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Switzerland has always been among the best travel destinations for many travelers. The steeped roofs of the place and the crystal blue waters are an added advantage along with the snow-capped Alps. The visitors can enjoy a wide range of sightseeing destination and many varieties of activities which makes it among the favorites. There’s a lot to explore in this country. Be it during the summer months or winter months, the beauty of Switzerland can be enjoyed all the year round. It is a fabulous and beautiful destination which is visited by people all over the world.

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Visiit has a team of experts who are knowledgeable and guides you to all the important places in Switzerland. We have both family packages as well as couple packages to suit your requirements. Plan for a wonderful Switzerland trip with your spouse or family this vacation and add beautiful moments to your life.

Switzerland Tour Packages

Place : Eiffel Tower
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Place : Interlaken Hoheweg, Jungfrau - To..
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Matterhorn is not only the most popular mountain in the world but also the most popular alpine peak in Switzerland. The cable car ride over the mountain offers the most spectacular views from above. Skiers and snowboarders fill up this mountain slope during the winters as well as the summers.
Interlaken is a beautiful rustic town in Switzerland. From there you can visit many small towns of Jungfraujoch. You can take the most scenic train trip ever from here to various peaks like the Kleine Scheidegg. It offers the best panoramic views which remain unforgettable throughout your life.
Swiss National Park
Swiss National Park extends over a vast area of 172 square kilometers. It has the most unspoiled scenery that you can explore. The lush woodlands and the waterfalls around it make it look even more beautiful. There are almost 21 hiking routes which are very popular among the travelers.
Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva is a fabulous lake with small chateaus all around it which gives it a true fairytale feel. The hillside vineyards make it look even more beautiful. You should explore the topaz waters over here by trying boating or Paddle streamers. You will get a multicultural vibe as well as a cosmopolitan vibe over here. It has a sophisticated crowd which is filled with gourmet restaurants.
Lugano is a romantic place with many rich cuisines. It has a flush of heritage sites and museums. It is filled with celebrities all the year round. It highlights Switzerland in a completely different way and is popular for its peace and tranquility.
Bern is not only a medieval city but is also the capital of Switzerland. It is popular for its cobbled stone streets. It is very rich in history and falls among the world heritage sites. The fountains and entrenchments are a special attraction. It is filled with cafes. It is a well-preserved center which is popular for its singing history.
Visit the Rhine Falls on Swiss National Day
On 1st August there is a great fireworks show in the Rhine falls which attracts a huge number of tourists every year. It is a great natural wonder of Switzerland. If you are planning a Switzerland trip, ensure to plan for that occasion.
Street Parade of Zurich
It is one of the biggest rave parties in Switzerland. It is famous for being the cultural center of Switzerland. It is attended by many and if you be there at that time, even you should definitely not miss it.
Witness the alternative arts in Geneva
Geneva is highly cosmopolitan in its vibe and has a wide variety of arts. They are one of a kind and each one is famous for the postcard photo.
Try the adventurous sports
The snow-capped mountains of Switzerland is just perfect for adventurous outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding. Ensure to check the timings and months best for these activities and plan your trip accordingly.
Travelling to Switzerland and coming back without shopping is a boring thing. You can save about 20 percent on cosmetics and perfumes, about 50 percent on goods like tobacco and about 30 percent on spirits and wines by purchasing duty-free shops. There are tax-free and duty-free shops in the transit area where you can buy various items like consumer electronics, watches, jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, swiss chocolate and more. Zurich Airport is worth stopping for purchasing duty-free and tax-free goods.
September is the perfect time for many outdoor sports like high altitude hiking. It is a great month which still remains summery and you can try from skiing to skydiving, everything!! Snowboarding, rafting, and paragliding are also the perfect perks for you during this time along with good views. You might even get a chance to ride the cogwheel train with the best mountainous views in the background.

If you want to have fun while enjoying the locales all around, you can visit Switzerland any time of the year. If you wish to experience snow and get the true feel like a fleeting Bollywood movie background, then January and February should be the best months. It is even great for winter sports like hiking and skiing.

If you want to experience a warm and cozy time then early spring or March should be the perfect time for you although it remains cold in some areas. Summers are a great time for hiking. So if you are in for some adventure, then June and July should be the apt time for you.

Haus Hiltl in Zurich
It is the best place in Switzerland which serves the best vegetarian cuisine like Thai and Indian curries, salads, desserts and Mediterranean grilled veggies. You will get a wide range of vegan options over here. Hiltl tartar is a must try dish here with eggplant and spices. It has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for remaining as the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world.
La Reserve
La Reserve is the best sophisticated and exclusive 5-star hotel, spa and resort in Geneva. It is a place where you can enjoy a variety of dishes amidst magnificent surroundings. You must definitely try the cod fillet over here. It is served with lemon balm butter. It is one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Switzerland.
Cheval Blanc
It is a Michelin restaurant located in Basel. It is famous for its sushi items. It is a very prestigious restaurant which is well-known for Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The restaurant is located in a unique place that is on the edge of the river and spreads friendly and warm mood throughout.
The best and the only way to reach Switzerland is by flights. It the most convenient mode of transport. It is very well connected by flights with the rest of the world. You can take a flight from all the major Indian cities. Zurich, Geneva, and Basel are the major airports in Switzerland which is buzzing with tourists from all over the world. There are frequent flights from India flying to Switzerland daily.

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