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Vietnam is a country that experienced a huge blow during the American War, but it was the same country that developed savagely within a short span of time. The country offers the tourists with great landscapes and surreal beaches, shimmering paddy fields with different shades and lit cities with tall pagodas. The Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are some of the remarkable places to visit in Vietnam. Vietnam lies in the narrow part of land bordering the Cambodia and laos which helps the Vietnam to have the best Cambodian coffee. The cone hatted farmers working in the paddy fields, cattles grazing over the grasslands provides a picture perfect scenes for the shutterbugs to fill their memory card with prize worthy memories. Along with the rice fields, we are able to spot the limestone outcrops in Vietnam. The tribal costumes, ancient customs and communal houses are ready to entertain the hikers with their varied and vivid features. On the whole, Vietnam is a great place to witness the grand spectacle by the tourists.

Vietnam Cruise Packages

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Hotels : Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

Place : CU CHI TUNEL, Ho Chi Minh Mausole..
Hotels : Kouprey Hotel, Sheraton Hanoi Hot..

Place : Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Cao ..
Hotels : Eastin

Place : Noi Bai, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, N..
Hotels : Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

Place : Cao Dai Temple, CU CHI TUNEL, Noi..
Hotels : Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, Eastin

Place : CU CHI TUNEL, Noi Bai, Ho Chi Min..
Hotels : LanVien Hotel, Liberty Central Ho..

Hotels : Liberty Central Hotel

Place : Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ngoc Son T..
Hotels : Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, Ha Long Hot

Place : Noi Bai, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, N..
Hotels : Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, Ha Long Hot

Place : Noi Bai, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, N..
Hotels : Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, Ha Long Hot..

Visiit Cruises to Vietnam

Vietnam stands out in our hearts with its enchanting beauty when compared with other places. The beauty is incomparable with any other destinations when the soft sun rays brushes over the paddy fields with the cone hatted farmers sows or ploughs their field giving a otherworldly feel and also it lets the shutterbugs to capture the terraced rice fields with the shades of the universe.

Visiit Holidays organizes great cruises to Vietnam that lets us the tourists to enjoy the best luxurious cruises to Vietnam that are sure to let the tourists linger with great and reminiscing memories.

The Vietnam is a beautiful country that is hidden in the southern part of Eastern Asia holding serene and tranquil environment. Once a place that saw the brutality of the Vietnam War, now remains as a hip tourist destination with buzzing cities and whirring mopeds along with floating markets. The natural beauty and the rich heritage of the country takes us in the journey of year old architecture with vivid colors.

Hanoi is a place that is painted with a rustic drizzle and romance. It is a modern metropolis with older quarters. We still spot the colonial past in its buildings and museums that stands high and mighty. It holds a mellow charm with stunning sceneries. It holds dozens of water bodies to it and hence gaining the name as “city of lakes”. It holds a blend of Chinese architecture with Vietnamese vibes attached to it along with a little tinge of French. The Hanoi treasures lush green gardens, majestic mountains, traditional villages and also the remarkable Ha Long Bay.

Ha long Bay
It is a place that is located in the North of Vietnam of which the name translates to “the place of descending dragons”. It was not a popular destination till the 19th century, but it hit its popularity in the recent days since it offers the tourists with great sceneries. It is known to contain nearly 1000 islands of which many are still to be inhabited by humans. It is a protected site of UNESCO recognized sites with development in many areas. The months of May to August are perfect to visit the Ha long Bay.

Ho Chi Minh City
The Ho Chi Minh city is a place that is commonly known as Saigon houses bustling streets, tall skyscrapers where urbanization and the tradition plays together with Pagodas and old temples. It is the Largest city and former capital of the republic of Vietnam. There are posh restaurants, hotels with infinite bars and boutiques selling posh goods. There are many historic buildings and war related museums in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

Nha Trang
Nha Trang is one of the popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. It is located in the coastal line attracting a huge range of tourists to watch the sea and aquatic life of the Nha Trang. It is a place that is famous for its Scuba diving spots and has become a favourite retreat for the tourists. It is one of the urbanized places of Vietnam along the shores . The rich marine life and the scenic beauty intrigues many tourists and appeals as a sugar candy attracting them to take up a trip in this paradise. The rings of mountains and the powdered beaches with pop up eateries attracts each and every tourist to Nha Trang.

Queen Victoria
The Queen Victoria is a cruise ship that starts its journey from Sydney, Australia and covers the ports in Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Darwin, Australia, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City and reaches Nha Trang later continues its journey to Hong Kong, Chan May, Singapore Marina Bay. It is a british styled cruise ship offering cabins both inside and outside staterooms with casual dining options that includes The Veranda and the Lido Café, the Golden Lion, In the Commodore Club, we could relax in piano bar or bop our heads for the Jazz tunes. An afternoon High tea is sure a not miss on board by the tourists. The Queen room is one of the best places to enjoy a fencing lesson with royal High Tea. The cruise also offers wine tasting, ballroom dancing lessons, bridge and board games. It also offers a two storey library with 6000 books that are adorned with leathered armchairs.

Sun Princess
The Sun Princess is a cruise ship that starts its voyage in Singapore and heads to Ho Chi Minh City and later to Nha Trang and finally end its journey in Hong Kong. It has a 1950 guest capacity with 10 decks holding the staterooms and on board amenities. The cruise ship has been updated with recent amenities that offers best relaxation, dining and entertainment. It holds a ice cream bar, lounge, Patissiere, Pizzaria, Poolside Grill, Horizon Court, Steakhouse, Sabatini's Italian Trattoria, Wine & Caviar Bar, Whirlpool, Shooting Stars, Vista Show Lounge, Card Room, Shuffleboard, Library, Paddle Tennis, Boutique, Promenade Deck, Grand Casino, Rendezvous Lounge.

Vietnam can be visited all round the year. April - September are the summer months where the climate is moist and warm where rainy season leads to drippy weather and drizzly in June and August. July - October are the Monsoon season with occasional rain showers letting the tourists to enjoy the greener and lushier Vietnam filled with paddy and rice fields.

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