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Cheap Singapore Tour Packages

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Hotels : Cultural Hotel

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Hotels : Summer View Hotel

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What to Look Forward with Cheapest Singapore Tour Packages?

When you travel on a budget, your vacation is not compromised in any way. In fact, there are loads of restaurant, shops and beautiful locations in Singapore that costs you very less or does not cost you at all. If you have decided to make a trip to Singapore, just contact the expert team at Visiit who will guide you on the entire travel plan. Right from planning to organizing, Visiit will find the best deals that mainly go with your budget with no compromise in quality. At Visiit, you can enjoy flexible and secure payment options. You can book Singapore tour packages online using credit card, debit card, bank transfer or other method. What’s more? Book cheapest Singapore tour package at Visiit and enjoy maximum benefits.

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Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 3 Days

Travelling to Singapore does not mean that you are going to be spending more bucks. In fact, Singapore has numerous places that do not cost you anything. From beaches, islands and man-made wonders, Singapore is ideal for you to travel on a low-budget with the best vacation experience.

Botanic Gardens :

One of the best and economical places for travelers is Singapore amazing Botanic Gardens. If you want to jog, relax or enjoy delicious dining, this is your ideal place. Capture the breathtaking views along with your family and friends in the Garden that boast the world largest orchid display containing over sixty thousand plants and orchids. This economical place has a beautiful National Orchid Garden and a magical Swan Lake.

Sentosa Island :

If your ultimate objective is to have fun and experience recreation, this beautiful man-made island is your ideal spot in Singapore. Sentosa offers all in one entertainment and relaxation for travellers. You have tons of attractions at Sentosa that include Universal Studios Singapore, Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore Butterfly and the Insect Kingdom and aquatic animals in the SEA Aquarium. Experience breathtaking views during the twelve-minute cab car ride from the Vivo City to the beach resorts. Sentosa Island has a lot of beaches and is the perfect place to escape from the hustling crowd of commuters.

Marina Bay Waterfront :

It is one of the most energetic places in Singapore travellers that offer picturesque views on a budget. Travellers take a relaxing four-kilometre walk along the path and are a beautiful place to capture lovely moments. Visit the free Marina Bay City Gallery, do yoga in the Lower Board Walk, capture amazing architectural features of the Crystal Pavilions or head to the world first Art Science Museum during your vacation.
Food is something everyone likes and Singapore is the perfect place to explore a wide variety of lip-smacking dishes that does not cost you much. One of the main reasons why travellers love Singapore is to eat a variety of Asian cuisines like Indian, Chinese, and Malay.

Three Meals A Day: If you are looking for some spicy stew, head to this restaurant to have Sundubu Jjigae, made from smooth tofu, vegetables, egg, and rice. You can try sausages, kimchi, and omelette as their side dishes.
The Agatti Islands Beach Resorts : Are you looking for spicy Indian Restaurants that are not so costly? Andhra Curry is a speciality South Indian restaurant where you can get yummy Hyderabadi Biryani, Mysore Mutton cooked with green chillies and coriander, spicy fish Pulusu and also the favourite Singaporean fish-head curry.
Azmi Chapatis : You can get the best chapattis in this restaurant along with a wide variety of tasty side dishes. There are about 20 different chapatti-dipping curries from classical mutton masala, curried goat brain, etc all this at a very affordable price.
If you are one of those travellers who love shopping, you should visit Singapore at least once in your lifetime. With tons of vibrant shopping malls, Singapore is a real paradise for millions of tourists. Though Singapore is famous for world-class brands, it offers a wide variety of options for price-sensitive customers. The budget does not compromise on the quality of the items; it just offers varieties for all kinds of shopping enthusiasts. Below are some of the best shops and malls for an economical shopping experience.
Lucky Plaza :
It is one of the oldest shopping malls in Singapore. It is the best place to buy inexpensive items from casual clothing, accessories, sunglasses, and watches to sweets, chocolates, and souvenirs. If you love perfumes, you are at the right place.
Far East Plaza :
It is another mall where you can find lots of shops selling fashionable and trendy clothing, footwear and several other accessories. Apart from shopping, you can also take advantage of many beauty service stores offering hair, nail, spa and tattoo services.
IMM Outlet Mall :
It is the biggest outlet mall where you can find more than eighty outlet stores, two hundred retail shops and tons of food and beverage stores. If you love branded items, this mall will become your favourite shopping location. If you visit this mall, it is a jackpot for you since you can find huge discounts on lots of items throughout the year.

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