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Cruise Package to Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep translates to “ Hundred Thousand Islands” housing stunning beaches with exotic islands, but there are only 36 islands of which 10 are inhabited and composed of 12 atolls, 3 coral reefs and 5 . It is the smallest Union Territory of India with Kavaratti is the administrative capital where tourists souls wander the beaten tracks to the shores that are covered with palm and coconut trees with powdered white sands. Each and every island is unique and different with its own shades of water ranging from Aqua Blue, Turquoise, Emerald to Sapphire. It is a place that has a very less impact of the outside world benefitting it to be the unspoilt natural wonder. It has a mystical energy around it beckoning the tourists to experience the best out of the islands. It has a very easy access from Kochi, Kerala. And a permit is needed by the tourists to visit this island.

Lakshadweep Cruise Packages

Place : Agatti Island, Bangaram Atoll
Hotels : Agatti Island Beach Resort, Kadma..

Place : Agatti Island, Bangaram Atoll, Ka..
Hotels : Agatti Island Beach Resort, Kadma..

Visiit Cruise Packages to Lakshadweep

Visiit Holidays plans and organizes the best cruise tours to the tourists to explore the collection of islands and takes care of the tourists needs with more importance. The luxurious cruise ships featured with the best amenities are opted to the tourists according to their needs and taste.

Agatti Island
It is a hidden gem of the Lakshadweep islands offering the tourists with enchanting coral reefs and whimsical landscapes. It is one of the places where we could spot human movements. It is an idyllic place to bask under the sun as we watch the frothing waves crashing the shores feeling us relaxed. Being a tiny island, it offers bountiful of intoxicating sceneries with clear bright skies instead making the sea more beautiful with its reflection. It is a paradise on earth for the beach lovers and a treat for the backpackers looking for offbeat places. The island can be explored either by a stroll or through renting out a two wheeler. The natural geographic formations and rich vegetation fills our eyes with its great views.

Bangaram island
The Sean blue waters of Indian Ocean takes us to the stunning beaches and vibrant coral reefs. We could become a fish as we swim along with them having the vivid and vibrant colours or watch the sting rays from a distance or even better befriend a dolphin and dive along with them. We could also explore the turtles and observe the textured coral reefs that should not be missed by any tourist. It is an island that is least explored by the tourists housing an atoll with gorgeous blue lagoons. It is a best place to romance the sunrise and sunsets by the nature lovers. The glistening beaches with soft and hard corals are a must see place by every scuba diver.

Kavaratti island
The Kavaratti island is a place that is adored by every tropical lovers which covers an area of 3.93 sqm km. There is no shortage for the scenic beauty in this island. It houses 12 atolls, 3 coral reefs with 5 submerged banks. The gorgeous beaches and the sunset creates a picture perfect atmosphere letting the tourists to enjoy their solitude bliss. The slanted coconut trees becomes a hammock for the tourists after taking a plunge in the turquoise sea. There is a marine aquarium filled with coral reefs, schools of fishes, seaweeds and turtles. It is a place for thrillseekers for performing jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water zorbing, kayaking, paddle board, fly boarding or windsurfing.

The Aquamarine cruise ship is functioned by the Louis cruises that could accommodate 1268 passengers in 7 decks with 525 state of the art cabins that are fully air conditioned. It houses a sun deck,lounges and bars, Discos,Casinos and much more. The Adria and Bahia deck houses royal and junior suites, staterooms, outside and inside staterooms. The bridge deck holds a sundeck, bar and a wheelhouse. The Sun deck houses a swimming pool, volleyball and basketball courts, spa and Sauna,a gym, pool bar and a Lido Buffet.The Promenade deck holds children’s play area, moonlight discos and cabins. The Lido deck is a place that entertains the tourists with its Casinos, Pub, Avalon restaurant, Aquamarine lounge and a card room. The marina deck is an area that houses a reception are, beauty salon, duty free shops. Aquamarine starts its voyage from Wellington island of Cochin and makes a round trip whose duration is 3 nights and 4 days.

Superstar Libra
Superstar libra is a cruise ship that offers luxurious cruise packages with all the great amenities with 8 restaurants and bars, karaoke club, two pools and designer shops. The cruise offers a crystal court with a pearl white piano being the centrepiece. The clean suites and cabins, duty free shopping, excellent wellness, remarkable restaurants, pampering and sporting facilities, pulsating night spots and the soulful Asian hospitality invites the tourists to choose the cruise. The ship houses 6 fine dining restaurants in which the Blue Lagoon serves Chinese, Southeast Asian and Western cuisines while the Four seasons serves great international cuisines. There is a huge pool, golf courts, saunas and Discotheque to entertain the tourists on board. When the pressure is felt, relax in the spas taking a traditional thai massage and foot reflexology. There is also a glass fronted observatory hosting game shows, lectures and demonstrations along with live karaoke and magic shows in the Stardust Theatre. It also houses Ocean view cabins, luxurious suites and inside cabins providing the best comfortness for the tourists.

The Lakshadweep islands can be best cruised through during the months of October and mid-May. Since Monsoons begin in the later months of May and continues till September which will be difficult to cruise to the myriads of islands. The temperature varies from 22° C and 36° C making it favourable for the tourists to take up the water sports activities starting from the parasailing to the scuba diving. Most cruises start from Kochi which might even let us to enjoy a day or two in exploring Kerala too by taking up the cruise packages to Lakshadweep.

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