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The hong Kong feels like a bizarre world, but it is actually a tourist friendly region. The remarkable skyscrapers, lush green landscapes with rare species of animals and birds that are cherished with colorful traditions etches its mark deep in our hearts. After the independence from the British in 1997, it earned a special position in China that holds many tourist attractions and fun filled activities made it as a huge tourist destination in the southern Asia. As gorgeous as the daylight attractions, the nightlife is spectacular and intoxicating with huge rainbow of colors and the “Symphony of Lights” show is just breathtaking.

Hong Kong Tour Packages

Place : Victoria Peak, Macau
Hotels : Best Western Plus Kowloon Hotel

Place : Hong Kong Disneyland, Victoria Pe..
Hotels : Regal Oriental Hotel, Hotel Royal..

Place : Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Macau
Hotels : Regency Art Hotel Macau

Place : Victoria Peak, Ocean Park
Hotels : Best Western Plus Kowloon Hotel

Place : Hong Kong Disneyland, Macau
Hotels : Regal Oriental Hotel, Regency Hot..

Best Hong Kong Tour Packages at Visiit

The VISIIT Holidays makes sure to provide the best service for the tourists to have a affordable and cost efficient trips to Hong Kong. We can save up more amount of expense when we reduce in the accommodation and travel expenses. VISIIT Holidays provides economic yet a good service for the tourists to enjoy a blissful and fun filled trip in Hong Kong.

We could just hop on a double deckered tram and cheer from the crowd in a horse race course or revive ourselves in the sprawling gardens of the countryside else we can take a hike to the deserted island. The cuisines of Hong Kong are as beautiful as the country. Even a peasant dish looks like the gastronomic that are served in a local fast food joints. Cantonese, Sichuanese, Japanese or French cuisines can be found in this very land taking us on a food tour through various countries. A hot bowl of wonton noodles or a steamed dim sums from the bamboo baskets lets our taste buds to experiment with the various delicacies. The shopping and the culture of Hong Kong are incomparable to any others from bling malls to knick a knack shops and the Chinese Opera with the traditional Chinese instruments performed in a Bamboo theatre can be enjoyed by the tourists at a higher level.

The Victoria Peak
The Victoria peak is the tallest peak in the island of Hong Kong which is always bustling with tourists for its remarkable sceneries it offers. The panoramic view provides a photogenic location for the tourists which can be experienced at its best by taking the peak Tram. It even houses two shopping malls at the top called as Peak Tower and Peak Galleria. It is filled with infinite branded shops and trendy cafes and bistros. Apart from the stunning views it also provides a tranquil beauty called the Victoria garden with Chinese influence that is accessed from the summit with great views of Victoria Harbour and breathtaking night view litting up the entire city.

Hong Kong Disneyland
From the kids to the elderly, everyone loves the disney movies and their characters. The Disneyland is a paradise for the kids to spend a day with their favourite disney princesses or go on different adventure rides. This amusement park located in Hong Kong provides a collection of themed rooms for accommodation and many categorized parks like the Adventure Island, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, and Mystic Point. It also adds the touch of traditional Chinese culture and traditions all through the resort. They also conduct many live stage performances like the Flights of Fantasy Parade, Disney Paint the Night LED exhibition, and Disney in the Stars fireworks show which shouldn’t be missed by anyone. Although DisneyLand seems to be a luxury day out, it still holds tickets at affordable prices.

Chi Lin Nunnery
The temple which was found in 1934 for the buddhist nuns to get away from the hustling city was renovated in 1990 in Tang Dynasty style. The nunnery wanted to emphasize the Buddhist culture, so they managed to utilize gold, clay and wood in the renovation rendering to Sakyamuni Buddha, and the bodhisattvas. The architecture intricate Chinese style with wooden carvings in criss crossed pattern stabilizing the building without the use of nails and screws. It houses tiny ponds and lawns marking its beauty and the Nan Lian Garden lies opposite to the temple with the same Chinese style of architecture attracting tons and tons of visitors. It suits the Budget travellers needs since it can be visited without any entry fee.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
It is a idyllic Buddhist temple covering an area of 20 acres which was once used as Buddhist Monastery reciprocating the Buddhist values and architecture. The monastery can be reached after taking a flight of 430 steep steps. The whole path is marked with 500 golden Arhan statues on both sides of the stairs. The two tiered temple consists of a lower level with the main temple hall, the pagoda, three pavilions and two more galleries where we could find 12,800 cute miniature statues of Lord Buddha. It unique feature lies as each and every Buddha statue holds a different expression and posture. We can also find Large Buddhas and five other rooms. It is the best place for any tourist who is looking for a calm and serene atmosphere to enjoy the religion in seclusion while thinking deeply.

Tian Tan Budhha
The Tian Tan Buddha or the Big Buddha represents the harmony and co existence that is located in Hong Kong. The massive bronze statue of Buddha serves as a landmark in Hong Kong which rests upon a three tiered altar. It is also surrounded by six smaller versions of Bronze Buddhas on the sides symbolizing six virtues of Faith. We have to take a flight of stairs to reach the monument and the keen enthusiasts of Buddhism should explore the interior without a miss to learn about Faith. It is also a popular photogenic destinations due to the massive structure of Lord Buddha.

Hong kong is best visited during the months of Autumn being October to December since the temperatures are cool and pleasant for the tourists with clear blue skies and bright day. The accommodations can be found in cheaper rates and we can enjoy the shopping festival in the months of December to February.

Direct flights are available from India to reach Hong Kong connecting the major cities New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru with renowned flight carriers like the Cathay Pacific, Air India, Jet Airways and Dragonair while buses are available to reach from Guangdong province. China offers a great range of Bullet trains all across the country from from Guangzhou. Dongguan, Foshan, Zhaoqing,Shanghai and Beijing. It is also accessible through waterways from Macau and Zhuhai through water taxis.

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