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Bangkok, by a considerable distance, is the Number One travel destination for the world. It is not a surprise that people would want to visit this diverse and picturesque city on a Bangkok tour package. Bangkok is a perfect confluence of what all a tourist destination is supposed to have places of worship, places of historical importance, hot spots for shopping and parties, and Pristine beaches! A key property of the best Bangkok tour package is that it covers all the above said aspects of the city!





Bangkok is a city that is rich in its tradition, culture and lifestyle that have a great influence in its buildings and people. To simply quote, it fulfills every type of tourist who likes to admire the beauty of Bangkok. Sukhothai
For the history buffs, this UNESCO World Heritage City houses ancient ruins and temples that fills us with breathtaking scenes. To experience the authentic feel of Thai civilisation, Sukhothai is a must visit that shines with rural life of the thai with undaunted charm. It is a historic park giving the vibes of the temple run game or the uncharted for the PS gamers featuring Wat Mahathat, Wat Si Chum and the Wat Phra Pai Luang. We could choose a homestay for affordable rates and to feel the real taste of the daily life of Thai people.

Hua Hin
Hua Hin is a hidden treasure for the backpackers to experience the untainted nature. Take a trek to the popular Pala-U Waterfall and a thousand year old forest to explore the rugged natural scenes in Kaeng Krachan National Park by hiking or through a boat ride in the basin or the much enjoyed route strolling into the monsoon valley vineyards. There is also much more to be explored right in the land of Hua Hin. We can take a bus or a train ride to the Santorini amusement park in the laps of Thailand.

Koh Chang Why go to Phuket and Krabi and spend a hefty sum for a beach getaway when we can find the same right in Koh Chang? We can take up the combined bus and ferry ride to Koh Chang/Koh Kood/Koh Mak from the vicinity of Khao San Road and become a mowgli from the jungle book swinging onto the tree trunks and go whooshing in the zip lines else dive into the turquoise oceans and snorkel all the way until you swoon to discover amazing corals and shoals and schools of fishes.

Jim Thompson House
The residence of a middle aged american called Jim Thompson is a property with lush gardens that is surrounded by a compound holding six teakwood houses which were shifted from Ayutthaya and Bangkok Baan Krua community proves as an example for Southeast Asian art and cultural heritage. He retired from military and settled down in Thailand and rendered his life into the art of Thai silk – then a dying cottage industry .His villa holds many antiques and masterpieces like the 17th century Buddha, Belgian chandelier, Italian marble tiles, Benjarong porcelain ware, Chinese mahjong tables, ornate window panels and four Burmese guardian spirits called “Nats”.

Damnoen Saduak floating market
Bangkok holds a huge surprise for the tourists especially this floating market where we can paddle through the water on the countryside to indulge in the pretty little lifestyle of the Thai people selling colorful handicrafts and fresh fruits and vegetables along with hot foods steaming inside huge vessels on boats. The succulent jackfruit and the fresh coconut ice cream just melts in our mouth. We can also explore the coconut farm to observe the process of making sugar from the coconuts. We can take paddle boats or we can cruise through the market by the guide boats as per our wish.

Bang Kra Jao Bang Kra Jao is one of the places that provides the best wildlife experience through its adventure activities. It is quite an offbeat place for the wander souls who loves seclusion feeling the vibes of journey to the mysterious island. We can cycle our way to the local villages and admire the skyline without getting obstructed by the skyscrapers. Enjoy the fresh blooms spreading fragrance and colorful fruits enroute to an ancient Temple that showing its age as hundreds and hundreds of years through the withered paint and ruined bricks.

Bangkok is humid throughout the year. However, in the months of November to March, the temperature drops as low to 21°C. It is the most busiest season to visit Bangkok where as the july to August is the rainy season for bangkok that can also be enjoyed by us in various ways. If we ignore the heavy rains and packed up with good gears we can find cheap accommodations and flight tickets because of the off season.

Tom Kha Gai
It is a dish that is made up of sliced galangal, shallots, lemongrass and strips of chicken. The spiciness is reduced through the addition of coconut milk which is then garnished with fresh lime leaves.

Khao Pad
It is a fried rice that is made with egg, onion and herbs. It is a simple and elegant dish that is dressed with slices of cucumber and lime wedge. It is a culmination of prawns, chicken, crabs, chillies and other leftovers making a peasant dish into a gastronomic dish.

Yam Nua
It is a salad that is made up of onion, coriander, spearmint, lime, dried chili and tender strips of beef that excites our taste buds and brings the best taste of the yam.

We can reach Bangkok from Chennai by taking a flight to Bangkok through Srilankan Airways, Indigo and Thai Airways and from Kolkata by going on a road trip that is surely enjoyed by the travellers or through flight to Suvarnabhumi Airport which is the main airport of Bangkok or to the Don Mueang International Airport.

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