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Plan your customized and exotic Agra vacation with Visiit's Agra tour packages. You can have a wond derful travel experience by booking our Agra tour package, and our Golden Triangle Packages. Discover different places of interest by travelling around this popular destination. We have designed Agra tour packages to make your trip a memorable sojourn.





Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
It attracts mainly families and senior members. It is a huge structure with beautifully laid gardens all around. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an important landmark in Abu Dhabi. It is the largest mosque with a true specimen of Islamic architecture. It was built by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. There are 82 domes in this mosque. It is made up of Macedonian Marble and Greek Marble. The inlay work is floral in design and is very intricate.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
There are three packages in this park to choose from. It is mainly for family. It is a theme park inspired by the Ferrari. Here you can feel the ultimate adrenaline rush. It is located on the Yas Island. There are many Ferrari themed attractions and rides. It is an indoor park. You can even find many Italian food stalls around the Ferrari world. It has the fastest roller coaster ride in the world that you should not miss on your trip.

The Emirates Palace
The tourists are allowed to visit this palace free of cost but on some days pre-booking is required. Winters is the best time to visit this palace. It is not only a cultural hub in Abu Dhabi but also an expensive hotel here. It is an iconic structure with domed gatehouses. There are almost 400 luxury rooms in this palace. The Abu Dhabi Film Festival is also screened here. It also has many galleries where fine arts are displayed.

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium
It can be visited all the year round. It extends up to 900 hectares and is huge in area. It is located in Jebel Hafeet. There are more than 4000 animals here and many endangered species are also found here. You can even enjoy activities like camel riding over here. Giraffe feeding is also a common activity over here. Al Ain safari is the best way to explore this place as it has been designed to suit the desert environment.

Abu Dhabi Corniche
Abu Dhabi Corniche is a stretch of 8 km. The waterfront is very well maintained with cafes and restaurants. The sandy shores are perfect to spend leisure time in the evening. The skyscrapers and the skyline in front is the unspoiled place to indulge in recreational activities. It is for everybody be it families or singles. You can even take a dip or swim in the public beaches over there. It is the best place to enjoy on cool winter nights.

Indulge in the Desert Tour
The Liwa Oasis is surrounded by sand masses all around. You can have a balloon tour or a jeep ride to explore the entire desert. You can even plan for a dune buggy ride and go for dune bashing in this desert. You can do a variety of duning excursion over here. You can even go for a camel trek which is a traditional activity in any desert.

Visit the Al Jahili Fort
Al Jahili Fort was built in the 1800s. It is located on the west of the palace museum. It is one of the largest edifices in Abu Dhabi. It is made up of mud bricks. It was officially made as the headquarters for the Oman Trucial scouts. Al Jahili Fort is surrounded by palm groves and many outdoor concerts are also held here.

Shop from the Marina Mall
Marina Mall is located near the backwater in Abu Dhabi. UAE is the perfect place to shop till you drop. Name a brand and you surely get it here. Marina Mall is one of the most popular shopping venues in Abu Dhabi. This shopping complex has more than 400 stores with an amusement center too.

Visit the Heritage Village
The Heritage Village located near Dhow Harbour brings you to the fishing culture in Abu Dhabi. This is a living museum where you can just stroll or tour around. You can find many wooden huts and Bedouin tents over here. It is an interesting attraction in Abu Dhabi according to the travelers.

Relax in the Al Ain Oasis
It gives you respite from the blazing Arabian heat in Abu Dhabi. This quiet place extends up to 3000 acres and is popular for the date palms over there. You can walk around the old mosque over here and even capture a lot of pictures over here. It is a nice place to explore other than the dry desert.

It is a traditional dish of Abu Dhabi. It is made up of meat and wheat. It is mainly consumed during special occasions. It is put in a clay pot and cooked. It forms a mixture of all the ingredients which is taken out after a few hours. It is stirred with a special wooden spoon and is served hot.

It is cooked with meat and rice with a blend of spices. It is usually made with chicken or pork. The meat gets cooked for a longer period of time with a lot of spices. It is simmered and cooked in a simple way but it tastes delicious. Even potatoes and tomatoes and other vegetables are added to it.

It is a fresh seafood which is grilled and tastes delicious. It is prepared with any kind of fish and is basically salt cured before cooking. It is a very popular delicacy all around UAE. Spice is added to the dish slowly. It is served with a savory sauce. It is usually eaten with flatbread and it just melts in your mouth.

It is the best dessert that you can get in Abu Dhabi. These are little-fried balls which are served with the date syrup. Saffron and rose water are added as an ingredient to it. It is very light but tastes delicious. Sometimes sesame seeds are also added to this dish. This item should not be missed at all.

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