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Greece is a picture perfect country with dramatic landscapes emphasizing soaring mountains, picturesque gorges and stunning beaches. Bike tour on the island of Crete, rock climbing near Meteora are unique attractions. Greece is a place with 11 wetland areas holding great international significance and 190 significant shelters for birds. Among the top places to bird watch are the Nestos Delta and Prespa Lakes. Nestos Delta is located in Thrace, and Prespa Lakes is found in Macedonia. Eagles, storks, pelicans and herons are found in plenty. Tourism in Greece and the Greek Islands, the mythical lands have some of the favorite holiday destinations in Europe.

When we talk about Italy, Venice is the first word and the Gondola rides are the scene each and every one of us would picture in our minds. It is a place which holds a ancient and historic feel and a place that tops the bucket list of a 20 year old and also a 80 year old proving it as place that doesn’t have any age limit to enjoy the country. This European country is a place that is filled with romance and myths.

Italy Greece Cruise Packages

Place : Eiffel Tower, St. Paul's Cathedra..
Hotels : Hotel della Conciliazione, Hotel ..

Place : st.mark's square venice
Hotels : Hotel ibis Styles Paris Pigalle M..

Place : st.mark's square venice, Leaning ..
Hotels : Hotel ibis Styles Paris Pigalle M..

Place : st.mark's square venice, Leaning ..
Hotels : Hotel ibis Styles Paris Pigalle M..

Place : st.mark's square venice, Colosseu..
Hotels : Hotel Rimini Rome, San Giorgio e ..

Place : st.mark's square venice, Grand Ca..
Hotels : Hotel Rimini Rome

Place : st.mark's square venice, Leaning ..
Hotels : Hotel Rimini Rome, San Giorgio e ..

Place : st.mark's square venice, signoria..
Hotels : Hotel Mercure Roma West, Italiana..

Visiit cruises to Greece and Italy

The best islands of Greece are Mykonos island offering a great cosmopolitan vibes, Santorini island, which is the most famous place to watch a romantic sunset in the world with your loved one, Rhodes island housing infinite numbers of medieval castles, the sun and the butterflies; Los island to have a crazy nightlife; Corfu island intriguing us in Venetian style; Ithaca island being the homeland of Ulysses; Samos island, the greenest of all Greek islands; Skiathos island holding soft cushy white sand beaches. Italy holds a renowned place for its beautiful Italian architecture and one cannot start to express the cuisines of Italy through words. It could be only experienced by every person where the tourists are hypnotized to the pasta, pizzas, lasagne, Arancini, coffee lover’s eternal love, the tiramisu and everyone’s favourite gelato.

Visiit Holidays use their expert knowledge in cruise ships and lets the tourists to experience the best voyage of their life to Europe. The tourists are marked with great memories right from the starting of the trip till the final day.

Acropolis, Greece
Acropolis means ‘high city’.The great marble masterpiece constructed during in the late 5th century BC the reign of Pericles which it is the Golden Age of Athens. The Acropolis in Athens is a limestone outcrop surmounted by the distinctive shape of the Pantheon, a constant reminder of the glory of Ancient Greece. The Propylaea is the superb marble entrance gate to the Acropolis, built in about 430 BC, and considered by many to be architecturally the equal of the Pantheon. Built on a slope, it has five gates with enormous doors and wings to either side. It is a masterpiece of design, using sophisticated techniques to count counteracted optical effects that would have made the columns look too thin and the building squat.

The outer colonnade consists of 46 columns supporting 96 metopes with battle scenes. The inner, Ionic, frieze was a majestic 160 m (524 ft) long but was removed and taken to Britain by Lord Elgin in the early nineteenth century. The building held a statue of Athena that was over 11 m (36 ft) high and covered in gold. The extraordinary marble roof was cut so thin that light filtered through onto the statue. The Ionic Erechtheum is perched at the north edge of the Acropolis overlooking the city. Its original caryatid statues are in the museum.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is the epitome of a Greek island reached through a huge circular bay, which once covered by an enormous volcano. The volcano erupted with such force that 30 cubic km (7 cubic miles) of magma was ejected, so the top of the mountain collapsed and the 8 km wide bay was formed from the sunken crater. It is thought that this eruption also destroyed Knossos, in Crete. The island’s classical name was Thera, and it was not until the thirteenth century that it became known as Santorini, a corruption of Santa Irina, the name off the patron saint of the island.

The cliffs are formed of bands of multi-coloured rock and first view of the island, with its sheer cliffs curving around the bay and rising almost 350 m (1,150 ft) from the sea, is breathtaking. It is the volcanic nature of the island, the soil is extraordinarily fertile and Santorini is famous for its grapes. The white wine produced here is some of the best in Greece. On the south-western peninsula of the island lies the Bronze Age city of Akrotiri. This fascinating place is slowly being excavated from the ashes of the eruption, and it is in a state of preservation that equals Pompeii. Some of the finest frescoes of the ancient world have been found here. Santorini is famous for its grapes.

Venice, Italy
The capital place of Veneto region is a city with beautiful artwork depicting the Gothic architecture. This gorgeous city is known for its interconnecting canals and the gondola rides that is full of romance and culture. It aces the bucket list of every traveller and the real beauty is explored only when we experience through our presence. It is a place where the road is replaced with shimmering water in the canals and the cars are replaced with Gondolas. It is a land that is filled with romance , magic, beauty and traditions. The churches and the palaces drifts us back in time narrating its rich tale of where it was once a great trading centre. It is wonderful by day and whimsical by night. It strikes us with beautiful cafes from which the scents of freshly baked breads escapes in the air and catches the tourists.

Rhapsody of the Seas
The Rhapsody of the Seas is the cruise ship that provides the cruisers with spectacular views. Being the host of fantastic entertainment to all ages it is a cruise ship that makes a circle trip to Venice,Italy. The ship is totally packed with onboard activities and accommodation that lets us to feel like the king of seas “Poseidon”. The suites, interior Staterooms, porthole staterooms, Oceanview staterooms and balcony staterooms are some of the best choices that can be made by the tourists as desired. There are kids and teen clubs, rock wall, pool deck with whirlpool, gym and vitality spa, teen disco, video arcade, DJ clubs and pubs, outdoor movies, spectacular shows,concierge services, art gallery,casinos and people’s favourite from the royal caribbean cruises, the Solarium. And how could one leave the cuisines served on board. The greek food and lip smacking italian foods are two most expected thing on board treating us with the beat out of the best European dishes.

European countries are best when visited during the summer months of May through September. It is best to visit Europe through a cruise during the months of May to October. The greece and Italy are precious jewels of the Europe that could be explored till our heart's content and it could be visited again and again for tons of times where it still poses as a new and admiring destination in the eyes of each traveller.

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