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Being the neighbouring country of India, Sri lanka is one of the best tourist destination for us. If planned ahead, the flight rates are much cheaper to have a good vacation. What's not to enjoy in Sri Lanka? There is wild, there is bliss, there is thrill and of course it is the Land of gems. The country is filled with rich heritage and scenic beauties for its visitors holding immense centuries old history. A decade ago, this island country that suffered from civil war where many didn’t want to invest but as of today, there are tall skyscrapers, trade centres, smooth highways and many properties are owned by foreigners as their guesthouses. For an offbeat adventure with beautiful beaches, colorful cultures and more than thousands of elephants roaming around the country and boasting off 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, Sri Lanka is the idyllic destination.

Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Hotel Hilltop, Hotel Avian Breeze

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Nice Place Dambulla, Nelinsa Resi..

Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Dam..
Hotels : Hotel Sapphire, Hotel Hilltop, Ho..

Place : Dambulla cave temple, Viharamahad..
Hotels : Hotel Sapphire

Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Dam..
Hotels : Rani Beach Resort, Devan Hotel

Place : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Kan..
Hotels : OZO Kandy Sri Lanka

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
Hotels : Rani Beach Resort

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Dutch..
Hotels : Devan Hotel, Rani Beach Resort, L..

Place : Temple of the Sacred Tooth, Royal..
Hotels : Devan Hotel, Royal Hills Nuwara E..

Place : Dambulla cave temple
Hotels : Blue Beach, Hotel Nelly Marine

Cheap Sri Lanka Tour Packages at Affordable by Visiit

VISIIT Holidays provides the cheaper and affordable tour packages to Sri Lanka, at the same time a very good service for the tourists to have a heavenly trip. When our purses are almost empty, but if we still want to have a foreign stamp in our passports, Sri Lanka is the best choice for the tourists.

Sri Lanka being the home to vast expanse of sprawling Tea gardens, rolling mountains and top notch surfing and vintage trains is an adventure lovers paradise. Travelling by public transport modes makes it more affordable.

Tooth relic temple
The tooth relic temple is located in Kandy which dates back to 313 AD, when the tooth was smuggled to Sri lanka from Buddha’s funeral fire. The relic is kept on a gold lotus flower and locked in a casket resembling a stupa. There are also many small shrines next to the main temple. The temple was built by Kandyan Kings from 1687 to 1707, but was destroyed during 18th century by the Dutch and Portuguese, later rebuilt it with stones instead of wood. The red roof and the white walls are simple and elegant which contrasts the spectacular wooden carving and corble works of the interior. During festival times, the tooth relic is paraded around Kandy on an elephant.

Dambulla Cave Temple
Dating back to 12th century, Dambulla cave temple is an important place to visit in Sri Lanka with the fact of being the largest temple complex. The temple consists of five different caves in different sizes with Lord Buddha seated in different positions being calm and serene. The white walls of the temple contrasts the black rustic rock. It exhibits many murals of Buddha in vivid colours and shapes from 2nd century BC to 18th century.

Polonnaruwa The ancient tombs and temples, ruined stupas and sculptures excites the history buffs within us. It was the second capital of Sri Lanka after the downfall of Anuradhapura in 993. This ruined city still stands tall with giving us the feel of Indiana jones in the Temple run game that is best explored by hiring a bike and sensing the ruins up close. Polonnaruwa shines even in its ruins portraying the abundant history and culture of Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya stands in isolation as a huge massive rock plateau with almost vertical walls that was formed by an extinct volcano with lush green outcrops and fields around it. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered as the eighth wonder of the world holds many frescoes and fortresses at the summit. It is quite a hard climb through the crooked staircases to reach the top, but worth the effort to find the rock monasteries built in the 5th century. There is also a museum that can be found with the excavated arts and artefacts from Sigiriya.

Arugam Bay
Arugam Bay glistens when the sun rays hits the crystal clear turquoise water that is ideal for wind surfing. The slanted palm and coconut trees with white sands and blue waters proves its place being one of the popular tourist attraction. We can sip on a tender coconut and chill in the beach while getting tanned.

Yala National Park
Yala National Park is for the tourists who would like to experience the African wildlife out of Africa. Providing a semi arid climatic conditions, it hosts a vivid range of ecosystems like the wetlands, monsoon forests and freshwater. We can witness rich flora and fauna in the six national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries. Make sure to click some awesome pictures of elephants tumbling in the water while leopards dozing off on the trees. We can either take a nature walk or a safari ride for best exploration. There is also a chance for camping in the woods.

Sri Lanka can be enjoyed best all through the year with two monsoon seasons being the southwest monsoons and northeast monsoon. The January to April and mid July to September are some of the best time to visit this island country. January to July is best to enjoy the coastal destinations while the wildlife can be explored from December to April and July to September.

Pol Sambol
Pol Sambol is a dish that is made with freshly grated coconut red onions, dried chillies, lime juice, salt which is accompanied with rice or paratha or pol roti which is a roti made with coconut.

Gotu kola sambol
Gotu Kola Sambol is a dish made with the medicinal herb called Gotu Kola which is blended with shallots, shallots, tomatoes, coconut and chilli that is seasoned with salt and pepper which is accompanied with rice and curry.

Polos is a typical dish of Sri Lanka which is a curry made from green jackfruit. The fruit is diced into small chunks and boiled until it is softened that is then cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and spices like mustard seeds, turmeric, chili powder, roasted curry powder, pandan leaves and curry leaves. Later the signature ingredient coconut is added and simmered for few minutes before serving. It is available in the restaurants everywhere in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka can be reached through Bandaranaike International Airport at Colombo and Rajapaksa International Airport at Mattala where the taxis are very cheaper in Sri lanka, so it can be opted for travelling around the city without a doubt. There are even buses for commutes from airports to Colombo. Since, it is an isolated island from India, it is inaccessible through trains and roads. But, there are ferry services from Chennai to Colombo and luxury cruises from Mumbai to Kandy and Nuwara Eliya,etc…

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