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The “Queen of the Hills” was discovered in the year in 1825. The infinite mountains of the Shivalik range is a best destination for the backpackers to explore in a budget. The deep doon valley and shallow streams bubbling into eddying bays. We can save a lot of expense by opting youth hostels and travel in trains to reach Mussoorie. Tourists are sure to enjoy the natural scenery and picture perfect landscapes along with breathtaking snow capped mountains at a far distance. For all the foodies, be sure to stuff into the scrumptious foods of Mussoorie. Even the simple Maggi is cooked in a unique way that is so delicious and is available only here.

Mussoorie Tour Packages

Place : Doon Valley, Kempty Falls, George..
Hotels : Imperial Square

Place : Naina Devi Temple, Bhimtal, Nauku..
Hotels : The Palace Belvedere, WelcomHerit..

Place : Doon Valley, Kempty Falls
Hotels :

Best & Cheap Mussoorie Tour Packages by Visiit

VISIIT Holidays provides versatile tour packages to Mussoorie that is more cheaper and pocket friendly which can be enjoyed by any person having a great trip with lingering memories. Come and explore the hidden gems of Mussoorie while you sip into a cup of hot chocolate and relax in the lounge while enjoying a striking beauty.

Unwind into the laps of the mother nature and enjoy a swim in the lakes becoming one with the scenery. For the thrillseekers , take up paragliding and trekking into the woods where the heart pumps crazily. Witness the marvelous wild animals and birds in the Benog wildlife sanctuary. Trekking and hiking are two things that we must try doing in Mussoorie that can be done without spending much and still have a great time during our stay. George Everest's House
Rested on top of the hill gazing over the Mussoorie valley lies the George Everest’s house. The house offers a pleasant, tranquil and serene beauty to its visitors. It was built in 1832 in the Park Estate which is colloquially called as Park House. It offers great views of the Doon valley, Aglar river and the peaks of Himalayas at a far distance. It attracts history buffs in a long way even if the property is in a state of falling any time, it sings the tale of Colonel Sir George Everest who owned this house in Mussoorie where he spent 11 years of his life using it as his lab and observatory.

Mossy Falls
Mossy falls which is sheathed amidst the lush green plants and intoxicating woods remains in its secrecy in the small hill town of Mussoorie. The falls earned its name from the Moss-laden rocks around the cascade. It is a absolute bliss that is hidden from the bustling city and blaring people. It looks like veil dropped from the sky and a great place for the trekkers to try their hand and offers a very good location for the photographers. It is the idyllic place for a picnic or for any tourists who likes to spend time in seclusion.

Lake Mist Lake Mist is considered as the most beautiful tourist attraction in Mussoorie. The turquoise waters are covered by green lush trees giving a rich feel to drench into it and rejuvenate in this serenity bliss. It is a jewel in Mussoorie which is less crowded ,but have the utmost beauty. We can also enjoy boating in this beautiful lake with our families and friends. It is quite pocket friendly, but to spend some money once in a while does not hurt much.

Library Bazaar
The busiest place in all of Mussoorie that gleams with vibes of vintage style. The Bazaar attained the name as Library bazaar due to the Victorian style library that was built in the 19th century in its vicinity. Tourists who are into the collection of antiques and vintage goods, this remains as the heaven. There are many pop ups and bric-a-brac shops with custom jewelry, trinkets, Chinese vases, recycled souvenirs, pashminas, cardigans, gem stones and many others can be found here.

Camel Back Road
It is a best place to take a morning or evening stroll. The natural beauty and the splendid weather is a absolute bliss to soak ourselves in the true essence of nature. Just a cart ride is enough to get the fullest experience in the Camel back road. It tends any person to visit Mussoorie as many times as possible. Just cycle through the road in a slow paced manner to indulge and delve into the foggy road ahead and breathe into the fresh air.

Jwala Devi Temple Jwala Devi Temple or Jwala Ji temple is for the pilgrims within us, jwala devi is a must visit place. The main goddess of the temple is Goddess Durga perched at an altitude of 2100 meters in Benog Hill. It is also a preferred place among the nature lovers as it offers a great photogenic Landscapes for the tourists. The tranquility and the sanctity of the place fills our heart with good positive vibes. We can also spot the Yamuna river and the Shiwalik range from atop of the hill.

Clouds End
The Clouds End records the end of Mussoorie which is covered by dense jungles and lush green grasslands with tall shrubs that covers 2 km of Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. It is best explored by walk offering a great view of Aglar River Valley. Mussoorie is filled with great sceneries and beautiful landscapes in every turn we take, but each one is diverse in their own way and Cloud’s End is one among them with a special feature that can be felt only when we visit it.

The best months to visit Mussoorie is during the summer from April to June since it serves as an escapade from the scorching sun. During the months of August to September, Mussoorie receives heavy rainfall due to the Monsoon season. If weather is not an obstacle for us, we could enjoy Mussoorie more efficiently without spending much. We could get many steal deals due to the off season.

Mussoorie can be reached through the nearest airport called Jolly Grant Airport in dehradun that is 54 kms away from with daily flight services from Delhi. It is also well connected through roadways with all state transportation. There are also many number of trains running from Delhi to Dehradun like the Jan Shatabdi Express, Mussoorie Express and Nizamuddin Ac Special trains with 5.5 hours of duration. We could stop over at haridwar and then board a bus to Mussoorie to save some pennies. The VISIIT tours and Holidays provides best packages in affordable prices to have a fun filled trip to Mussoorie.

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