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Kerala is blessed with a coastline of about 580 km, and is bordered by the Arabian Sea on one side completely. This unique landscape of Kerala has given rise to a lot of backwaters, beaches and even brackish water lakes. In all this, we just stand out as a distinct attraction of Kerala, promising an enchanting and enthralling Kerala Beach Tour. The beaches are of different flavours including but not limited to be executed, laid back, coconut Garden, commercial and even beaches with churches. Nice beaches of Kerala give you a flavour of romance in everything. The tropical warm weather, the hammocks, the umbrellas, the coconut tree and the Cocktail that you can sleep under the shades of these trees are definitely moments that you will Treasure for your lifetime. Here are a few beaches in Kerala that you should make an integral part of your Kerala tour package.





Kerala - The Land of Beauty

Kerala is known as the land of beauty and Gods own country. It is famous for its serenity and tranq quillity. It is one of the major tourist attraction in India that needs to be visited on an economic travel package. It is filled with domestic and foreign tourists all the year round. It is said that Kerala is the gift of the Arabian Sea.

The exotic beaches, the beautiful hillsides and the cascading waterfalls make Kerala one of the most enchanting places with natural sceneries that can be enjoyed in a cheap Kerala tour package. It is like a little paradise of the earth with lush greenery all around and evergreen rainforests. The coconut based food items need to be relished.

There are many beautiful lakes in Kerala. The shopping places, the marketing areas and the museums are some of the other major tourist attractions in Kerala.

The Best of Beaches

Kerala has some of the most exotic beaches. It enriches all the gifts given by God. It offers some of the most exquisite and exotic beaches. Here one can just relax under the sun on the beaches or can just explore the beaches. Some of the most popular beaches are the Kovalam, Varkala and Cherai.

The beaches are very popular for adventurous water sports like rafting, surfing and others. Kerala is one of the best places for scuba diving and snorkelling. The ocean water sports attract a large number of tourists every year.

How Can You Spend Your Leisure Time In Kerala?

In Kerala, one can do a large number of activities. The backwater boat ride is a must when you visit Kerala. Having the boat ride in Kerala is the most beautiful experience that one can ever have.
Eravikulam National Park is where a rich collection of wildlife can be seen, and is a must-visit place on a cheap Kerala Tour Package. It is famous for Nilgiri Tahr.
In Kumbalangi Tourism Village, one can experience the feel of the Eco-friendly village. Here one can spend an entire day amidst the rustic environment.
Are you feeling tired or wish to rejuvenate your body and mind? In Kerala, one can experience a rich taste of herbal practices. You can explore high Ayurvedic treatment for a lot of ailments. It is a perfect place to seek that.

How To Reach Kerala?

Kerala can be reached by air, rail or bus. The Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and the Kochi International Airport connects flights to all the major cities all over the world.
There are a huge number of trains which connect all over the major cities in India. It has a strong network of railways. Buses are available from all the nearby states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Mangalore, Mysore and Bangalore also connect a large number of buses which are frequent and comfortable.

Major Attractions In Kerala

Alleppey Beach
This is the most beautiful beach to be visited in Kerala. This beach has a lighthouse which is the main attraction in this place. Here you can enjoy serenity, peace and tranquillity- all in one destination.
Atukkad Waterfall
It is the most popular waterfall in Munnar. It is one of the major tourist attraction in Kerala. The scenic beauty deserves admiration.
Chinese Fishing Nets
It shows the friendly relation between China and India. It is an icon for Kochi. It is one of the must-watch sites in Kerala.
Echo Point
This is a small area which is set in the middle of the forest and the lake of Kerala. It is a perfect place which facilitates echo. It is visited by the tourists very often.
Mattancherry Palace
The Portuguese had gift Mattancherry Palace as a gift to the Maharaja of Kochi. In this old palace, one can still find the costumes and the throne of the Maharaja.
Pallipuram Fort
Pallipuram Fort was built by the Portuguese. It is a heritage museum now which is visited by a number of tourists.
Paradesi Synagogue
It was basically built for all the Jews who came from Jerusalem. It is one of the oldest synagogues in India which is still in a working condition. This synagogue is a blend of Hindu and Christian architecture which makes it so unique.
Top Station
Top station is the highest point in Munnar and it is very beautiful. It offers a great view of the Western Ghats. It would be best if this place is visited during the monsoons as it remains overcast with clouds which is a unique experience.
It is one of the longest lakes in India. It is one of the most favorite tourist spots in Kerala.

The Must Eat Items of Kerala

There are 7 types of thali to be tasted in Kerala. They are all traditional thali with all authentic Keralan food. The Kerala biryani should be tried in Alleppey. It is very tasty as well as pocket-friendly.
Chemmeen is another dish which is popular in Kottayam.
There’s a huge choice of local tea differently flavored. It’s very tasty and aromatic. There are a wide variety of sweet items in Kerala which is delicious and can be relished.

Shopping Centres In Kerala

Centre Square Mall is very popular in Kochi. It has the finest of national as well as international brands. Jayalaxmi silks is another place which is very popular for sarees. It has a huge collection of sarees of traditional designs.
The Jew town is famous for its huge collection of antiques. The Lulu Mall is the largest mall in all over India. It has a huge food court and a huge ice skating rink.
There are many National and international brands to choose from over there. Tribes India is a government shop in Kerala which is popular for selling artifacts and souvenirs which are collected from the tribals in the nearby village areas.

Restaurants In Kerala

Engage yourself in the pleasuring and entertaining boat fights famous all over the Kerala.It is one of the most prominent sites in the state.
• Villa Maya (Trivandrum) is a very popular restaurant in Kerala. It has the perfect setting of 18th-century Dutch places.
• The Malabar Junction (Kochi) is another popular eat out in Kerala. It is set in an open-sided pavilion which is decorated with white tableclothed tables.
• Dal Roti (Kochi) is an Indian restaurant in Kerala which is popular for its friendly staff and mouthwatering dishes.
• The Ginger House (Kochi) is an amazing waterfront restaurant. It is located behind a massive godown. This restaurant is popular for its ambiance as well as food.
• The Bait Restaurant at Vivanta in the Samudra Beach is a very popular restaurant which is famous for seafood delicacies.
• The Chakara Restaurant at Raheem Residency (Alapuzzha) is one of the finest restaurants in Alleppey.
• The Kashi Art Cafe in Fort Kochi is popular for its ambiance which is natural air filled and has mouthwatering dishes. Mushroom one of the popular mouth-watering delicacies served here.

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