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The love for this island is neverending for any tourists as it mesmerizes each and every one of us through its blue, sapphire and turquoise waters and quiet nightlife. It is a fantasy world where reality steps in the form of tourists. Being a part of the french Polynesia, it offers intoxicating views of pristine beaches and breathtaking resorts to satisfy each and every honeymooners who would love to have a dreamy vacation. It is a tropical island that is surrounded by blue lagoons, basaltic rocks, coral reefs and small islets that are scattered all over the Bora Bora. it is a best escapade for any tourists who would like to relax in the laps of nature and just soak all day under the sun while holding a dear hand. It is of course one of the most expensive and luxurious vacation that any people would like to take up, but which is worth the money. It is a memory that could be cherished for many lives. There are many overwater and underwater villas and beach view resorts that helps that tourists in having their privacy.

Bora Bora Cruise Packages

Place : bora bora island, Tahiti Island
Hotels : Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, Manava ..

VISIIT Cruises Package to Bora Bora

The love of becoming a Seafarer would be accomplished if we take up a yacht by a swim and sail on savage seas. Stargaze with your loved ones in the soft white sand beaches or have a candle light dinner just with your other half after a huge adventure are sure to bring in a great peace and understanding for the couples. For the adventure souls it remains as a great place in taking up all the water sports activities like the scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, canoeing and kayaking. We could also rent out a yacht or a speedboat and pierce through our way deep into the heart of the ocean and explore the rich and exotic marine life. The people who doesn’t get enough from the water, take up a cruise tour to Bora Bora and enjoy the soul filled vacation.

The Visiit Holidays imply their expert knowledge of cruises in arranging a luxurious and enjoyable cruise package for the tourists with their good servicing teams that is surely guaranteed with great experience from a relaxed vacation for the friends and families. Be it a birthday party, 30th wedding anniversary or just a get together, Visiit Holidays makes sure to make a day that could be remembered with great stories and wild memories.

Bora Bora is a postcard perfect destination for any tourists. It houses a lots and lots of treasures and great culture within the deep blue waters. The islets are one among the special treasures.

Matira Beach
It is the one and only beach that is accessible for the public that remains as a gem for the Bora Bora. It has been announced as the best beach in the world by many renowned magazines. The multiple hues of blue are sure to be marked in our to do list. It is right out of a wallpaper that is picture perfect. It is a dream place for every travel soul to take a dip in the warm waters and unwind ourselves from all the stress by paddling strokes after strokes until we are totally exhausted. Take up different water sports activities like the snorkeling, diving, or a coral garden tour or seawalk where we could walk in the seabed. Lagoonarium is one among the place where we could spot infinite stingrays and we could also feed the sharks and fly on a jet ski, speed boat, canoe and kayak or even kiteboarding.

Safari ride
Go on a wild safari ride if you get bored of the tropical tranquil beaches. Take a jeep safari or hike on Mt. Otemanu or Mt. Paihia else circle round the island in a slow pace to experience the life and history of Bora Bora. This Tahitian island is best experienced with range rover rides letting the tourists to explore the archaeological sites which includes Maraes which is a Tahitian religious sites, US canons that were installed during World War II and pearl farms or just rent out a bike and drive through the curvy roads of the island.

Wind Spirit
Wind Spirit is a tall sailing yacht that is designed for cruising purposes offering a round trip to French Polynesia cruises from Papeete, Tahiti. The cruise offers 73 ocean view deluxe staterooms and one oceanview owner’s suite that comprises of tech toys within the cabins. This five decked cruise ship houses oceanview and owners suite cabins in decks one and two with gym and sports shop while deck three houses a lounge,a casino, reception area, galley, a windspa and a library. Deck four entertains the guests with radio room, pool and pool bar and of course a whirlpool, candles grill,etc.

Paul Gauguin
It is a smaller cruise which could accommodate only 332 guests with spacious staterooms and suites with oceanview holding a queen sized bed with 70% of the area being the balconies with open seating and oasis. The deck 3 and 4 holds owner’s suite, grand suite, deluxe ocean view rooms and staterooms with hospital and crew quarters. Deck 5 houses a grand casino and piano bar with internet cafe and a restaurant. Deck 6 again houses gym, spa, a boutique, promenade, la veranda restaurant. Deck 7 houses a bridge and cabins with captain’s lounge. Deck 8 again entertains guests with veranda staterooms and a pool deck with a lounge and restaurant. Deck 9 is equipped with infinite lounge chairs in the Sun deck.

National Geographic Orion
The national geographic Orion works great in providing a trip to Bora Bora through a quite comfortable trip. The deck 2 holds a mud room and a medical centre with a zodiac boarding. The main deck 3 houses a Marina platform and a restaurant that serves a la carte and buffet style menu with Ocean view Staterooms. The deck 4 holds a outdoor cafe and a lounge with global gallery and oceanview cabins. The deck 5 is again housed with Oceanview and balcony staterooms with open bridge. The deck 6 is allotted for the entertainment of guests with Sun deck, whirlpool hot tub , a theatre, gym and spa, a sauna, observation lounge and a library with table charts, board and arcade games and public computers.

Bora Bora is best visited during the months of April-November, which are the peak season for the island inviting a lot of tourists to visit. But we could not enjoy much due to the crowded tourists in lagoons and beaches which might become an obstacle from enjoying the real beauty of the island. Summers are the low season due to the weather and storms, the rainy seasons doesn’t let us to enjoy the beaches but winter is the best time to visit Bora Bora where it is less crowded and best enjoyed by the tourists for both its climate and the places.

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