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Planning on an amazing Bali Travel Package? Situated in the warm streams of Indian Ocean, the beaut tiful island Bali stands alone with its incomparable beauty and lushness. It is a portion of Coral Triangle. It is one among the 17,500 islands with colorful neighbors around. It has the largest collection of marine species. The coral reefs surrounding the island make it as a spectacular sight. Though the island is small in size, it is covered by the Hindu minority. It is a dream island with beautiful panorama, resort water activity, villas, hotels, volcanoes, rice paddies and much more.





The island is a retreat paradise with all the nature’s perfectly chiseled beauty and houses the marvellous Balinese culture, tradition and exceptional cuisine. The scenic drives, beaches, mountain peaks and rich coral and marine life beckons us with its deep mark in our hearts standing forever.

Temples of Bali plays a huge role in the significance of Bali culture. It nearly holds 10,000 Bali temples in this tiny little island among which the nine directional temples are admired for its location across the island. It holds a legendary myth where according to the Bali culture, these temples were built to protect the Balinese from the evil spirits. The Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the famous temples in Bali reminiscing the deep history the island. Every temple has a protected inner sanctum where rituals are made for the deities. The Tanah Lot temples are other significant temples in Bali giving out the wow factor to the tourists.
Gitgit Waterfall
After reaching Bali, the first thing one must do is taking a dip in the Gitgit waterfalls. The trek is so thrilling for the tourists giving us the feel of amazon forests. The cascade glistens with glamorous beauty with the rocks and shrubs surrounding it. We can also take a tour to the nearby local shops and taste the Bali food called Laklak which is a cake that is submerged in coconut milk and syrup.
Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali
It is the most primary museum to acquire the knowledge of Balinese culture. It is a Kaleidoscope that lets us to admire the Balinese traditions through different platforms of tradition and culture. It is a huge building holding the treasures of Bali with historical and cultural artefacts from Bali. The traditional music of Bali is played in the background when the collection sare explored by the tourists. This music which they play is made out of Bamboo giving a feel of Tribal life. It is best enjoyed during late afternoon as there will be less crowd and quieter.
Bali Bird and Reptile Park
For all the bird lovers and reptile admirers, this is a haven that houses at least 1000 birds, and 250 different species of reptiles. It is a place where we can admire nature up close and enjoy the day by clicking infinite pictures till we exhaust our memory cards. They also provide dining and shopping facilities for the tourists if they get bored of nature. The vibrant birds picking their beaks with their feets and naughty sounds they create makes us to feel the sarcasm in it.
Ayung River Rafting
Who doesn’t love the white water river rafting? And what other place is best than Bali? The Ayung river provides a great river rafting opportunity to the tourists to try uo their hand in paddling with joy. The professionals helps the amateurs to raft for a distance of 10 kilometres with the bumping and bouncing of the rafts in the rocky surfaces for an extraordinary experience.
Mount Agung
The Mount Agung is a spiritual centre of Bali whose top is concealed in white cotton clouds and misty fog. It is a great pleasure for any tourist or trekker to reward themselves with the picture perfect views once reaching the top. The Mount is at its best at dawn which surely to attract the shutterbugs to click away millions and millions of shots. We could also spot the houses of Bali silently resting towards the mountain.
Dolphin Watching
The cute friendly Dolphins are adorable to watch naturally. And when they jump out of the water in a synchronized way just thumps our heart with joy. Many cruises and fishermen boats helps the tourists to enjoy this beautiful sight. It can be enjoyed best at the Lovina Beach early in the morning. Most of the tourists sacrifice their sleep to enjoy this great sighting of Dolphins.
Sate (Satay)
Satay are the meat that is marinated, skewered and grilled that is served with spicy tangy sauce. Bali’s authentic recipe includes sate lilit, that is made from minced beef, chicken, fish, pork, or even turtle meat which is later added with coconut, coconut milk and a rich blend of vegetables and spices.
Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur
It is a chicken rice that is sold in many small restaurants called warungs. It is a plain white rice that is served with many Balinese delights like babi guling or betutu, sambal matah and soup.
Nasi Goreng
It is an indonesian fried rice which has gained its popularity all over the world which is a stir fried rice made with with scrambled eggs, diced beef, strips of chicken, shrimp, anchovies, lamb, crab, green peas, onions, shallots and a dash of sweet soy sauce or kecap manis and hot chili sauce that are finally topped with tomatoes cucumber, fried shallots, fish or shrimp krupuk crackers and mixed pickles or acar.
Bali can be enjoyed all through the year.April - October are the dry season but creates a good weather with best waves to enjoy the Bali. July to August are the peak seasons but we could enjoy Bali during the before and after months of the peak season to enjoy Bali. October to March are the monsoon season with a touch of rain showers that makes it difficult to travel for the tourists but we could bag a lot of great steal deals during these days due to the off season.

Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport are the two airports to reach Bali that are located at a distance of 13 kms. Many international airlines serve this airport, such as Emirates, Dragonair, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines provides regular flight services to Bali.We could also take a bus from Jakarta if we love travelling on a bus for at least 23 hours. There are many cruises through South-East Asia have a stop at Bali.

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