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Located far off from the noisy hustle bustle of developed civilizations, Bhutan has accomplished to o recollect its natural heritage and timeless charm. It is the most scenic region in Asia. It comes under the Himalayan kingdom. It is renowned for its graceful purity and grand simplicity.





Bhutan, the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation of the world is loved by nature lovers, pilgrims and cultural history enthusiasts. The mix of Buddhism and Buddhism is found in Bhutan where the schools teach Dzongkha along with English and other languages. The Tshechu is a widely celebrated festival of the Bhutanese. The country’s traces can be found in the writings of Mahayana Buddhism that was introduced during the 7th century.

Jakar Dzong
The Jakar Dzong is a fort located in the Jakar town of Bhutan which is also known as “white fortress” when a white bird flew upon the hill to point the Dzong site. It was built by the first Shabdrung great grandfather which now acts as a centre of administration and the regional monk body of Bumthang district. It charms every visitor giving a stunning view of the Chokhor Valley which is visible from any part of the Chokar town. It is this very place where the famous Jakar Tshechu festival happens every year.

Ta Dzong
Ta Dzong is another Dzong that is located right above the Trongsa Dzong which was once used as a watchtower for guarding the district from chaos and conflicts. There are four particular points to observe in this watchtower which houses a museum with art, craft and other items that are important for the Bhutanese people. Tourists can enjoy the documentaries and the yearly meditation session in the Dzong, also gets captivated by a temple enroute to the Dzong which was dedicated to the hero and protector King Gesar.

Nyelung Dechenling
It is a temple which is one of the eight residences of Nyingma Dzogchen which is located near Amankora Gangtey Resort. We can delight our souls with historic tales and fascinating relics and observe the picture called Thangka that contains the handprints of Master Longchen. There is a old cypress tree with a legend saying it was the master’s walking stick from which the tree was formed. There is also another chapel dedicated to the protector of Dzogchen called Rahula. The water from the springs is said to have cured many diseases and mind illnesses. Be sure to dress properly since Buddhists are so sophisticated.

Gangtey Goemba
Perched on top of the hill, it offers a breathtaking view of the whole Phobjikha Valley. It is a very important site since it is related to the saint Pema Lingpa who is considered as the reincarnation of Guru Rinpoche, the person who introduced Buddhism in the country. It is home to one of the largest Buddhist halls in Bhutan. The Black necked crane festival and Gangtey Tshechu are the two major festivals that are widely celebrated by the Bhutanese.

Paro Taktsang
We could easily identify this monastery since it will be the first image that pops up in our computers when searching for Bhutan. It is one of the oldest and most sacred monastery that is sandwiched on the valley’s cliff which is famously known as the Tiger's Nest that is located at a height of 1000 metres. The legend narrates that Guru Rinpoche landed on a back of the tiger in this very land. We can reach this monastery after a 10 km travel from the town of Paro and hike to the top for another 2-4 hours else we could take a mule ride halfway to the top. The monastery was damaged due to a fire in 1951 yet it did not lose its significance and serves as a perfect place for doing some meditation.

Ema datshi
Ema Datshi is a dish that is made with red or green chillies thinly sliced and cooked with datshi which is a bhutanese cheese with onions and tomatoes. The local Bhutanese eat it as a stew and they eat this to make themselves sweat in the cold weather.

Phaksha paa
Pork is loved by the bhutanese among the other meat being the beef and yak. Strips of boneless pork shoulders are simmered with radish ginger, bok choy, chili powder and ofcourse the hot red chillies with mountain vegetables that is later served with hot bowl of rice.

Red Rice
Everywhere we go, we could find the main dish as the red rice. It is the staple food for the Bhutanese how bread is for the americans and falafel is for the middle east and idli and roti is for the Indians. They grow red rice which is rich with mineral glacier water . Once the rice is cooked properly, it turns to lighter shade of red or pink and becomes sticky.

The winter months of Bhutan which is December to March are the best time to visit Bhutan. They provide good weather with warm valleys and clear skies of the incredible Himalayas. The monsoon months of July to November are best for the scenic views in Bhutan with moderate rainfall making it more lush greener destination. The summer months of Bhutan from April to June are pleasant with valleys blooming and dancing with colorful flowers making it a good time to visit.
Paro International Airport is the only airport allowing us to enter Bhutan through air while the domestic airports are Gelephu Airport, Yonphula and Bathpalathang Airport. The National Air Carrier of Bhutan, Druk Air provides regular flight services from Kolkata , Delhi , Gaya , Bangkok, Kathmandu and Dhaka. Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jongkhar are the land routes to Bhutan where we can take a taxi or public buses to Bhutan while there are no direct train routes to Bhutan.

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