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Wayanad, a place filled with lush green gardens and mist of mysteries rooting deep in the history. The name is derived from “Vayal Nadu” meaning land of paddy fields. It is situated in the north eastern part of Kerala in India that is popular for its cool climate, misty mountains and dark dense forests. It houses many spice gardens, historical significant caves, beautiful homestays and thrilling wildlife that excites every backpacker and solo travellers to explore the striking nature. It holds rich history with several proofs of New Stone Age civilization. It was ruled by the Vedar Rajas, Pazhassi Raja, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan and finally came under the british rule. The wayanad culture mainly portrays the tribal feel.

Wayanad Tour Packages

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Tejana Bamboo Villa

Place : Kabini River
Hotels : Sunflower Hotel

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Hotel Great Jubilee

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Planet Green Plantation

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Marmalade Springs

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Planet Green Plantation

Place : Edakkal Caves, Krishna swamy temp..
Hotels : Hotel Great Jubilee, Fort Gate Ho..

Place : Pazhassi hideout caves, Banasura ..
Hotels : Banasura Hill Resort

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : The Grand Continent BOUTIQUE, Sun..

Place : Banasura Dam, Kabini River
Hotels : Kabini Springs Resort

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Banas..
Hotels : Vythiri Meadows

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Coffea Aroma Resort, Hotel Madike..

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : FabHotel Dawn Mysore, Hotel Madik..

Place : Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake, Meenm..
Hotels : Hotel Great Jubilee

Cheap Wayanad Tour Packages by Visiit

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The Banasura Sagar Dam, Edakkal Caves and Soochipara falls mesmerizes the tourists to visit Wayanad which is entirely covered in a green blanket of trees and shrubs with wild elephants to be spotted often, sprawling tea, coffee and spice plantations with chilly breeze and eye catching sceneries.

Banasura Sagar Dam
The Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earth dam of India that was constructed during the Banasura Sagar project in 1979 to support the irrigation purposes. This dam is a gorgeous tourist attraction for its striking stacks of dark stones and boulders. The submerged areas during a monsoon season becomes an eye candy for every tourist visiting here where we are allowed to take a speed boat ride or trekking upon the hills. We can trek our way into the dark dense forests for a thrilling experience.

Chembra Peak
To escape into the complete wilderness and take a relaxed nap into the laps of nature, Chembra peak is the perfect attraction. At a distance of 8 kms from the Kalpetta, Chembra peak marks as the highest peak in wayanad which measures for 2,100 m. It is a place that links the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu and Vallarimala of Kozhikode. We can trek our way to the Chembra Peak while we spot some wild animals however camping is not allowed by the forestry department since it is risky. We must get prior permission to trek here. There is a heart shaped lake rests on top of the peak with tranquility that is known as 'hridaya thadakam'. We are able to spot many hill stations from atop of the peak like Kozhikode, Malappuram and Nilgiris.

KuruvaIsland Kuruva island or Kuruva Dweep is a river delta that is composed of many islands in Kabini River. It provides a complete serenity for the tourists with evergreen bushes and shrubs. It serves as a adventure and eco friendly paradise with bamboo made bridges, rare plant species, birds, orchids and trees. We could feel nature up close to drench ourselves with the best experience. It is surrounded by many streams and we can take up boating or raft into the river to experience a blissful day avoiding the urban chaos. We can raft to each and every island in coracles or stroll into the brimming waters.

Pookode Lake
Pookode lake is a tourist attraction that lies at 15 kms from Kalpetta. This striking yet calm lake provides the idyllic experience for the nature lovers and eco friendly people. Every turn we take and every spot we look, it is filled with the shades of green. We can take a paddle boats for a hour or so and head our own way while we exhaust our camera’s battery clicking away picture after picture. We could also spot blue lotuses and lilies floating on the lake and freshwater fishes within the lake and heads up to find naughty monkeys on the tree trunks teasing us and birds soaring high in the skies departing from the trees.

Edakkal Caves Edakkal Caves are another great tourist attractions for the history buffs. There are two significant caves exhibiting the beauty of nature’s architecture. These caves are situated at 1,200 m above the sea level on Ambukuthi Mala. The Edakkal Caves translates to “in between caves”. One of the legend is believed to be that the caves were formed because of the arrows shot by Lava and Kusha , the sons of Lord Rama. The caves were discovered in 1890 by Fred Fawcett during his hunting trip. It was the habitat of the Neolithic people that portrayed many pictorial cave paintings that can be enjoyed by the tourists after trekking for around 45 minutes in the Ambukuthi Mala. There are two chambers inside the cave with human carvings, animals and tools used by the stone age people. We could find Tamil and Brahmi scripts in the caves that remains as the only proof of Stone Age civilization in India. It also has its markings linked to the Indus Valley civilisation with around 400 signs and most significant one is the “Man with a Jar cup”.

Soochipara Waterfalls
Soochipara waterfalls is a three tiered waterfalls from 200 metres height with a large pool that lets us to take a thrilling yet relaxing swim. The name “soochipara” translates to rocks and needles and this is where we can find rocks shaped like needles. It is a waterfall that is buried deep into the thick dense forest where we have to trek for 2 kms to find this splendid secluded waterfall. We can also spot deers enroute to the waterfalls if we are lucky enough.

Wayanad can be visited all through the year, however it is best during the months of October to May. Summers are not scorching hot and humid since the evergreen forests provides a good weather in the months of March-May. Monsoons makes the wayanad more greener and crisper. To enjoy a good cloudbursts and to swirl around in the showers, the months of June-October are the best. The winter season is the peak one in wayanad providing pleasant weather with cool breeze in the months of October- February.

We can fly to Wayanad either through Calicut International Airport or through Mysore Airport. The trains are accessible to Nilambur Road or to Koyilandy. There are regular buses to Wayanad from all the major cities of the country.

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