia lies to the north of equator and it enjoys a semi shop mm. It is a great summer destination, and it is hot throughout the year. This could be a great welcome aspect if you would like to enjoy the beaches of Malaysia. There are chances that it would rain at any time of the year, but these intermittent spells should not affect the intensity of the enjoyment when you are going on and economics tour package to Malaysia. During the month of September and October, the destinations like a penang and Langkawi might have intense rain Falls, and at this time, it is strongly suggested that you take it to the east coast. Anything said and done, climate shouldn't be something that will deter the intensity of enjoyment of your cheap Malaysia tour package.

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