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Jordan — a strange goal with Israel to its west and Saudi Arabia and Iraq to its east — isn't some tea; and the individuals who get the opportunity to taste it once yearn for additional. The accompanying best places to visit in Jordan can clarify what influences vagabonds to originate from great distances abroad to investigate the kingdom.





Jordan Tourism

Jordan, a city with 2000 years of deep biblical history that is situated in the Middle East that is bordered by Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea, Palestine, Israel, and Iraq. The earliest settlements of mankind, the relics of the great civilizations from the world can be found in this very Land. It served as the middleground for Asia, Africa and Europe. It was and is significant for its role in trade and communications connecting all directions. Nicknamed as the “Lawrence of Arabia” is a packed ground with grand structures signifying the old civilisations. It is a great tourist destination for the history buffs and architecture lovers.

Best Jordan Tour Packages at Visiit

VISIIT Holidays concentrates on making a cheap and affordable packages to Jordan so that the budget travellers and backpackers explore the country in an economical way. The vacation can be best enjoyed when the expenses favours our purse. And VISIIT helps in making that need to get satisfied.

Jordan doesn’t disappoint any tourist since ages. The World Heritage Sites, quaint towns and desert dunes makes the tourists to run wild in excitement. The country that was payed a visit by travellers around the world like the Nabataean tradesmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies along with the zealous Crusaders marked their visit with wonderful monuments of Petra, Roman ruins, The Lawrence desert and of course a dip in the dead sea wouldn’t be regretted by any of us. It is a safe haven for all the refugees from Palestinian Territories, Iraq and recently Syria.

The Petra
The Petra which was constructed in the historic days holds its distinctive nature as half built and half carve on the rock which is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This is the most popular tourist attraction of Jordan which emphasizes the history and culture of the Rose city. A city that is praised for its history, a city whose name is etched all over the Bible, a city that offers extraordinary archaeological sites, a city that was undefeated until the Romans came. It is the city that mastered in technology where the Nabataeans constructed a fully functional water system for the city. It holds the structures of crooked long Siq, Treasury, the Temple of Winged Lions, the Great Temple and also a dam that should be paid a mandatory visit to indulge in the true essence of the Petra. The lost city was discovered by a Swiss explorer in the year 1812. Petra was constructed in 312 BC which came under the Roman rule in 105 A.D that was completely abandoned by the 7th century.

The capital of Jordan is the most modernized city of Jordan. It is built upon the seven hills and is a culmination of old and new tourist attractions. This commercial hub of the city is where we could find modern architectural buildings, cafes, fine dining restaurants, art galleries and museums that synchronizes with the coffee shops, outdoor markets and artisan workshops. The city is located in the hilly area between the desert and the fertile land of Jordan. The uniformed white gridded houses, tree lined streets co exist with the corbelled streets with ancient ruins of amphitheatres and buildings. The people are so friendly and take pride in showcasing their distinct city that holds a significant history and multicultural value to it.

Dead Sea
This Jordan rift valley is must visit place just to float in the water all day long where we don't even have to move a muscle. It is a picturesque landscape with exotic beauty which is the lowest point on earth with many rivers falling into the sea. These water doesn’t have any other escape except to evaporate leaving the salts to settle densely in the land. These salts are used by many industries for its fine minerals, agriculture and medicinal benefits. The sea water contains salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and several others creating the health benefits for the tourists. The pitch black mud makes our skin to get nourished and rejuvenated which the tourists love to mask their faces and have loads of fun.

Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum is an infinite place where the time stand still giving the vibes of Prince of Persia: The sands of time. It is the untouched beauty where the dunes and sun are the real skyscrapers and Camelback rides being the limousine cars. The monolithic rock mountains remains as the true challenge for any rock climbers. We can enjoy the vast expanded deserts and grand canyons with water holes comprising of 4000-year-old rock arts and many treasures hidden deep within it. There are also other adventure activities like the hot air balloon rides, Abseiling, hang gliding,etc.. To enjoy a perfect sunset in gorgeous red sands.

Spring months of Jordan is the best suited time to visit since it offers a pleasant weather which is great for sightseeing. The months of March to May are perfect offering warm days and cold nights and the summer months from June - August are hot and humid which is difficult to visit the desert regions of Jordan while September - February are the winter months which does not favour the campers through rain showers and snow.

The national dish of Jordan is made with rice,meat of lamb, jameed which is a goats cheese with a tangy taste to it in which the meat is fermented with milk yoghurt and made in a gravy that later poured over the rice.

Falafel is made with a combination of ground chickpeas added with spices and fried till golden brown which is a very common street food of Jordan. It is stuffed into bread and can be had like a sandwich with some veggies.

Hummus is the most popular middle eastern food all over the world. The chickpeas are soaked, boiled and peeled which is then added with cooked garlic and lime juice and salt is added drop by drop while it is pureed and a spoonful of Tahini is added with a little cold water.

The craze for shawarma never ends. It is the most common food in jordan which is made with lamb, beef or chicken. The thin layers of meat is stacked as pile in a skewer which is cooked slowly in heat as the skewer rotates slowly. The outer layer that is cooked is sliced with a sharp sword which is wrapped inside a flatbread with garlic sauce or tahini and pickled vegetables.

Jordan can be reached through roadways from the nearby countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, West Bank and the Gaza. We can either take a cab or hire a taxi to reach Jordan. The Hejaz railway line from Damascus from Syria connects to the capital city Amman in Jordan. The Queen Alia International Airport services Jordan with regular flights from Europe, Middle East, North America, North Africa and the Far East.

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